Policies & Disclosures (In a Nutshell)

I’m in the process of making a “Policies and Disclosures” statement. It’s a tad bit intense and not at all ready for publication but I want to get the most important things out there. By sending me a toy you are agreeing to these terms. *Edit below on 1/29/16* Here’s what it boils down to:

Can you use my stuff?

  • Ask before you use my stuff. 2-3 sentences is fine for a quote as long as you link back to the post that you quoted and my blogs’ name written out as such:”On Her Back” or “Onherback.com”. This applies to my photographs as well.
  • For my readersI am happy to respond in a short email answering questions you have. Please do not contact me to “chat”, I probably won’t get back to you in that case. Even with the former, I may not get back to you b/c of the high rate of emails that I get. This is not a reflection on you as a reader or as a person. You’re all special to me, I’m just not always able to get back to you all. That being said, I welcome your inquiries.

For the Affiliates/Manufacturers/Companies: 

  • Once the toy has shipped it’s mine. I won’t pay to send it back to you, especially if it’s defective or you don’t like my review.
    • You may NOT request a refund, payment, or the return of any product you send me.
  • As stated right now: I will do my best to review your toy within a month or two, unless agreed upon at a sooner date before you send the toy to me.
    • *Edit 1/29/6* Because my body doesn’t always work when I need to review, I ask that you be patient and flexible with the amount of time I take to post my review. We both want a good, honest review and this is what I need from you to give you that review.
  • If you’re an affiliate you need to offer me @ least 10{3f7c80553853438a366aef0b7e76dba6b33433c1f55cb64b62d723dc82ff4775} affiliate sales and you need to send me toys to review regularly
    • I’m willing to work out a payment plan with you if you don’t offer an affiliate program
  • I reserve the right to take down an affiliate banner if you do not adhere to my rules

Sponsored posts:

  • Sponsored posts are NEVER free and will be written by me, contact me and we will agree on the payment. I have the rates listed here.
  • No, a toy is not adequate payment for my work

Messing with me?

  • I reserve the right to publish any communications–though never your private information for the individual–if you’re going to be a bitch about something. If you’re a company and you try to pull shit like this, then you’re attitude and comments may go in my post. If you’re an individual, I won’t post your private information.

As a manufacturer/toy company/indie artist/sponsored post-y-ness peeps you are adhering to these terms. I’ve laid them out here, it’s your responsibility to read this before agreeing to work with me. 

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