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Hi, I’m Rose (She/Her), and I put things in my vagina and anus then talk about it on the internet. I’m a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and in December 2020 I wed my partner. My partner is a woman with a penis and many of my reviews will reflect that. I don’t touch much on gender but I do have some gender-affirming toys to try with my wife. We’ve already reviewed one and with the help of my blog, we’re discovering more ways to celebrate and worship our bodies. When my wife and I review a toy, I’ll do the writing while she’s with me but she isn’t a writer herself. When I mention my wife on my blog or in a review, I always have her consent first. My wife is very supportive of what I do.

I’ve recently started reviewing penis toys with my guy friends. They review the toy, they write the notes, then we video chat so I can write the review. I am so excited to be doing this with my friends. I wanted to expand my blog to include reviews that will benefit people with penises. While my wife doesn’t typically like using penis toys, my guy friends are all in.

All the thoughts on this blog are my own and are often unapologetically crude. I’ve been doing this since 2013 and am happy to tell you when I love a toy and when a toy is shitty. 

Unfortunately, to avoid slut-shaming in court after sexual trauma, I had to take my blog down for a while. Now, I’m back and rediscovering my sexuality and as a returning blogger. Taking down my blog, especially for that reason, was really hard on me emotionally. I’ve been reviewing for almost nine years now and my blog is my life. This is what I’ve done the last nine years, and this is what I’ll be doing throughout my life. I have no intentions of ever stopping.

I was voted in as a member of the Alliance of Sex Toy Testers when it began in September, which I’m super pumped about. You can read more about it here. It feels good to be validated by my peers.

Recently, a new therapist asked me what my dream job is, knowing what I do on the internet. I honestly answer, “I’m already doing it.” I tried pairing an onlyfans account with this blog but it ended up making me too anxious so I decided to stick with my blog.

I’ve been incorporating menstruation in my reviews and photos to help normalize it. Menstruation is something I’ve been ashamed about for years but when I’m on the internet I have more confidence. So, I take photos and I masturbate while on my period.

Over here are affiliates I trust and places for you to buy toys. If you clear your cookies and buy through my link, I’ll get a portion of the sale at no extra cost to you. Every bit is much appreciated.

You can buy me a coffee here or see my Amazon wishlist here. Have any questions for me or do you want to work with me? Send me an email at onherbackreviews@gmail.com after you read my work with me page. All images on my site are either adobe photo stock or taken by myself or credited to other people.

I’m now a member of the brand-new Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers! You can see a full list here on my blog.

Happy reading and go fuck yourself!

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That sucks you had to take your blog down and that you went through that! I took mine down because an abusive ex was stalking me online. I’m glad we are both back to doing what we love!

  2. It is great to meet you Rose and so glad you are back to blogging. It is certainly my passion too. TY for linking up to 4Thoughts with your About Me page

    1. Thank you!!! We’re filling out the paperwork as soon as my wife gets a new driver’s license. 😀 It may be a week or two but hopefully by the time other readers see this we’ll be wife-and-wife officially.

  3. Thanks for doing what you do! I love having reviews to read because it’s hard ordering online without knowing what something is like. The more reviews I can read, the better!

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