Review: Micro Magic Wand & Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand Plus

Review: Micro Magic Wand & Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand Plus

I’ve got two opposite, identical toys for you today. I’m thrilled to be actively working with Betty’s Toy Box again. They’re by far my favorite sex toy retailer. When they offered me external toys to accommodate my vulvar disability, I jumped on the Micro Original Magic Wand and the latest, corded Original Magic Wand Plus. 


Micro Magic Wand and Magic Wand Plus. One is huge, one is the size of a 5'3" woman's hand.

The Original Magic Wand, formerly known as the “Hitachi Magic Wand,” was my first brush with a wand vibrator. And boy, did it deliver. I used to prefer penetrative toys, so I was curious but not excited to try the [Hitachi] Magic Wand Original, one of the old versions. 

While I’ve used and been satisfied with the rechargeable, cordless Magic Wand, nothing blows me the fuck away like the corded Magic Wand Original. This time, I opted for the latest make of the [Hitachi] Magic Wand Original Ultra-Powerful for the power, and I’m thrilled that I went in this direction.  


Design of the Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand Original Plus

As mentioned, the Magic Wand Original Ultra-Powerful Wand is corded, which isn’t ideal for everyone, but it packs a damn punch. While I love my other wands, this one blew me away, much like the Doxy wand. It has a silicone head, is a body-safe material, and is giant. Fortunately, it fits standard-sized attachments like my Le Wand does. Check out some options at Betty’s Toy Box by clicking the links above.

My First Brush With the Magic Wand

I remember my first girlfriend was exploring masturbation. When her foster mother presented her with a [Hitachi], my inexperienced girlfriend found a way to shove the head inside her cunt. (Don’t do that, by the way.)

The Hitachi Magic Wand Original is designed for external use. The silicone head is designed to stimulate the lucky part of your body that gets to touch it, usually one’s clit. While you can shove it in your vagina, it’s not intended for internal use. 

The [Hitachi] Magic Wand Original has a long body designed for comfort. Its length makes it perfect for most larger bodies like mine. Manual manipulating the device to hit your clit is no problem at all. Additionally, there are plenty of toy mounts for the Magic Wand Original, which makes partnered sex easier to navigate and allows for a new world of sexual possibilities. 

Design of the Micro Magic Wand Original

This is THE CUTEST sex toy I’ve ever come across. Sure, there are sex toys shaped like peaches, cutesy lips, or bananas, but you can’t get cuter than a micro version of the world’s most fabulous wand vibrators.  

The wand head is silicone, making it body-safe and easy to clean. Like its larger versions, the Micro Magic Wand’s head is flexible. However, if I want it to be less flexible, I can press my finger against the head and hold it in place.


Oil-based lubricant can work with both the Micro Magic Wand and the Magic Wand Plus as well, though it’s not safe to use with condoms, so if any of the oil-based lubricant goes from the head of the toy to a condom, that could damage the condom. I have many water-based lubes to recommend, some oil-based lubes not to recommend, and hybrid lubes that may be worth a try. Read my article on lubricants to learn more about hybrid lubes).

There’s no need to sanitize the wands. A simple mix of soap and water on the part of the toy that comes in contact with the body or bodily fluids is all you need to keep it clean and safe. 

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, however, you can use toy cleaner after your session to get the vag juices off and wash it before the subsequent use when you aren’t out cold, having come over and over again… Don’t dunk either toy underwater, and you’ll be golden. 

Experience With the Magic Wands

My Experience with the Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand Plus

The Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand Plus lives up to its hype. It has four power settings, and for shock value, here they are in a language I don’t speak.

Low – 2,700, Medium – 3,800, High – 5,400, Ultra – 6,30

betty’s toy box

Although the cord comes out of the toy, it’s not rechargeable. The only reason I can think of for the cord coming off is for more accessible storage. Otherwise, they may attach the cord to the Magic Wand Ultra-Powerful like the original. 

I can appreciate the simplicity of the three buttons with specific uses. However, moving my fingers among several buttons is annoying, specifically because while I’m jerking it, I don’t want to be trying to remember how to control the toy. 

Living up to its “Ultra-Powerful” claim, the only downside to the Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand is that it is much too intense right after the climax (some brands are finding ways to fix that!). Otherwise, it’s as effective as the first edition—the power pushes me to the edge until it blows me away. 

My Experience with the Macro Magic Wand Original

A Micro-Wand may not transmit the idea of power, but it provides enough vibrations, rumbly, no less, to bring me to orgasm. 

After charging for a bit, the micro wand is geared up and ready to go. One thing that made the Micro Wand so fabulous was its small size —not too small. When you think of bullet vibrators, vibrators the size of fingers or more minor come to mind. However, the Micro Wand is more extensive and fits comfortably in my hands. It doesn’t get lost in my grip nor get covered in lube and slip. 

The vibrations are deep and rumbly, which would be a flex to many, though I didn’t care how rumbly they could be. As a reviewer, I’ve become a fan of rumbly vibes. However, as of the last year, I’ve come to appreciate buzzy vibrations.


Although nothing can beat the power of the Magic Wand Original, the Micro Wand was still fun and cute. I was delighted that it was a functioning sex toy and the perfect decor for my bedroom. 

The Ultra-Powerful Magic Wand, on the other hand, blew me and my body away. Having four speeds instead of the traditional two speeds was BOMB. I couldn’t believe the Magic Wand could improve, but it did. Props to those behind the toys, and a big thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me these vibrators. 

Buy these Toys at BTB and Naughty North 

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