Month: June 2014

Sex Toy Review vibrator


~or~ I didn’t know I was ticklish there Let’s play a game! Name body parts that are ticklish. Armpits? Yep. Neck? Too true. Vulva! Wait, vulva? I had no clue that vulva stimulation (more specific inner labia) could make me giggle and squirm. But Princessa did it. The little feelers of this alien toy, when […]


HedoVibes Round Up #45

HedoVibes Round Up #45 Posted on June 9, 2014 Photo courtesy of Emma Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next […]


REVIEW: SQWEEL GO”>EDIT: It’s been about 7 years since I wrote this review. In this time, the Sqweel has changed. The links below will take you to the Sqweel 2, the most updated version of the Sqweel. Lovehoney was kind enough to send me the”>Sqweel USB Oral Sex Stimulator. The toy is rechargeable via USB, which […]

dildo Sex Toy Review


Bullseye by Pleasure Works may be the first toy that has really hit my g-spot in the perfect place. Usually, in order to feel it I need the g-spot toy to be dramatically curved or I need to use a scooping motion. Not with Bullseye. All I had to do was thrust and it hit the […]

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