Unlocking the Secrets to Sizzling and Safe Casual Encounters

Unlocking the Secrets to Sizzling and Safe Casual Encounters

Casual sex can be safe and sexy, when you do it right.

Casual Sex & Staying Safe

In the age of online dating and more unrestrained sexual expression, people are finding it more accessible to hook up with each other. Think Fetlife, for starters, an online community of kinky people who share common kinks and fetishes, or Grindr, the gay online dating site. Hats off to Tinder, too, for being one of the OG platforms for finding casual sex. Then come more recent sites that are intended to connect people looking to have casual sex. However, just because it’s easier doesn’t mean it’s not essential that you take some steps to protect yourself. Online dating does come with some risks, so be sure to consider the following safety tips when looking for casual sex.

Open and Clear Communication

You’ll see me talk about consent a lot on my site, and it’s for good reason. The last thing you want is a misunderstanding that can result in mortifying consequences. While many people are opening up their relationships to include more people, as well as casual sex, you must know where everyone stands. Casual sex can be complicated without clear communication; lines can be blurred, so be out in the open about what you’re looking for to avoid disappointing anyone. 

Trust me, the last thing you want is to fuck your neighbor who says he’s in an open relationship and then find out you were the “other woman” fucked without the consent of his partner because they were actually in a monogamous relationship. Ditch the doubt and come to the fuck out and say what you want: casual sex with no strings attached, courtesy of PSE Sex.

Keep Yourself Safe With Casual Sex

Casual sex is just that – casual sex. You aren’t looking for a relationship and don’t know the other person intimately. Use the age-old trick women-identifying people have used for years, and tell a friend where you’re going. Likewise, social media can reveal a lot about a person and can be used to track down people who want to remain anonymous, so don’t sign up with social media accounts.

While most people prize being your authentic self, protect yourself by connecting dating profiles to social media accounts; your information and photos can be easily shared between each platform, making it easier to find your info online.

So, to keep your personal information safe and away from unwanted eyes, we recommend that you only join dating apps and sites using a phone number or email.

Sign Up Using Your Social Media Accounts

Many dating websites and apps let you sign up using social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, but we strongly suggest you avoid this.

Use different photos from your social media accounts; Otherwise, someone might use them to find your information online.

Always Check User Profiles Before You Start Chatting for Casual Sex

One of the significant safety risks of online dating is fake profiles. Many users aren’t who they claim to be, using fake photos and personal information to mislead the people they match with.

Look over each person’s profile and ensure nothing suspicious. While it’s ultimately impossible to catch a catfish or scammer from their profile, make sure you know everything you can about the person you’re hooking up with.

For example, profiles without photos and profiles without verification are usually red flags in online dating. Before you meet up, you must know everything you can about someone because they know something about you, too.

If a user has social media accounts connected to their profile, consider looking them over to get a better idea of who they are and whether they’re trustworthy.

Only Chat on the Platform

Always keep your initial conversations about casual sex on the dating platform you’re using. While you might feel comfortable giving out your phone number to someone you’ve met online, we suggest only doing so once you’ve got to know them better. While predicting emotional outcomes is impossible, keep talking.

If someone you match with immediately asks to chat away from the dating platform, consider it a big red flag, especially if they ask for an email address or phone number.

Take the time to get to know a potential match before you consider giving them any personal info! Sexuality outside a committed relationship doesn’t have to be complicated.\

Don’t Share too Much Personal Information.

As mentioned above, get to know the person you’re chatting with before giving out personal information. Even when you’re comfortable giving to them, be careful what type of info you share.

Limit other personal information you share with people on dating apps, such as your home address, workplace, personal email, etc.

Have Safer Sex – Use Condoms and Barriers

Safer sex is essential. Since you’re having casual hookups, you don’t know if you can trust the other people’s sexual health. They may tell you they’re clean or show you old test results, but safety is essential. You don’t know you can’t trust someone until you find out you can’t trust them.

Condoms and dental dams protect during oral sex and, in the case of condoms, penetrative sex. Additionally, “female condoms” are an option for women to keep themselves safe and to avoid someone tampering with the safer sex device. It’s an internal condom that is inserted in the vagina.

Keep in mind that some lube is not compatible with condoms. Oil-based lube can break down the condoms and make sex unsafe. However, many safe, water-based lubricants are out there waiting for you to discover it! There’s also flavored lubricant to make oral sex even more fun.

Is casual sex emotionally healthy?

Sure as fuck can be. If you take these precautions, talk to your partner/s about consent and what you want, and (if it bothers you) make sure they have the approval of their partner to fuck you, casual sex is a blast! How do you ask someone for casual sex? With sites dedicated to casual sex, sex and hookups have become more accessible to do.

As you play, however, check in with yourself and your partner to ensure you’re both comfortable with your actions. If you have any reservations – don’t do it!


Remember, you’re looking for casual fun, so don’t feel obligated to share too much personal information about yourself! Grab a condom and lube (avoid oil-based if you’re using a condom… which, why aren’t you??), a sex toy or two (grab a harness if you don’t have a dick), strip down, and go at it however you and the other(s) planned.

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