Awesome & Unique Valentine’s Day Sex Toys for Self-or-Partnered Sex

Awesome & Unique Valentine’s Day Sex Toys for Self-or-Partnered Sex

It’s nearly February 14th so that people will go crazy soon. When I was dating people, Valentine’s Day meant something to me. It still meant something to me when I wasn’t dating people. It was my date, and I loved myself until I couldn’t move my arms. This year, I’ve got some Valentine’s Day sex toys for you to check out.

So many toys are available now that can suit any need of yours; you have to find 

them. Reading blogger reviews is an excellent way to decide, so I wanted to make this easier on you. While this article mainly explores sex toys for people with vaginas, I threw a few toys in for prostate play. Pussy pumps were new to me a few years ago. Although I was a blogger, I’d never tried one. I wasn’t opposed to it; I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. Boy, was I wrong about that

I’ve used over 300 sex toys while I’ve been a reviewer, so I know what my body likes, and new toys are coming out daily. Here are a few toys that give me sensations I’m digging. 

Best vibe gave me a butt plug training set, Tina the pussy pump licker, iron butt plugs, a strapless strapon harness and a flicking tongue toy. These are some Valentine's Day sex toy for you to try out
Best Vibe gave me a butt plug training set for Valentine’s Day Sex Toys, Tina the pussy pump licker, iron butt plugs, a strapless strap-on harness, and a flicking tongue toy.

Hilarious Valentine’s Day Sex Toys – Licking Toys

This tongue toy features a flicking shaft that stimulates the inside of the vagina, the anus (but don’t put it in there!), or one’s clit. This is along those lines for those of us who like rhythmic thumping. You need to have a steady hand to hold the tongue while it thumps against your clit or anus. If you’re going for an intense, stimulating clit-licking experience, there are pussy pumps that double as a clit licker. Why not try something you haven’t experienced before for your Valentine’s Day sex toy?

Fabulous Thrusting Toys

carl caterpillar is a great thrusting vibe. It's deep purple and blue with exquisite texture. It is a self-thrusting dildo
The Carl Caterpillar is one of my favorite sex toys, which was unexpected.

I enjoyed reviewing the Carl Caterpillar, and I loved that invention. The self-thrusting sex toy was deliciously squishy and powerful. The toy thumped when I squeezed my (tight, medically) pelvic floor. I kept going at it long after I had enough notes to write a review. The fact that the Carl Caterpillar also had a suction cup was the icing on the cake. I suctioned it to a yoga mat made for dildos and on my sex chair. Valentine’s Day sex toys with suction cups are fabulous and allow it to be more accessible to those with disabilities.

If you want something more realistic, such as a Valentine’s Day sex toy or thrusting sex toys, other options range from a dildo to a dildo-powered sex machine. I love a good thumping, as do many of us, so I’m always drawn to review toys that do a lot of work for me. Am I lazy? No, I fuck bright and reserve energy for eating a tub of ice cream after I come. 

Unleash the Silicone Butt Plugs!

This red-and-gold prostate stimulator is firm. You can get it on best vibe for valentine's day
This solid metal butt plug prostate massager has a shaft coated in red silicone.

Butt plugs are a great addition to intercourse for your Valentine’s Day sex toys; simply wearing it or going out in public with the reminder that you’re a “bad girl.” (I apologize for that phrase.) If you’re like me and aren’t a big fan of anal toys, there are plenty of “trainers” out there who have set plugs that gradually get larger. While I have the black background of butt plugs, there are more colorful options

I’ve found through trial-and-error (especially for this Valentine’s Day sex toys article) some pain when I get too eager (anything should not hurt. If it breaks, you’re going too fast (like I often do)  or don’t have enough lube. Anything stuck up your ass should have a flared base, or it can get lost (yes, seriously, the butthole is the black hole of one’s body). I have this butt plug training set that is fabulous because of how thin the head of the butt plug is and how it makes insertion significantly more comfortable. While the base isn’t huge, it’s big enough that it won’t get lost and doesn’t dig too much into your ass cheeks. Is it comfortable enough to wear outside? I preferred to wear it indoors while masturbating instead of in public because of how long they are.

Want something cute for your Valentine’s Day sex toys? Butt plugs shaped like roses exist! If you want something more prostate-centered, this solid prostate massager is firm enough to press into one’s prostate and provide constant stimulation. 

This rose suction toy is a favorite. It's pink, bulbous, and shaped like a rose with a suction mouth in the middle.
The Rose vibrator is quickly becoming a cult classic!

I am a sucker for an excellent air-pulse toy that mimics the sensation of oral sex. This rose-suction sex toy has gone viral and is certainly something to love. The Rose suction toy is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has enough surface space for you to line it up with your clit, or nipples. I’m also a huge fan of toys that thump against your G-spot and suck simultaneously. Having that dual or triple stimulation is something to be admired. 

Tantalizing Strap-on Sex & Double Dildos

When it comes to strap-on sex, don’t knock it until you try it. Strap-on sex isn’t only a tool to penetrate your partner with, but double dildo strap-on toys make it possible for both partners to experience physical pleasure. The Bestvibe strapless strap-on brings joy to both parties involved. 

To use a strapless strap-on, you put the minor part of the toy in your vagina and penetrate your partner with the other end. I’ve found that I prefer using a strapless strap-on with a harness simultaneously so I can focus on penetrating my partner without worrying that the double dildo will slip out. Additionally, many double dildos vibrate, and the Bestvibe unisex strapless strap has a remote to control its vibration patterns and settings. 

Terrific G-Spot Sex Toys

One of my (many) favorite ways of sexual stimulation is g-spot stimulation. I’ve had success with triple stimulators (see above), and this toy is no exception. I love the subtle, internal thumping. With her carpal tunnel, my wife cannot twist her fingers into that glorious “come-hither” move, so having a sex toy that she can manipulate is excellent.

This “Half-Peeled Banana” hits the spot just right. It stops one’s hands from slipping or being messy with lube, and at the same time, it provides clitoral stimulation. However,  the banana curve isn’t as extreme as some g-spotters can be. As we’ve seen, sex toys can be downright adorable, like this Squid G-spot vibrator. Quick note: don’t stick this in your ass. Thank you. 

What do you all have planned this year?

Have a great Valentine’s Day, whether solo or partnered and go fuck yourself. <3 

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