Policies, Disclosures, and Work With Me

Regarding Product Reviews

Before sending me a product for review, please read through this carefully. Once you’ve done so, shoot me an email at onherbackreviews@gmail.com with your request.

  1. If you have a deadline by which you’d like a review to be published, please clear it with me before I agree to review the toy. 
  2. A positive review is NOT guaranteed. This policy applies to both paid and unpaid content. 
  3. I reserve the right to publish a negative review at my discretion. I will not change or take down a negative review. 
  4. You may not request a refund, payment, or the return of any product you sent me.
  5. If a review sample is defective, refunds will not be issued. Please replace the review sample if possible. If a vendor does not provide a replacement within seven days of me contacting you, I reserve the right not to publish the review. 
  6. Please ship the review sample with tracking and insurance. I do not accept any liability if the product does not reach its destination.
  7. If you are without an affiliate program, I reserve the right to link to other affiliate programs.  I reserve the right to put internal links within review posts on my blog to other reviews if deemed necessary (for instance, if I were to compare one toy to another). Those links may feature another brand or company.
  8. Any toy sent to me without written prior consent will be considered a gift.  Gifts may or may not be reviewed at my discretion. 
  9. All reviews will be solely published on my site unless another site is also agreed upon before agreeing to review a toy.

Sponsored Posts

  1. I’ll disclose a sponsored post to my readers in the title. 
  2. I will only use no-follow links in sponsored posts.
  3. The posts will be honest and in my own words.
  4. Payment is due in advance Venmo or PayPal. Work will commence when payment is verified. If you have a deadline, discuss it with me before I agree to write the review. Usually, sponsored posts will be published within 30 days.
  5. Contact me for pricing.
  6. I will send the final draft if you ask, but I cannot guarantee I will use your edits.
  7. Once you pay and the article has started, there will be NO refunds.

Sponsorship on my blog

I offer sponsorship on four levels – including a “budget deal.” Each level comes with the purchase of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months). You must purchase a minimum of three months. Contact me for pricing.

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