REVIEW: Cocoa Butter Lube w/ Disclaimer

REVIEW: Cocoa Butter Lube w/ Disclaimer

A Little About the Butter’s Hygienics Co.

The Butter's Hygienics Co. created several oil-based lubricants. Pictured, is the Cocoa Butter Lube in a black jar atop a table among crystals and Tarot.

DISCLAIMER: Since I posted it, the owner’s personal Twitter feed, which was public, revealed a series of regular misogynistic Tweets. Please consider this before purchasing.

The Butter’s is a black, queer-owned company, and the products are handcrafted. I love this. Anything queer is something I can stand behind, and, especially now, it’s incredibly important to support companies by people of color. I very much appreciate that they thought of me to review their product.

Their customer service was quick to respond to my many queries, and I very much appreciated that. They responded with as much information as they could offer me, and they did it promptly. It is comforting when I come across companies that truly stand by their products and, more importantly, their customers.

Cocoa Butter Lube is Oil-Based

Before the Butter’s, I’ve only used and reviewed variations of water-based lube and hybrid lube. I’ve stayed away from silicone because most of my toys are silicone (they don’t do well together), and it never occurred to me to try oil-based lube. To have it come more substantial than I’m used to was a pleasant shock. It didn’t get everything messy when I tried to apply the Butter’s Hygienics Cocoa Butter Lube. I scooped out a bit of it and rubbed it on the toy or myself.

If you’ve been following me, you’ll see that I’m struggling to find comfort to review with my partner in the living room. I’ve been relying on baths and showers to give me a feeling of privacy and security, although I have that wherever I am.

Baths are not my friend with internal toys. I can never get the damn lube to stick long enough for comfortable sex. However, I was able to use the Butter’s Hygienics Cocoa Butter Lube in the bath. That was a surprise and a relief. Finally, I have lube versatility in my toy box.

However, since I reviewed the last two toys, I’ve branched out

My relationship has evolved to the point where I can masturbate with my partner watching a YouTube video beside me as we go to bed or in a separate room. The bathroom is no longer necessary. That being said, this is an oil-based lube, so I have to be very careful when using it on the bed or the couch.

Because this The Butter’s Hygienics Cocoa Butter Lube comes in a jar and is -usually- in a solid form, it’s easy to manipulate, though squeeze-tops do have their benefits. The issue comes when the lube gets a little too warm. It’s difficult to not spill it all over myself or the bed in the heat of passion when it’s in oil-form. As I type this, I’ve watched the lube go from solid to slightly oily now that it’s in the warmer living room.

The consistency change was not a massive issue while I lived in the West, but I recently moved to a place where we don’t have air conditioning, so it’s almost always oil-based in this heat. When I moved quickly to open the jar, the lube spilled out.

I will only use this jar for another 6-12 months, though.

As a reviewer, I get my lube for free. As a reviewer, I will continue to use The Butter’s Hygienics Cocoa Butter Oil-Based lube. The Cocoa Butter Lube has become a staple in my bed, and I will use it as long as it lasts.

Because this is an all-natural product, the lube won’t last forever. On the jar, The Butter’s lets me know that it’ll likely go stale within 6-12 months of being opened. I was given the biggest jar they have of the lube, and it will most likely last me six months.

Overall, I liked this lube as much as the others

It doesn’t take a lot of lube for the Cocoa Butter Lube to do the trick, and that’s why I think the largest bottle will be sufficient for those of you who have frequent sex or solo-sex like myself. A little goes a long way, and there’s a lot of lube here.

You can check out my review of The Butter’s Hygienics Co. Original Lube Aloe x Shea and the Palm Grease for D*ck Stroking, Fist F*cking, and Other High Viscosity Needs.

Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog. Go check them out! I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. Be safe and go fuck yourself during these hard times.

Cocoa Butter Lube The Butter's Hygienics Co




Application Ease


Long lasting


Variety of lube available in this line



  • Oil-based so it works better in the bath
  • Easy to apply
  • Just fucking feels good


  • Not compatible with all toys
  • Cannot be used with latex condoms

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