Mindful Masturbation – Jerking It for Your Mental Health

Mindful Masturbation – Jerking It for Your Mental Health

Mental Health and Sexuality

Mindful masturbation can help your solo and coupled sex life. It also helps your mental health

Mindful masturbation is an integral part of my self-care for my mental health and sexuality. Not only has it given me more knowledge of myself and what makes me tick, I feel better as fuck after I cum. As a young kid, I’d masturbate to relieve anger and get in a better mood. 

It’s estimated that over half of all men and AMAB masturbate, while about a quarter of women and people AFAB do the same. It’s a common practice among, well, people who live on this Earth. As teens, when our bodies are developing, many of us find it by accident. 

For me, it was the pleasure I felt when rubbing against the corner of the table. Some women enjoy the shower head, sitting on a washing machine, or grinding against pillows. But most of us will find a way to do it sooner than later. 

 Release of endorphins and stress reduction

Masturbation, especially climax, releases feel-good endorphins that reduce stress, can put us asleep, and are very much at ease. When I am anxious, I masturbate and usually feel much better. 

Mindful masturbation can improve the mood of the person masturbating and relax them, with a sensation like no other. Additionally, masturbation can enhance one’s feelings of self-esteem and body image. Mindful masturbation strengthens your mental health and sexuality. Some of us can even get off watching ourselves masturbate. While that’s not something I can do, I have friends who find that highly erotic. 

Throughout my years fucking for fun, love, and simply for pleasure,  I’ve found that mindful masturbation has increased my feeling of self-worth. I know how to get pleasure. I don’t have to rely on anyone else for it, AND I know what I like. 

It’s also improved my sex life. I have toys I like to use alone and with a partner. I know what kind of stimulation I want on different parts of my body, inside and out, and I can share that knowledge with the person who’s fucking me. It makes sex all the more hot. I’ve never had a bad experience with a man when I told him what I liked. 

Knowing what works for you during partnered sex can be a massive advantage for your sexual relationship. My past partners have gotten off by me telling them what I want them to do, where I want them to touch me, and how I want them to do that. I can thank masturbation for all that.

Mental Health & Medical Conditions

I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 with psychosis. As a teen, after I’d discovered masturbation, I had a manic episode where I came 13 times in a row until I hardly had any feeling left. While I was masturbating obsessively, which isn’t necessarily healthy, that kept me from going out and fucking everyone and anyone I could get. I’m fortunate that masturbation allowed me a safe release of my manic energy and over-the-top sex drive. 

Additionally, I’ve recently been diagnosed with a vulvar autoimmune disease, which has forced me to get creative while masturbating so I don’t hurt myself. Creativity, and the evidence I can do it, has kept me from getting depressed over the condition. I’ve found little additions to my sexual experience can heighten pleasure and make things more comfortable for my sensitive vulva (like lubricant!!).

With experimentation I’ve also had the pleasure of trying out different CBD lubricants and THC lubricants. They aren’t available everywhere, but for those in the States, I love the brand Foria.

Mindful Masturbation

I’m not one to meditate. I’ve been told my whole life that it’s important to meditate daily, but I don’t. However, with the aid of sex magick, I’ve turned the masturbation sessions (selectively)  into a meditative practice. 

Mindful masturbation keeps me present in the moment. I recognize the physical and emotional feelings that come across my mind as I touch myself. Keeping myself present in the moment is something I struggle with. When I’m depressed, I’m stuck in the past. When I’m anxious, I’m stuck in the future. 

Making masturbation a form of meditation has encouraged me not only to jerk it more but also to take time to enjoy what I’m doing, to feel everything. 

During my last toxic relationship, I gained a lot of weight and, with it, a lot of self-loathing. My whole life, I’d been taught that “fat is bad,” so I got creative and learned to love myself as best I could. 

Taking Control of My Sexuality

Rose is in lacy red lingerie, blowing smoke out. of her. mouth. Mindful meditation has helped her become more. in love with herself.

I started a solo Onlyfans in which I wore new seductive lingerie. I’d look at myself; I’d take pictures of my sexy self, and I’d read messages I got. Hot damn, that changed my outlook on me. In the lingerie and sessions where I’d fuck myself wearing them, I loved myself. I saw beauty in my curves and seduction in my gaze when I looked at the camera. 

I started wearing my sexy lingerie constantly. I felt so amazing and took every moment to look at myself. When I fucked myself, I knew that people were looking at me and wanting me. I began to enjoy myself off-camera even more. 

I was not having partnered sex, although I was married and living with my ex-wife, so I had a solo sex life. My solo sex life was more satisfying than the relationship I was in. I’ve recently moved, and I found my lingerie. I’ll take to prancing around in it again. The more I look at myself, the more I want to get off. 

Sex Toys Were More Exciting

Mindfulness masturbation made toys even more exciting. I have hundreds, still, that I haven’t given away, and I got to explore a new one every sex session. It was amazing for my career as a sex toy reviewer, too, because I was more inspired to masturbate. 

I tried a variety of toys with different purposes, rediscovered my A-spot, and began accepting toys from affiliates that would stimulate that. Every time I got a new toy I got a flush of erotic excitement. 

Sex Toys for You

Sex toys are unique creations. Countless toys range from g-spot vibrators and dildos,  a-spot dildos and vibes, or just plain ol’ vaginal stimulation. Likewise, there are anal toys like anal plugs, beads, and dildos with so many variations that you’ll likely find something that you want to use on yourself. 

Before I was a reviewer, I used my hand with the occasional dildo. As a reviewer, my solo sex life has expanded exponentially with the variety of toys I use. I encourage you to explore sex toys for different parts of your body and to find what works for you. The more creative the sex toy, the more I can focus on the moment and have mindful masturbation.

It’s Fucking Science

It’s science. Masturbation is good for your mental health. In my case, it strengthened my relationship with myself and managed my anxiety. I found it more erotic to use sex toys solo than I did with a partner. Jerking it was a celebration of myself.

Go fuck yourselves, and enjoy <3

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