Review: Organotoy – Abradrachabra & Humphrey

Review: Organotoy – Abradrachabra & Humphrey

I don’t often review fantasy toys, but I have a damn good reason to do so when I do. A long while ago, I stumbled across a Tweet accusing Organotoy airbrushed toys of being not-body-safe because they delaminated. While their response to the customer wasn’t exemplary, I still wanted to experience this toy for myself and see how it’d hold up to vigorous use.

I had a plan:

  • Stretch and pull the product.
  • Put it through its potential breaking points.
  • Take it for a spin once I was comfortable holding a body-safe toy. 

I was given three toys, though I only requested the Abradrachabra. Organtoy also sent me the Humphrey large, and Humphrey small. The Humphrey small was the only one that had any chance of fitting inside my body, and, no, I did not accept the challenge of the other two toys. I did, however, run this toy through the wringer – literally.

While silicone airbrushing isn’t common, it exists and can be done safely. Right now, it’s a well-guarded secret. Because I’d heard differently, I looked into it more and consulted a well-known, outside, indie creator, and I had many discussions with Organotoy to be sure what I was going to put in my body was actually body-safe silicone. This outside indie creator verified that airbrushed silicone can be body-safe and is a “thing.”

First Impressions

The Organo Toy Humphrey and Organo Abracadabra are ridiculous pieces of art that have a suction-cup function. Here, I entertain my family with these massive beasts.
Oh, look! Suction-cup bottoms

Right now, I’ve reviewed only a handful of indie sex toy makers’ toys. The Organotoy Abradrachabra is a horrendously beautiful piece of art. I adore all the pearly colors and the unusual shape. It’s a big, ugly piece of silicone, and I love it so much. It’s on my altar right now. This is a piece to keep and display, and my wife agrees. I knew that wouldn’t fit in my body right off the bat, which didn’t bother me. I expected as much, but it was still vital for me to see one of their more popular models.

Then came Humphrey, large and small. The metallic hues that graduate along the length of the toy are genuinely stunning. The Humphrey is less intimidating because its shaft is calmer. The small Humphrey, I can get inside my vagina, but the large is way too big. 

I’m still struck by the beauty of this silicone, airbrushed toy. I’ve displayed them on my altar, shown them to family and friends, and fucking enjoy staring at them.

If you’re not sure about the sizes – GO SMALL. It works for some people, but with my vagina being tight (ouch!) like it is, neither of those large toys could even get in me. 

The Abracadabra is a hefty sex toy that is so ugly it's beautiful. While it wasn't right for my body, the massive beast is on my altar b/c it's a piece I want to show off.

What I Incorrectly Thought Were Air Bubbles are Paint Bits

Something to note while looking at this review and the photos: The bumps are NOT air, they are bits of paint. To make it simple, here’s what the representative for Organotoy told me about the bumps:

When you airbrush silicone you can´t get a “clean” paint job due to static because of static electricity buildup paint spots build up.

What They’re Made of

I’ve had extensive talks with Organotoy, who have told me that they have a unique formula to spray on colored silicone, and they’ve assured me that it’s body-safe and made with body-safe mica. Twitter was very concerned about the material they used to airbrush the toy. While they shared the formula with me, and I understood most of it, they asked me to keep it private. 

However, I feel comfortable putting these toys in my vagina after reviewing the info and testing the toys for safety. I consulted a well-known toy maker that I’ve come to know, and they confirmed that they would use this in their ass comfortably. The silicone that Organotoy uses is indeed body-safe. 

My first move was to twist and pull the toy around. Twitter had a video of these toys unpeeling and becoming delaminated, so I did my due diligence and squeezed, squished, stretched, and scratched at both of the toys. Nothing came off.

The mica they use for their toys is cosmetic grade, which means they’re body-safe additives. The mica they chose to use for my toys was beautiful. The shimmery hue ofc the Humphery was beautiful, and the frosty finish of the Abradrachabra suited the toy so well. 

Care and Keeping 

The Organo Toys' Humphrey is a massive beast by Organo Toys

Caring for your Organotoy silicone-spray-painted sex toys is essential. That means that these toys cannot be boiled, or they will likely peel. That’s fine with me – since it’s silicone, it’s body-safe, and all you need to do to keep this clean is wash it with soap and water. Easy enough. While I’m tempted to boil them for maximum efficiency, it’s not suitable for these toys. 

Always use water-based lubricant with these toys. Silicone lube can hurt the Abradrachabra and the Humphrey, and it’s not worth the risk of ruining these altar-worthy toys. 

Aesthetically, these toys are gorgeous. The Abradrachabra is a mix of complimenting and contrasting colors, and every bit of it is different. I love the silicone airbrushing on the stars on the toy’s base, and the juicy, red head on the shaft of this yellow toy is vibrant and frosty. 

The Humphrey, on the other hand, is a beautiful, dark metallic toy that graduates along the shaft. Organotoy sent me the Humphrey medium, and they threw in a small for me to make it more accessible to my vagina, and the gesture was greatly appreciated. 


Overall, I had a great experience with Organotoy toys. I did safety tests on each one, and everything held up as it should. Although airbrushed silicone isn’t standard right now, Organotoy silicone airbrushing is beautiful and a sight to behold. While there were bubbles under the airbrushed silicone, none of the bubbles popped even under trauma from my fingernails and twisty hands. 

While it’s not done often, silicone airbrushing is a feature that is closely guarded but is body-safe. It’s not as popular yet because of that. However, over time I don’t doubt that we’ll see much more silicone airbrushed sex toys from plenty of talented indie shops. 

Remember, the Organotoy can be large, so I stuck with the smallest to have the best chance of fitting them in my body. I am so glad I found this company. I know that other people have had issues with them, but, as a reviewer, I hold myself duty-bound to give you my entire experience. While this may rub people the wrong way, I can only speak for myself, and I had a positive experience and got some stellar toys out of this review opportunity. 

You can get Organotoy on their site, and if you want the Humphrey or the Abradrachabra, follow those links.

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