Womanizer Premium Eco: Your Orgasms Can Save the Planet

Womanizer Premium Eco: Your Orgasms Can Save the Planet

I’m super excited about the Womanizer Premium Eco, y’all. Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate what earth we have left and find ways to save as much of this planet as we can. Womanizer did something amazing this year: they created an eco toy whose profits go toward the earth. Seeing all these toys made out of non-renewable resources, knowing that they’re harming the planet is upsetting. I just clearly don’t care enough about the environment to bid ado to all the silicone toys. The Womanizer Premium Eco is a toy I can proudly stand behind.

To create the Womanizer Premium Eco, Womanizer ran an Indiegogo campaign to collect the money needed for this project. The Womanizer Premium Eco is a revolutionary toy from Womanizer’s line of… Womanizers. Honestly, the Womanizer is one of my favorite toys, and I’ve reviewed many from their lines and loved them all. In fact, I gave a Womanizer Premium away earlier this year.

The Womanizer Premium Eco is pictured in its recycled box. It's a light pink color and comes with a charger, storage bag, and an additional head.

From the Source: Womanizer Explains

The World-First Biodegradable Vegan Sustainable Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Made from BIOLENE.

ALL proceeds from this campaign are going to One Tree Planted. In other words, 100% of the total raised here, minus taxes and platform fees, will be donated to this awesome organization.

This project supports a women’s cooperative to revive land in Mukura. Additionally, the co-op strives to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable people, especially women and youth, through sustainable agricultural practices and promoting cultural values and natural heritage conservation in agricultural areas. 


Experience with the Womanizer Premium Eco

Starting out, I wasn’t sure how similar the Womanizer Premium Eco would be to the Womanizer Premium, so I started optimistically. Handling the Womanizer Premium Eco was smooth and just like the traditional Womanizer Premium. The body of the toy is similar to ABS plastic and feels incredibly smooth. It is now one of my favorite toys to handle.

Usually, my first move is to charge the toy, which I did, and then I changed my system. When the Womanizer was charged, I changed the head of the Womanizer. Usually, I go with how it comes to put together, but I felt spunky, so I went with the smaller head. It turns out that was the way to go. I got more stimulation from the air pulses than I did with the deeper heads. *Pats self on the back for being gutsy*

Since air pulse toys always make me squirt – and then pee – I took it in the bath with me. One of the nice things about the Womanizer is that I never need porn to get turned on. Nor do I even need a warm-up. I turn it on, place that thing over my clit, and less than five minutes later, I come.

Oh, Heck Yes

Furthermore, the toy shuts off when contact is broken between the body and the toy. Having the default set to “do not proceed” when it isn’t against you is great. It allows you privacy if you live with someone who may barge into the room. In my case, that’s not an issue, but if for some reason I feel like it’s too loud or I don’t have privacy, all I have to do is take it off my clit.

That being said, the intensity levels are vast, there are 12 of them, and if I want to get off quicker, I increase the intensity. And let me tell you, these start gentle and get absolutely insane as you go up. I’ve never been able to take level 10-12. It just is too much for me. But the fact that it can create a gentle sucking sensation means that more people can comfortably work with this toy.

Materials, Care, Keeping of the Womanizer Eco

The Womanizer Premium Eco is an innovative, biodegradable sex toy
Gorgeous sex toy! I love the shade though I know it can be off-putting to some people. Fingers crossed it comes in a less ridiculous color next time it’s released…

Most recently, I reviewed the Lily Allen Womanizer. I loved it so much, and the standard Womanizer Premium is my favorite Womanizer toy! The Womanizer charging cable is magnetic, as are all the others, which is awesome.

Additionally, this goddamn amazing, Earth-saving toy even comes in an eco-friendly, totally recycled box. In it, you’ll find this sex toy with an eco-friendly cotton bag. On top of that, there is absolutely no plastic in the packaging of the Womanizer Premium Eco. It’s certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council to be eco-everything. Womanizer donates to One Tree Planted for every Womanizer Premium Eco sold.

So, Biolene is the construction material behind the Womanizer Premium Eco. Not sure what “Biolene” is? Neither was I. “Biolene is synthesized from renewable raw materials – mostly corn starch.” Can a luxury sex toy get any cooler than this? The packaging and material reduce waste and is an alternative to fossil fuel-based plasticsHonestly, I wish more sex toys came to this earth-friendly. On top of all that fun stuff, the head is the customary silicone with other models.

However, like their other models, Womanizer Premium Eco harnesses the same pleasure-air technology that the Womanizer Premium does. Pleasure-air technology delivers non-contact orgasms by puffing air against the clit, creating a sensation similar to cunnilingus. I have no trouble reaching orgasm with the womanizer.

It Can Be Taken Apart!

Forgive me for using copy content, but I have to share this with you – the Womanizer Premium Eco can be dismantled and put back together again. My wife will have a blast with this. You can change the damn battery – wtf – to prolong the life of this toy. This is just amazing.

As a side note: I have used this toy every single day since I got it. Yeah, it’s that good. I know it only comes in pink, but it’s the shade of one of my other favorite toys.

The Womanizer Premium Eco can be completely disassembled to change the battery, or just have fun.
photo credit: womanizer.com

Where to Buy


Betty’s Toy Box | US | Use coupon code ONHERBACK for 10% off | April 22-25 you can get a free biodegradable bullet with a $75+ purchase

Lovehoney – US | CA | DE

Peepshow Toys – COMING SOON!

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Womanizer Premium Eco





  • Biodegradable
  • Body-safe material
  • Silicone head (the only part that touches your body)
  • Rechargeable
  • You can take it apart and replace the battery!
  • Stops when contact is broken between toy and body
  • Honestly, I love this shade of pink


  • Only comes in light pink *right now*

20 thoughts on “Womanizer Premium Eco: Your Orgasms Can Save the Planet

  1. Wonderful review! What a neat product. I love the eco-friendly packaging and cloth bag. I wonder if the material would degrade if submerged in water though. The automatic shut-off is a great feature for those with privacy concerns.

    1. Isn’t it a great feature? I don’t actually know how it’ll react to water. I assumed that it wouldn’t be a good idea b/c I couldn’t see mention of “waterproof” anywhere. I was so excited that I took it in the bath and nothing happened. Honestly, it was just an instinctual thing I do with new toys that I’m excited about.

    1. I hadn’t heard of it either! It feels like plastic and I think I prefer this feeling to ABS plastic.

  2. This is so cool! I’m excited to see if the Womanizer/We-Vibe team releases more biodegradable toys like this one.

    How does the sound level of the regular Womanizer Premium compare to the Premium Eco?

    1. The sound is no different. That’ll make sense if you already know what it sounds like :O You cannot hear it through walls.

  3. Wow, my wife’s favorite toy is the Womanizer! I bet she would love the Womanizer Premium Eco!

    1. It’s like my favorite toy! Hey, the next toy is a suction toy again but from Dame. I hope you join that giveaway too!

  4. It’s great more companies are starting to make eco-friendly toys. I believe Blush was the first to do this and I hope even more companies join in. I get why Womanizer went with pink as the first color they released, but green seems like the logical choice to make next. Maybe a nice shade of mint green?

    1. haha green would have been great! I’d love to have more toys in green! But, yeah, I understand that within the industry pink is usually how people start out.

    1. Anyone of any gender can use this toy! It doesn’t do much for penises but if you’ve got a clit and – hell – even nipples, you’re good to go.

    1. They did not say if it’s nonporous but the head of the toy is. My wife took it apart and I’m so bummed I didn’t take pics! That may be fun to add later.

  5. Hey, may i ask how it is now after a couple years? I heard biolene is not really long lasting material, but i saw this womanizer model on clearance in my local shop and getting it for $40 kinda TEMPTS me a lot haha.

    1. Hey! I’ll have to dig it out (I just moved). If I were you, for $40, I’d get it. It’s a great toy and I don’t know how long the biolene will last but if you get it new, it’ll last for a good while, I hope.

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