The Sonoma Satisfier Review: Failing to Deliver on (All) Its Promises

The Sonoma Satisfier Review: Failing to Deliver on (All) Its Promises


The Cal Exotics California dreaming line is superb. However, the Sonoma Satisfier isn't as great.

I’ve reviewed many sex toys from the Cal Exotic California Dreaming line. More often than not, these toys hit the spot and leave me wowed. Designed for pleasure, as most sex toys are, the Sonoma Satisfier is a rabbit with an attitude. That thing can not be stilled. 

About the Sonoma Satisfier

Cal Exotics reached out to me over a year ago. They were interested in finding out how to get sex toy reviews. I explained how other companies do this shit – you find a reviewer to trust and send them a few sex toys. Simple. After explaining to Cal Exotics that the reviews wouldn’t be coming anytime soon, they sent me the Sonoma Satisfier, Ruby Ride, and the suction toy. I was thrilled to get another toy from my favorite line and curious about the Sonoma Satisfier’s strength. I was also curious how it’d work with my vulvar autoimmune disease and if it could complement dilators for some added fun.

The Sonoma Satisfier is a silicone thrusting toy, which I find appealing. I prefer having one point of stimulation – either clitoral or vaginal. Anything beyond that is fucking confusing. Fortunately, you can change the function of the Sonoma Satisfier to make it a thrusting toy or a rabbit vibrator. However, in this case, the combination was fucking fantastic. 

Materials, Design, and Care of the Silicone Sanoma Satisfier

The mechanical shaft and the vibrating rabbit ears are encased in silicone, making the Sonoma Satisfier completely body-safe. Silicone is a material that I trust above all else. Please wash it quickly with soap and water, taking care to get all the crevices, and you’re golden. If you want to get fancy, you can soak the Sonoma Satisfier in a bleach-to-water solution. However, silicone does not need to be sanitized.

Do not boil the mechanical Sonoma Satisfier California Dreaming. You will make a mess and blow up your house, and then your neighbor’s house will catch on fire, they will hate you, it’ll take hours out of the volunteer firefighters’ time, and then you’re officially the worst neighbor, and people talk about you behind your back. And then you don’t even have the Sonoma Satisfier to keep you company because YOU RUINED IT.

Use the Right Lubricant

On a less insane note, we should discuss what lubricant is safe. Silicone lube, and sometimes hybrid lubes, can react to the silicone Sonoma Satisfier, destroying the toy. Silicone lube is the only risk you’d take when using lube on this toy. And I do wholeheartedly recommend using lubricant with everything you do.

This time, pull out a water-based lube like the Sliquid H2O and slather that shit on your toy. Put a blob into your body cavity of choice, and give that a quick twirl. Water-based lubricants don’t last as long as silicone lubricants, which is the one downside to water-based lubricants. 

Hybrid lubes exist, too. I love my Spunk Hybrid lube, and many other hybrid lubes are available. If you want to take that chance with a hybrid water-silicone lube, touch the part of the toy that won’t be touching your body and wait for a reaction. No reaction? Great! It still hasn’t happened to me, and as long as the hybrid lube isn’t eating away the toy while it’s in your cunt or ass, you’re good to go. 

My Experience with the Sonoma Satisfier

The Cal Exotics California Dreaming Sonoma Satisfier was a welcome package. I was delighted with the California Dreaming Sonoma Satisfier green. Along with the Sonoma Satisfier rabbit sex toy, I was sent the suction and the mat. After charging the Sonoma Satisfier, I took photos and got busy. Turning it on is a breeze, figuring out what the unmarked buttons do, is very much not a breeze. It’s a downright nonsense. Yes, I had to look at the directions on how to use this sex toy, and I did not like that in the least bit. 

However, when I figured out the complexities, I found it was – mostly – worth the pain. The Sonoma Satisfier has two motors for vibration – one in the rabbit ears, and the other controls the thrusting shaft. That shaft is what I was after. As a courtesy to my blog and my readers, I turned on the rabbit ears and, after glopping on some water-based lube, I stuck the toy in my cunt. Were there powerful functions of vibration? Yeahhhh, no. Not nearly good enough.

Fun Factory started the thrusting sex toy fad, and for that, I am eternally grateful. That’s what had me start a blog in the first place, their Stronic Eins (please excuse the horrific – old – review.

Them Kegels, Though, of the Dreaming Sonoma Satisfier California

However, the Fun Factory Stronic line did not match my strong Kegels. I was able to squeeze gently and let the toy do the thrusting, but my body almost actively worked against it. Not with the Sonoma Satisfier, though. I held this toy steady and let it thrust back and forth inside of my body. My kegels were no match for the Sonoma Satisfier. At least, I didn’t want it to be. 

The power of the motorized thrusting was pleasantly intense. I positioned the rabbit ears against my clit and set the motor going. Constant stimulation against my clit with a powerful toy thrusting back and forth in my body was a godsend. For once, I was able to sit in the moment and enjoy the clitoral stimulation as the toy moved. 

The vibrations of the Satisfier green California Dreaming Sonoma are subpar; I liked that about this toy. They weren’t too overpowering, which allowed me to experience the thrusting with a mild clitoral sensation. 

Thrusting with appreciated force, the shaft of the untextured Sonoma Satisfier pumped against the back wall of my vagina. It wasn’t quite the a-spot stimulation I love, but it felt “deep enough” to be satisfying. That being said, after positioning the rabbit ears against my clitoris, it didn’t place too much pressure inside of me to keep in contact with my clitoris. Muy bueno. 

Overall Thoughts about the Sonoma Satisfier – Is it worth it?

Sex toy prices are insane, and that bothers me to no end. In a world and a country where the cost of living is so incredibly high, a $100 sex toy is going to make a financial impact on anyone. For $100, was this rabbit, with subpar vibrations but with rocking thrusting power, worth it? 

Let me say that you sometimes need dual stimulation that isn’t too overpowering. The vibrations are not worth the price tag. However, there’s a good chance that you’re buying it for the thrusting power, not the vibrations. The thrusts are worth the price tag. Think of the vibrations as a little bonus feature. 

Where to buy the Cal Exotic California Dreaming Sonoma Satisfier

Don’t trust every toy distributor you come across. I got started with Adam and Eve and have since learned that trust is earned (like how they shouldn’t have sold me a double-ended pink jelly phthalate-filled sex toy. Instead, learn from my mistake and check out the Sonoma Satisfier at the sites I trust with the people I can rely on. 

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What Would You Pick?

What would you pick if you could have any toy, no matter the cost? I got my ideal toy, the Dirk from RealDoll, and that review can be found here. Retailing at upwards of $1k, it was my distinct pleasure to fuck this toy. 

If you liked what you read and want to purchase, please clear your cookies and click the product link. I make a little something off that purchase, and every penny is appreciated. Now, go fuck yourself, you goose.

Sonoma Satisfier


Function of the thruster


Power of Vibrations - Buzzy to Rumbly


Noise level - Hight to Low



  • Thruster is very strong and steady
  • Silicone covered vibrator - body safe!
  • Option to turn off vibrations...


  • Vibrations were on the buzzy side...

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