Noteworthy Fleshlight Boys – Review Of Liam, Boomer, And Ricky Dildos

Noteworthy Fleshlight Boys – Review Of Liam, Boomer, And Ricky Dildos

Introduction to Fleshlight Boys Dildos

Fleshlight isn’t just for people with penises! This gal was privileged to review part of the Fleshlight Freakz line many years ago. Starting with the blood-sucking dildo that obviously would be the dick of Dracula, I explored the perimeter, the texture, and how the toy felt. Likewise, I did the same with their Zombie dick, and I found a new favorite.

To this day, I still use the Zombie dick, and the Fleshlight Freaks alien (aka the Fleshlight Freaks Predator) hits the spot. (One Freaks dildo I haven’t tried is the Frankenstein Fleshlight Freaks, and it looks fantastic!) You wouldn’t think of it by looking at all these silicone cocks, modeled after various porn stars with dicks. I was told it’s marketed toward gay men, but, honey, they’ll do for me, too. 

I was given three silicone Fleshlight Boys dildos in different colors (I want to keep it exciting). The Liam, a small dildo, came in a darker skin tone than the Ricky. At 5″, the Liam isn’t anything impressive for a lot of us, but for some of us, DAMN, the girth is satisfying and the length is more comfortable.

I chose to review Ricky, Liam, and Boomer because they were all so incredibly different than the others. With the Ricky, I had g-spot and a-spot stimulation. The Liam allowed for comfortable fucking, while the Boomer filled my whole vagina, a sensation genuinely unique. 

Ricky is a medium skin-toned silicone dildo with a curve mimicking Rick, the porn star’s dick. Of the three of these dildos, I found Ricky to be my favorite. At the time I got the dildos, my vulvar autoimmune disease wasn’t causing me as much pain, so I was able to take the Boomer with the aid of my partner. Recently, one dilator later, Ricky, is in me.

Materials, Care, and Keeping of the Fleshlight Boys Dildo Line

These toys are made out of firm silicone, a body-safe material. It’s stupidly easy to clean these three dildos. 1. You can boil them in a pot for a few minutes. 2. You can use a bleach-to-water solution to “sanitize” it; and 3. Just fucking use soap and water, dude. Silicone, being non-porous, will not absorb bacteria or any bodily fluids. Stick it under warm water and soap it up. Boom. Safe and clean and ready for subsequent use. 

 Be sure that you clean it thoroughly before moving from ass to vag. That’ll get ya a lovely yeast infection if you have butt juice in your vag. Please don’t make that nasty mistake so many of us have made.

The Fleshlight Boys Dildos are Anal-Safe, Bitches

All these dildos are anal-safe – yay! You can stick them in your ass without the black hole of your body sucking it up inside you, leading you on an adventure to the ER, and having to deal with the shit insurance that is the USA. If it has a base, you can usually stick it up your butt. 

Lube is Queen

Lube is queen; take my experienced body for it. Water-based lubricant is safe for all three toys (silicone lube can interact with silicone and damage the toy). Whether anal or vaginal, lube makes thrusting easier and gives you a more comfortable fucking. 


These three Fleshlight dildos modeled after porn stars all have a Vac-u option to use it with a thrusting toy, making it into a handheld fucking machine. At the time, I was given these dildos to use with a now-retired device that Fleshlight tried so hard to make a “thing.” Sadly, it didn’t work out, but the sex toys are a bomb. These three dildos have become a favorite of mine. 

Boomer Dildo

Fleshlight boys dildo boomer is a thick, dark dildo

The Boomer is dark and uncut, how I like them. The foreskin covers most of the head of the silicone dick, making the head a bit girthier than, say, the Fleshlight dildo gay Ricky. I’m always thrilled to come across uncut silicone dicks, so the Boomer was great. 

Ricky Dildo

The Fleshlight boys ricky dildo is on the slimmer side with plenty of length.

The Ricky is a long, thin dildo with a medium skin tone. Thanks to the realistic veins, it’s the most textured of the bunch. The balls hang low, unlike Boomer’s. The width is similar to the Real Supple dildo I had the previous pleasure of reviewing.

Liam Dildo

The design of the Liam (well, I guess the porn star Liam’s actual cock-mold) is unique. It’s smaller than I’d expect a porn star to have, and it became one of my favorites because some of us just really don’t fucking like having length. Many dildos have length to them, so the almost-6 inches silicone cock is a godsend for many of us. 

My Experience with the Fleshlight Boys Line

The Boomer

Oh my goodness, the Boomer is a tricky beast of a silicone dick to take. This big ol’ hunk of silicone meat was insane. The first dildo I got for review (from GV!) was the biggest toy I’d ever taken. It was the same color as the Captain but broader and longer.

When I got the Captain, I thought I’d reached my limit. Little did I know there would be many other big-ass toys in my future to stretch my cunt. I struggled slightly with the Boomer because of its size. However, when adequately aroused, with my vagina expanded and with the aid of my ex-wife, whom I used to love, I could take the Boomer. Now, however, it’s too much stretching for my vagina. 

It’s not the end of the world. Do you want to know why? Because I’ve got Ricky and Liam in my toolbox. Boomer was fun, pleasurable, and aesthetically pleasing, but Ricky and Liam were happy to take over when I could no longer accommodate him. 

The Ricky

The Ricky was the second-largest silicone sex toy. It was by far my favorite. Quickly I realized that the Ricky silicone dildo, a model of the gay porn star Ricky, was an excellent a-spotting sex toy. Another bonus was the small – well, average – girth. It was easy to use with little discomfort and was an absolute pleasure to rub and bang into my a-spot. 

I loved the somewhat dramatic curve of the silicone dick modeled after the porn star “Ricky” was an absolute delight for my G-spot. As I moved the toy further back into my vagina to stimulate my anterior fornix, the Ricky rubbed against my g-spot. I took time with Ricky to stimulate my G-spot, a sensation I delight in. 

The Liam

The most petite cock of the three, the Liam, is pretty and unassuming. While I prefer long toys, the Liam is an excellent option in my toy chest. I’ve got friends who love long, thick toys, and I’ve got friends who’ve had hysterectomies as a gender-affirming surgery and who can’t take long dicks. If you’re going to fuck around, though it isn’t my favorite, the Liam is an excellent dildo to have to accommodate shorter cunts and asses that don’t want to be stuffed.

Are These Porn Star Dildos Worth the Price Tag?

Given that the Boomer is only $70 for a hunking chunk of silicone, I’d say that price is pretty good. Nowadays, quality silicone is much closer to three digits than the Boomer is. Ricky and Liam boast the same price tag. For how much smaller the Liam is, I’d expect it to cost a bit less than it does. Regardless, the prices are suitable for the toy, keeping in mind current price tags. 

Buy the Fleshlight Boys Line

Get Ricky, Boomer, and Liam at Fleshlight’s site. Give the Mick Blue dildo and the Ryan Drillers dildo pack with the Fleshlube slide or the Fleshlight Guys Brent.

While you’re at it, grab some water-based lube

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Fleshlight Boys Line




Silicone hardness: soft to hard


Availability of Line



  • Each toys is very different in size from the others. Good variety.
  • Realistic and gorgeous
  • (Kinda) harness compatible
  • All make for a good blowjob


  • The silicone of all three dildos is hard. While you can bend the toys, it's firmer than I'd like. However, it's pretty standard firmness for a dildo.

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