Looking Back | Bi-Stronic Fusion Review

Looking Back | Bi-Stronic Fusion Review

Oh lord, y’all. A lot of my earlier reviews mortify me. The plus side of that is I’ve grown, but I’d like to (re) introduce you to an old post of mine: Bi Stronic Fusion review.

You may have heard me say that the Stronic Eins was the toy that got me into reviewing. Well, getting the Bi Stronic Fusion for review was so fucking exciting. I loved the color, controls, and thrusting of the Stronic Bi, but, goddamnit, the vibrations sucked. If I didn’t just drop the Stronic Bi and turn to another Stronic, I just turned off the vibrations.

My reviews have gotten better, as have my pictures. I must say, though, that the Bi Stronic Fusion hasn’t gotten any better the more I used it. It’s just…. blah. However, the Stronic series has gotten GOOD. While the Eins is no longer around, the Stronic Surf, Stronic Real, Stronic G 2, and Sundaze are BOMB.

Fun Factory has some of the best sex toys created ethically. They’re a joy to put in my body.

Poke around my blog a bit, and let me know how you feel about my reviews. And who else has noticed a significant difference between when you started writing and where you are now? What are some things you’d like to see on my blog? Even better: have you tried any of these?

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