All the Fun Things about the New We-Vibe Tango X and Touch X

All the Fun Things about the New We-Vibe Tango X and Touch X

Well, y’all have made it this far

Well, y’all have made it this far in my blog so you know that the Tango by We-Vibe is my favorite bullet vibrator. In fact, for quite a while it was my favorite toy period. Now, I’ve gone through a lot of other toys and new favorites have popped up, but the Tango holds a special place in my heart. Now, I’ve got Tango X and Touch X!

I never reviewed the We-Vibe Touch but I had it, I’ve used it, and I loved it. Just this week, though, I was sent the new these two new toys and I am just so fucking thrilled.

Vibrations & Additional Buttons

The Vibrations are the deep, rumbly vibe that I fell in love with when I got my first Tango. But they’ve made it even better – now there are seven speeds and eight settings and the damn things are even more rumbly. When I dropped the Tango on my desk while it was in motion it bounced up and down off the desk like mad.

Both the Tango X and Touch X vibrators are strong – really strong. In addition to the strength, the Tango X and Touch X have – get this – buttons for speed control.

Most vibrating toys I’ve used already have an (+) and (-) button and that should be as routine as possible, I believe. Now that the Tango X has a wider base, buttons are a thing. It was a pain to have to cycle through fucking EVERYTHING to get to the speed I wanted. Now, it is much more practical.

While it wasn’t a huge issue to just have one button, it wasn’t practical. I was just happy to have such a great bullet vibrator from a lifetime of buzzy vibrations. I could hardly find fault in the original, and I don’t find any with the Tango X. Plus, now the pattern button is isolated so when you move up-and-down intensity the patterns don’t interfere with your play.

The Touch X, however, has no excuse not to have already had three buttons to control it. It’s a large-ish toy with plenty of space for at the very least, three buttons. Now, they’ve got their act together and I am fucking smitten with these toys.

Stick this in a dildo!

When I publish reviews or articles I look at the designer’s site to make sure I haven’t missed anything. In this case, We-Vibe doesn’t go over nearly enough options for play with the Tango X vibrator. There’s something I like to do with all my bullet vibes: stick them in some dildos.

You’ll have read that I always stick the Tango in bullet holes. Well, this time the Tango X has a handle that peeks out of dildos but it’s not the worst thing in the world. (And, if it is, the Tango original is now deeply discounted everywhere.) All my Tantus toys fit the Tango well as does my strapless strap-on dildo. Quite frankly, the Tango X is still downright functional.


The Tango has cycled through numerous color swatches. I have it in blue, black, white, and pink. Really, I couldn’t have enough of them and then We-Vibe goes out and pulls this awesome “X” shit, I just cannot even (but, like, in a good way). I am so relieved that they come in colors that aren’t pink or purple anymore.

The Touch was a deep purple that has become popular with We-Vibe toys. Now, however, the Touch X comes in a velvet green or coral and oh my god, I am SO HAPPY WITH THEM.

The Tango comes in either a dark blue or a bright red (that is, honestly, more akin to dark pink) and both are as fabulous as the velvet green and coral colors of the Touch X.


I am so incredibly happy with the new Tango X and Touch X. I’ve used both toys many, many times since acquiring the original toys and I am loving the new ones. They will both be toys I continue to use through their lifetime.

If you’re wondering if you should get the Tango X or the Touch X consider their shape, size, and construction. The Tango is made of ABS plastic with a silicone handle while the Touch X is completely silicone. I prefer the Touch X over the Tango because it has a larger body and lately my body doesn’t like especially hard, pinpoint toys.

The Tango X can still go into dildos with bullet holes while the Touch X would be used externally. While vibrations in dildos is…. fine, I prefer the Touch because if I want to come, it’ll be from my clit.

The stronger, rumbly vibrations make these two vibrators their own new toys. The construction, though mostly similar on the outside, offer more control over each toy with three buttons. And, the colors are a fabulous, especially the Touch X’s green colors. They’re beautiful and a color I haven’t seen in many sex toys. Apply some lube to your vulva (these toys are NOT anal-safe) and have at it.

There are a few places you can get the Tango X and the Touch X.

Betty’s Toy Box | Tango X |Touch X | Tango | Touch

Shevibe | Tango X |Touch X | Original Tango

12 thoughts on “All the Fun Things about the New We-Vibe Tango X and Touch X

  1. I’m absorbing every single bit of info about these toys, and every review about them has something to offer. A great one!

  2. I already have an original tango, but seeing the release of the touch X, ohh how it tempts me!

  3. I’m glad to see We-Vibe actually listens to their customers. The updates are all things people had complained about, especially that finicky charging cord.

    1. Right? They are an amazing company and produce excellent toys! They’re one of my favorite toy manufacturers.

  4. these seem so fantastic! personally i’d have to go with the touch x because i prefer all silicone toys and a wider base on my clit.

    1. I feel you. I’ve found that I prefer that lately. My body changes throughout the month and sometimes I like pinpoint stim and other times I like a broad stimulation.

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