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Simple & Spicy Adaptable Nothosaur Goblin Dildo: A Review

Three days before I got the diagnosis of a vulvar autoimmune disease, the Nothosaur Goblin dildo arrived in the mail. Knowing already that I experience pain with penetration, I chose the “mini” size for my Goblin, pre-colored with a lime green base and a shaft of purple. Which, unsurprisingly, reminded me of “Barnie,” the dinosaur from my childhood. 

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Review: Organotoy – Abradrachabra & Humphrey

I don’t often review fantasy toys, but I have a damn good reason to do so when I do. A long while ago, I stumbled across a Tweet accusing Organotoy airbrushed toys of being not-body-safe because they delaminated. While their response to the customer wasn’t exemplary, I still wanted to experience this toy for myself […]

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