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Vulvar Autoimmune Disease & the Painful Truth About My Cunt

My body did it. It found a way to make me hate it even more. Following me, you’ll have heard mention of vaginal and vulvar pain I experience with intercourse.

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RealCock2 Dirk Review – The Most Realistic Silicone Dick I Own

The RealCock2 Dirk Dildo – A Review As a reviewer, receiving a toy you’ve been drooling over for years is always a thrill. Enter: RealCock2 and RealDoll. While RealDoll produces incredibly expensive but well-made and durable, life-size silicone dolls to fuck, RealCock2 addresses the main function head-on without extra baggage.  I had the pleasure of […]

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sex Blogging

Over the last month, I’ve collected excellent reviews, articles, and personal pieces for y’all. They’re all stellar. These are all bloggers I know and trust, so you can be sure you’re getting quality writing that you can trust. Let’s get started with me! 

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The Innovative Bestvibe Flapping Tongue G-Spot Vibrator Review

Innovative Best Vibe Flapping Tongue G-Spot Vibrator  Introduction I was in for a treat with the Bestvibe Flapping Tongue G-Spot Vibrator. I love working with Bestvibe. They’re a white-label company that has a wide variety of toys. Some are hit-and-miss, which is true of many stores, but then there are unusual toys- toys that I […]

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Simple & Spicy Adaptable Nothosaur Goblin Dildo: A Review

Three days before I got the diagnosis of a vulvar autoimmune disease, the Nothosaur Goblin dildo arrived in the mail. Knowing already that I experience pain with penetration, I chose the “mini” size for my Goblin, pre-colored with a lime green base and a shaft of purple. Which, unsurprisingly, reminded me of “Barnie,” the dinosaur from my childhood. 

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Fun Factory VIM Review – A New Astounding Wand Vibrator

I was too excited to use the VIM, so I took it into the shower while my wife was in the hotel suite. I used to masturbate in the water when we lived in our tiny apartment, too.


Unlocking the Secrets to Sizzling and Safe Casual Encounters

In the age of online dating and more unrestrained sexual expression, people are finding it more accessible to hook up with each other. Think Fetlife, for starters, an online community of kinky people who share common kinks and fetishes, or Grindr, the gay online dating site. Hats off to Tinder, too, for being one of the OG platforms for finding casual sex.

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An Intriguing Look at Sexual Lubricants – Features and Uses

Lube is an important part of sex play, but there are so many kinds. Find out the different features each have and how they react to toys and condoms.

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Diving into Dilators: Types and Their Spectacular & Unique Benefits

Unlocking pelvic wellness: Discover the transformative benefits of dilators for pelvic floor strength and rehabilitation

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