Month: April 2016


TMI Tuesday: Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Supposedly the warmer weather makes us want to strip down and get down. Tell TMI Tuesday blog about your sexy spring. And once you read mine, comment and tell me what your answers would be! 1. Do you shave and what do you shave? Yep. If I don’t my mother and sister […]

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REVIEW: Prism VII and Rosa

~or~ There’s Two L’amourose in There?? This is going to be a joint sex toy review of both the Prism VII and the Rosa by L’amourose because I got them together and the g-spot stimulation curve is quite the same as the other. Though one is smaller and stout, and the other is lean and […]

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Finding the Time to Blog about Masturbation

~or~ Excuse Me While I Go Write About  Masturbation Dudes and Duttets, both and other, nothing, or something in between who follow my masturbation adventures: I haven’t been updating my lovely blog about my jacking off adventures, nor have I written sex toy reviews as of late. You probably noticed that and it’s fucking bugging […]

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