Month: August 2020


TMI Tuesday – Religion

Sex & Religion It’s TMI Tuesday time and today the topic is religion and sex – how does it impact my sex life? How important is religion in your life? I practice eclectic witchcraft and am not Wicca so, while I’m spiritual, I’m not religious, but I’m open to exploring Wicca. How often do you […]


Sex Across the Net

Take a look at some of my favorite sex writing from the web. I focus on sex toys this week. Vibrator Review Pillow Talk Sassy– On Her Back Romp – On Her Back Viotec Wicket City – Couple Spice Dildo Review Ceela – After the Yes Rings, Strokers, Masturbators Vixen Creations Colossus – Couple Spice

Favorites G-Spot Vibrator silicone vibrator

REVIEW: Pillow Talk Sassy

First Impressions and Packaging Let’s Get Physical Materials, Care, and Keeping Sassy in Action My Experience with the Pillow Talk Sassy Final Thoughts First Impressions and Packaging I’m not going to lie; I often pick toys that I think I’ll enjoy. While I want to steer you away from bad toys, I also want to […]

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