Month: July 2020

ABS plastic Air-Pulse Toys (Suction) silicone Suction Toy vibrator

REVIEW: Romp Shine

Ohhh, you guys, I’m going to do something that brings me no pleasure; this review is not favorable to the Romp Shine, an oral sex simulator toy. Now, here’s the deal: I could not charge either toy, so I don’t have a standard review for you today. Instead, I will tell you why this toy […]


Where Sex Toys Gather

Hey all! Welcome to A Bundle of Sex Toys, a sex toy roundup that is a collection of sex toy reviews, giveaways and sex articles posted from the past week or so. The purpose of this roundup is to get all those sex-positive reviews from around the web in one place. The guidelines are short […]

Air-Pulse Toys (Suction) Reviews silicone vibrator

REVIEW: Melt by We-Vibe

First Impressions and Packaging Let’s Get Physical Materials, Care, and Keeping We-Vibe Melt in Action My Experience with Melt by We-Vibe Final Thoughts Where to purchase the We-Vibe Melt First Impression I love anything, and everything We-Vibe packaged. The Melt by We-Vibe-an oral sex simulator-was no exception. It came in a sturdy box that I’ll […]

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Masturbation Monday: Things in My Butt

I thought my butt was off-limits when I first started out with sex toys. Because I didn’t understand the pleasure ones’ ass can bring, I thought anal-play was for gay men and gay men only. Now, however, my girlfriend and I both enjoy it. Don’t Put a Vibrator in Your Ass I started out by […]

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