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REVIEW: Lover’s Wand

~or~ Yes, please; More please She’s back! Guess who has the first review in a long time for you? (I do, in case there was any question about it.) Today I’ll be bringing out a review of Cal Exotic Novelties sex toy “Lover’s Wand.” You know how I love my Tango, and my (Hitachi) Magic Wand and–you […]

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What Sex Toys Are to Cum

I’ve been gone for quite a while now, which means I have many, many sex toys that need to be reviewed. Tomorrow I’m back in the game and I have some awesome reviews to share with you. Here’s what’s going to be new: Continuation of “Unusual Sex Toy Series” and a revamping of the name ’cause […]



~or~ Fuck you, anorgasmia ~or~ The sex toy that gave me hope First Impression:  Lovehoney sent me the perfect sex toy for my frustrating anorgasmia “flare-up” without realizing it, for which I am truly grateful.  I’ve found that the only thing that will satisfy me sexually, even without a resulting orgasm, is g-spot stimulation without vibrations. […]

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On Her Back presents: Kiki the Unimpressive by Picobong First Impression: Well isn’t that the cutest thing EVER! A mini Gigi, something my vagina has yet to try. Then: omg if I’m not careful I’m not going to be able to retrieve this after vaginal use. Although it’s primary use is as an external vibrator, I couldn’t […]

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~or~ It Rumbles…Is That Enough? I don’t have much experience with rabbit sex toys, the only rabbit toy before this was the Oh! Rabbit, though I went on to review several others. This toy didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t bad per se, it was just wasn’t the right fit for my body. That being said, […]

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~or~ I didn’t know I was ticklish there Let’s play a game! Name body parts that are ticklish. Armpits? Yep. Neck? Too true. Vulva! Wait, vulva? I had no clue that vulva stimulation (more specific inner labia) could make me giggle and squirm. But Princessa did it. The little feelers of this alien toy, when […]

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