Organotoys Fairytree Dildo – A Beautiful & Glamourous Work of Art

Organotoys Fairytree Dildo – A Beautiful & Glamourous Work of Art

Introduction to Organotoys

Organotoys Fairytree dildo is quite literally a fuckable work of art. When Organotoys asked me to review the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo a long time ago, I was excited. Although I knew it couldn’t fit in my anytime soon, it was too gorgeous to pass up. I’ve reviewed other toys of theirs, and they rock. All their dildos are made with quality silicone, and almost everyone is gorgeous and customizable.

I was also gifted a few small silicone dildos when I posted about needing dilators. 

Materials, Care, and Keeping of the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo

Oreganotoys create silicone pieces of airbrushed art. Although you shouldn’t boil this art because of the delicate airbrushing, it’s 100% body-safe silicone. They airbrush silicone onto the toy to get the minute details in, like the flowers on the Fairytree. Though they’ve shared how they do that with me, I’m sworn to secrecy but am entirely confident that what I’m putting in my body is safe. 

That said, while the Fairytree can withstand hard-core thumping, the user is advised not to boil it. Boiling the Fairytree can damage the airbrushed decor. However, because it is 100% body-safe silicone, it can be washed with soap and water, which will do the trick. Even a toy cleaner will do if you’re in a bind. But remember, if you’re going from ass to vag, CLEAN IT WELL.

I know that this toy is going to be used in so many of your asses, and I want you to have this beautiful toy stand firm for years to come. Silicone toys, whether airbrushed or not, can be damaged by silicone lubricants, no matter where they’re from. The mixture of the two can degrade the toy because of the chemical reaction. So, if the silicone lube is your jam, test a drop of the lube on the bottom of the toy so you don’t ruin it, and then break out your water-based lubricant or a hybrid silicone-water-based lubricant (but test the latter!). 

Admiring the Work of Art that is the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo

Constructed of copper-colored silicone, the Oregano Fairytree isn’t a poop-brown silicone dildo, which is a relief. They could have gone so wrong with a brown toy – but they killed it. 

The mold they designed creates a beautiful replica of a tree stump, undoubtedly a home where fairies would live. A green vine winds around the tree, making the texture quite lovely. I used not to be a fan of texture (LINKS TO TEXTURED TOYS), but that has wildly changed throughout my journey as a sex toy reviewer, and I’m thrilled for myself. 

Organotoys Fairytree Dildo in Medium

I was given the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo in medium, which is still a chunker of a toy. For me, “medium” is the Pleasure Works Captain, not bigger-than-my-vagina-can-stretch. However, this is the bomb for a lot of us. I deeply admire the men, women, and everyone who can accommodate a toy this size. My hats – and pants – off to them. 

I’d consider this toy to be pretty fucking big. If we were to look at it compared to morestandarddildos, this would be an extra large. Use at your best discretion, fam. There are a whole lot more impressive vaginas and asses out there than mine but know, this monster is huge.

Organotoys Fairytree Dildo in Action

We’ve gone over cleaning your fuckable work of art and lubing it up, but now let’s talk about using it. It’s pretty fucking simple – lube it up and put it in your chosen orifice. While the Organotoys Fairytree dildo does have a slightly flared base, use it anally at your own risk. The flare isn’t much larger than the base of the dildo, and I worry about it getting sucked up your butt. After all, the anus is the black hole of the body, and if you put stuff in there, it’s going to try to suck it up. 

The Organotoys Fairytree Dildo does not have a tapered head. I typically choose toys with a pointed head for a smoother initial penetration. The lack of tapering caused a problem with the Fairytree toy and me. If you look online, though, you’ll see amazing men, women, and “they/them” who can take a dildo without a tapered head. 

However, I approached the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo like a new piercing. I used a started toy like the Mustang or Uncut, and while my cunt was stretched, I put the toy in. Admittedly, that didn’t do the trick because my vagina wasn’t up for the challenge, but the human body is diverse and fucking impressive. Just because I could not fit the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo in my vagina doesn’t mean your vag or ass won’t accommodate this toy.

Introducing Organotoys Plugs

Additionally, Oregano Toys sent me a collection of butt plugs and very small dildos. I’ve been having vaginal tightness, and when I reached out on Twitter (I refuse to call it “X”) asking for dilators, multiple toy companies responded. 

These are significantly smaller than the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo.

The Oregano Toys are the most fun I’ve had in a while. Fantasy-themed, these small dildos were almost too giant for my vagina, but they gave my tight cunt a lovely stretch. Additionally, I was sent some vaginal silicone balls. I was able to build my way up with “starter toys.” (A term I use for smaller toys like the UNCUT or Mustang.)

Small Dildos as Dilator

Because they’re flared midway through the toy, they were easy to put in me and be still. My vagina has a bad habit of pushing toys out of me mid-use. However, the point of the dildo/dilator is to stretch my vagina, legs in the butterfly position, and just lay there. While it’s uncomfortable, having my body not reject these toys was a relief. 

I must say, and this was a thrill, that the smaller dildos are a joy to use because of the pressure against my g-spot. Although I didn’t intend to use them for pleasure, I brought out a vibrator and went to town with the dildo in me, just sitting there. Nearly every time I used it, I had to come; believe me, it was a pleasure. 

These dildos are made of the same high-quality, body-safe silicone as the Organotoys Fairytree dildo and should be treated as such. Because the dildos I got are not airbrushed, they are safe to boil for your peace of mind. I rarely boil my silicone dildos because, provided there aren’t many little grooves LIKE THE ZOMBIE, a toothbrush and soap will do just as good a job. With silicone toys, you don’t need to disinfect because bacteria and nasty stuff aren’t absorbed into the toy. 

The Organotoys Fairytree Dildo Options

Excitingly, the Organotoys Fairytree dildo is both a medium and a large – both are huge. It’s always exciting to have a larger toy for those of us who are size queens.

Additionally, the Fairytree comes in “ready-to-ship” colors if you don’t want to wait for the airbrushed effect. However, the “ready-to-ship” is only $2 less expensive and significantly less pretty. In that case, if you aren’t in a rush, get the work of art. 

Overall Thoughts on the Organotoys Fairytree Dildo

Overall, the Fairytree M is a monster. It’s not an Abrochodabra, but it’s nearly there. If the Organotoys Fairytree dildo is a medium, I would consider the medium to be “XL,” and the Abrochodabra is an “XXL.” Though it comes in premade silicone pours that are “ready-to-ship,” they aren’t nearly as beautiful as the airbrushed Fairytree. Although there’s no tapered head, some of us can handle that. And because the airbrushed dildo is only $2 more than the premade ones, choose to fuck yourself with a work of art.

The small dildos I used as vaginal plugs/dilators were perfect after I was able to relax my vagina. This was easy to accommodate and a pleasure to use at a super-small size. Functioning as a butt plug, a dildo, and a dilator, the small dildo is truly versatile. It’s anal-safe and made out of the same high-quality silicone as the Fairytree (and their other dildos). 

Buy the Fairytree M or XL

Fairytree M
Fairytree L

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I hope this helped. Go fuck yourself.

Organotoys Fairytree Dildo


Customizable Colors


Size Option


Silicone Quality



  • Can be customized or ordered as-is
  • It's a fucking work of art, bitch


  • No tapered head which makes it hard for me to insert

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