Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sex Blogging

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sex Blogging

Introduction & Update On Rose

Over the last month, I’ve collected excellent reviews, articles, and personal pieces for y’all. They’re all stellar. These are all bloggers I know and trust, so you can be sure you’re getting quality writing that you can trust. Most bloggers post weekly or bi-monthly and I’ve picked my favorite reviews and sex ed articles for you. I’m especially excited about Princess Previews post on vaginal tightness, as I suffer with that myself.

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for eleven years now, and I never run out of things to say. It’s a pleasure to r on ead other young and old reviewers, and I want to share this with you. Let’s get started with me! 

Yikes On My Health

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a vulvar autoimmune disease, and I’m here to spread the word. It will affect the toys I review and how I review them. My new life as a disabled sex blogger is in the works, and I hope you follow along with me and stay tuned for more sex ed articles pertaining to my disability!

Reviews and Articles from February 2024

Sex Toy Review: Nothosaur Goblin by On Her Back


Nothosaur sent me the Goblin, and I chose the miniature version, which was as small as advertised! However, it’s come to my attention that t this white-label toy maker copies indie artists. Therefore, it’s hard for me to recommend them, even though they worked wonders. Here’s my full review! 

Review: Uberrime Damn Alien Review: Beaded G-Spot Massager

Supersmashcache reviewed the fantasy. toys by Uberrime. sex toy review. sex ed article

I wasn’t the only one reviewing fantasy toys this month. Cy from Supersmashcache reviewed fantasy-ish toys that are “beaded” to rub against your G-Spot. 

Sex Ed Article: Vaginal Tightness: Causes and Ways Forward

Grace from Princess Reviews, like me, wrote about vaginal tightness and other difficulties people with vaginas and vulvas face. It was great to get the rundown on everything that can go on! I was most excited to read about vaginal scarring, as that’s part of my vulvar autoimmune disease.

Fuck Machine Review: Tess Tests Fuck Machine

Gather around, y’all, for another great review from Tess Test, a blog written in Dutch, but Google will translate for you. They reviewed a fuck machine, and my jealousy is radiating off my body. The closest to a fuck machine that I’ve gone is the Shameless Slim, a toy I couldn’t get enough of! 

Sex Toy Review: Bestvibe Wearable Panty Vibe and Orsen Tentacle by Queer Earthling

I swoon over Ollie’s sex toy reviews. They often review kink accessories, but today, I’m highlighting their review of a panty vibrator and tentacle dildo. I’ve reviewed a few panty vibrators that did nothing but disappoint. Let’s find out what Ollie thinks! 

Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Review by Some Queer

My experience with Satisfyer Toys has been a bit of a disappointment, so I was thrilled to see that Some Queer was giving it a go.

Sex Toy Review: Connection Air Pulse Review by Spices of Lust

Finally, Luka from Spices of Lust had an excellent review of the Connection Air Pulse, a toy with arguably the cutest charging station I’ve seen! 

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