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Sex Toy Reviewer With Anorgasmia – A Horror Story

Anorgasmia is delayed, infrequent, or absent orgasms — or significantly less intense orgasms — after sexual arousal and adequate sexual stimulation. It sounds as sucky as it feels.


Mindful Masturbation – Jerking It for Your Mental Health

Mental Health and Sexuality Mindful masturbation is an integral part of my self-care for my mental health and sexuality. Not only has it given me more knowledge of myself and what makes me tick, I feel better as fuck after I cum. As a young kid, I’d masturbate to relieve anger and get in a […]

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Unveiling the Ultimate 13 ROMP Sex Toys: Elevate Your Intimacy with Our Exclusive Roundup!

Introduction to ROMP Sex Toys Sex toys can’t reliably be called “affordable” anymore. With most toys being around $50-60 minimum and toys cheaper than that being sub-par, when I find quality sex toys at an affordable price, I have to sing about it.  Enter ROMP. ROMP is a sex toy brand owned by Wow-Tech (who […]


Review: Micro Magic Wand & Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand Plus

I’ve got two opposite, identical toys for you today. I’m thrilled to be actively working with Betty’s Toy Box again. They’re by far my favorite sex toy retailer. When they offered me external toys to accommodate my disability, I jumped on the Micro Original Magic Wand and the latest, corded Original Magic Wand Plus. 

Air-Pulse Toys (Suction)

Womanizer Next: Pleasure with New Features You’ll Love – A Review

Introduction What can’t I say about the Womanizer Next? Ten years ago, when Womanizer first came into the market, I was given the original toy to review. Unfortunately, I was unreliable at the time and had never reviewed it. Plus, I just assumed it was horseshit. Look at me now, eating my words. Womanizer truly […]


Spice Up Your Love Life: A Beginner’s Guide to Introducing Sex Toys in Your Relationship

Introducing Sex Toys into Intimate Partner Play I realize now that I sprung my sex toys on this partner too quickly, although what I learned is that this was a “him” problem. Man, men, especially these men I dated when we were both younger, don’t understand the need for toys to aid pleasure for some […]

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Mantric Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy – The Ultimate Pleasure Machine

Silicone is my favorite body-safe material, and this beautiful silicone, burgundy, perfectly shaped rabbit blew me away. Rabbits are hard to catch if you like them. Each body is so different that it’s impossible always to find the right design (with one exception!). I had to try this one out since I’ve had a good time with Lovehoney rabbits. 


Noteworthy Fleshlight Boys – Review Of Liam, Boomer, And Ricky Dildos

Fleshlight isn’t just for people with penises! This gal was privileged to review part of the Fleshlight Freakz line many years ago. Starting with the blood-sucking dildo that obviously would be the dick of Dracula, I explored the girth, the texture, and how the toy felt.

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RealCock2 Dirk Review – The Most Realistic Silicone Dick I Own

The RealCock2 Dirk Dildo – A Review As a reviewer, receiving a toy you’ve been drooling over for years is always a thrill. Enter: RealCock2 and RealDoll. While RealDoll produces incredibly expensive but well-made and durable, life-size silicone dolls to fuck, RealCock2 addresses the main function head-on without extra baggage.  I had the pleasure of […]

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Simple & Spicy Adaptable Nothosaur Goblin Dildo: A Review

Three days before I got the diagnosis of a vulvar autoimmune disease, the Nothosaur Goblin dildo arrived in the mail. Knowing already that I experience pain with penetration, I chose the “mini” size for my Goblin, pre-colored with a lime green base and a shaft of purple. Which, unsurprisingly, reminded me of “Barnie,” the dinosaur from my childhood. 

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