An Intriguing Look at Sexual Lubricants – Features and Uses

An Intriguing Look at Sexual Lubricants – Features and Uses

What is Lube

Intimate lubricant, commonly known as lube, is designed to enhance and facilitate sexual activities by reducing friction and increasing comfort. Personal lubricants cater to diverse preferences and needs and are available in various formulations, such as water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and hybrid varieties. Additionally, lubricants like “cum lube” are often used by performers to simulate ejaculation on the face on the body. Many brands are also creating organic lines of lubricant. The primary purpose of using intimate lubricants is to supplement the body’s natural moisture, addressing potential dryness and discomfort during sexual encounters. Use lube for both internal and external stimulation.

Why Use Lube?

Lubricants can be beneficial for individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, and it is helpful during activities such as vaginal or anal intercourse, masturbation, and the use of sex toys. 

Water-based lubricant is a safe option to use with all sex toys, including silicone sex toys. It is my go-to choice whenever I test a toy – whether internal or external (especially with rabbit vibrators). I have tried many water-based lubricants, silicone, hybrid, and cum lubes, and have settled on a few favorites (you can jump to the lists down below).

Lubes to Try

I’ve included sexual lubricants I liked at the end of each section. Clear your cookies, click on the links, and go fuck yourself.

Water-Based Lubricant

Water-based personal lubricants are water-soluble and popular and versatile sexual lubricants that are composed primarily of water, making them safe and compatible with various sexual activities. One of the critical advantages of water-based lubricants is their compatibility with condoms and sex toys, making them an ideal choice for individuals practicing safer sex. Water-based lubricant (all sexual lubricants, really) provides comfort during sexual activities by reducing friction and minimizing potential irritation. 

Water-based lubricants are easy to clean and typically do not stain fabrics, making them a convenient choice when other people in your household can catch a look at your laundry. Additionally, they are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, as they are less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to other lubricant types. Slather soap on a toy used with water-based lubricant, wash, and you’re golden. 

Sexual lubricants are widely used for a range of sexual activities, including vaginal and anal intercourse, masturbation, and intimate massages. Their versatility makes them popular for individuals of all genders and sexual orientations. Furthermore, the water-soluble nature of these lubricants means they are easy to wash off with water and do not leave a greasy residue. 

Water-Based Lube to Try

water-based lubricant sliquid h2o water based lube
Photo credit: Peepshow Toys

Sliquid H20 | Betty’s Toy Box | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Slippery Stuff | Betty’s Toy Box | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Wicked Simply Aqua | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babland | Good Vibrations

Jo H20 | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Organic Lubes

Sliquid Organics H20 | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Sliquid Organics Gel | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants are known for their long-lasting and luxurious feel. Composed primarily of silicone compounds, these lubricants create a silky-smooth texture that remains effective for an extended duration, making them an excellent choice for prolonged intimate activities like anal sex. One notable feature is their water-resistant nature, allowing them to provide lubrication even in water, like in the shower or a bath.

Word of Warning

Silicone-based lubricants are compatible with latex condoms and are often favored for their endurance, reducing the need for frequent reapplication. However, it’s important to note that they should not be used with silicone-based sex toys, as the silicone in the lubricant may degrade the material of the toy. If you’re stubborn and must use your favorite silicone lubricant with your silicone toy, do a spot test first on the part of the toy that won’t touch your body and prepare for disappointment.

Additionally, it should be known that silicone lubricant can raise the risk of yeast infections if used vaginally. Unlike water-based lube, the body – vaginas in particular – do not absorb silicone-based lubricant and instead promotes a moist environment where yeast can thrive. 

However, if you crave the slick, silicone ride, there are other lubes, like the Sliquid Sassy, designed for anal penetration.

Silicone Lube to Try

uberlube silicone-based lubricant silicone based lube
Photo credit: Peepshow Toys

Gun Oil | Lovehoney | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Wicked Silicone | Betty’s Toy Box | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Uberlube | Peepshow Toys

Pjur Backdoor Anal | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Sliquid Silver | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Pjur Original Silicone Lube | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Oil-Based Lubricant

I have a sordid history with oil-based lubricants. While I have nothing against them, I had an incident with a misogynistic lubricant maker whose products I had nothing but praise for. I’ve included the link to the review for your reading pleasure. Just know that there are other oil-based lubricants

Oil-based lubricants, on the other hand, are derived from natural oils like coconut, almond, or mineral oil. These lubricants offer a rich and velvety texture, providing a heightened sensation during intimate moments. Oil-based lubricants are often lauded for their moisturizing properties, making them famous for sensual massages. While they can be long-lasting, it’s essential to be cautious with their use, as they can weaken latex condoms, increasing the risk of breakage. Additionally, oil-based lubricants may be more challenging to clean off the body and sheets compared to water-based or silicone-based alternatives.

Oil-Based Lube to Try

coconut oil lubricant is great
photo credit: Peepshow Toys

Wicked (marketed toward “men,” i.e. people with penises) | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Coconu Oil-Based | Babeland | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibrations

LuvMor Oil-Based | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys

Hybrid lubricants

Hybrid lubricants combine the best of both water-based and silicone-based formulations, offering a versatile solution for various intimate activities. Typically composed of a blend of water and silicone ingredients, hybrid lubricants aim to provide the long-lasting slickness of silicone lubricants while maintaining the accessible clean-up properties of water-based ones. This makes them suitable for use with both latex condoms and silicone sex toys, offering a balanced and satisfying experience for individuals seeking a compromise between the benefits of different lubricant types. Hybrid lubricants have gained popularity for their adaptability and performance across a range of sexual activities.

Hybrid Lube to Try’

simply hybrid jelle gel lubricant
Photo credit: Peepshow Toys

Sliquid Silk | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations |

Spunk Lube | Betty’s Toy Box

Wicked Hybrid | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Babeland | Good Vibrations |

Wicked Hybrid Gel | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations |

Wicked Simply Hybrid | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations |

Sliquid Organics Silk (Hybrid) | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland | Good Vibrations |

“Cum Lube”

“Cum lube” is a type of sexual lubricant designed to mimic the appearance and texture of semen, enhancing realism and fantasy in intimate moments. This specialized lubricant is often used in the realm of erotic role-playing, fetish play, or simply for individuals who enjoy the visual and sensory aspects of replicating the experience of ejaculation. Cum lube typically features a white and creamy consistency, aiming to provide a lifelike representation of male ejaculate. It adds an element of creativity and excitement to sexual play, allowing individuals to explore their fantasies in a safe and consensual manner. 

While cum lube is primarily used for its aesthetic appeal, it still functions as a standard lubricant, reducing friction and enhancing comfort during sexual activities. As with any sexual product, it’s essential to choose high-quality options that prioritize body safety and compatibility with condoms and sex toys.

Lube Shooters

Photo credit: Peepshow Toys

Additionally, lube shooters deposit lube in your anus. It can go deeper than fingers, getting you all ready for anal sex.

Lube Shooters to Try

Lube Shooter | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys | Babeland (beaded option) | Good Vibrations (beaded option)

Cum Lube

cum lube is my favorite and lovehoney silk is the bomb
Photo Credit: Lovehoney

Fuck Sauce | Betty’s Toy Box |

Sliquid Silk | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys |

Sliquid Organics Silk (Hybrid) | Betty’s Toy Box | Lovehoney | Peepshow Toys |

Spunk Lube | Betty’s Toy Box |

Spunk Lube | Betty’s Toy Box

Silk | Lovehoney Silk

Jizz | Betty’s Toy Box

Cum Load | Betty’s Toy Box

 CBD Lubricant

CBD lubricant is a cannabidiol (or “CBD”) infused oil for sexual wellness. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant. Usually, coconut oil is used, though it can be anything. I get CBD lubricant from my local dispensary. However, nothing compares to the Foria I’ve been blessed to find.  

I’m grateful I found CBD lubricant. Not only does it heighten sexual sensations, it also relaxes my vagina, making it more comfortable to use dildos and internal toys. It dramatically reduces the discomfort I sometimes feel when inserting a toy. 

Although I’m in recovery, I still use CBD lubricant (and even THC-infused lubricant) because my body needs its therapeutic and medicinal properties to make sex and intercourse comfortable. I do not consider CBD to be violating my sobriety. 

CBD Lube to Try

Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD | Foria

Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD | Foria | Babeland | Good Vibrations

Awaken and Intimacy Sex Oil | Foria

Go Love CBD | Babeland | Good Vibrations

THC-Infused Lube

THC-Infused lube contains both CBD and THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It does everything the CBD lube does – enhancing sensation, promoting relaxation, and making sex more comfortable – with the bonus of making my vagina feel a little bit high. Orgasms with THC-infused lubricant are powerful and all-consuming. They’re unlike anything else I’ve experienced. The excellent news with THC lubricant is that it doesn’t get your mind high, just your vag or ass.

THC-infused lubricants are made with oil, like CBD lube, and they’re usually fractionated coconut oil. It doesn’t harden like coconut oil does when cold. Instead, it remains slippery and moisturizes the cunt. 

While THC and CBD lube work best in the vagina, you can use it in your ass too. Because the vagina is a mucus membrane, it absorbs the lube differently than the ass does. 

THC Lube to Try

Everyone’s state has different rules on THC, given that it’s just legalized by the state, not on a federal level. Go to your local dispensary and ask if they have THC/CBD lube, then report back to me.


Lube is a must-have. Whether you’re exploring different vaginal sensations, using it for your ass, or just making sex more comfortable, lube is the way to go. Click on the links above to visit my favorites and explore lube’s various sensations.

Now that you’ve found the best lube to use, go fuck yourself!

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