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Masturbation Monday: Things in My Butt

I thought my butt was off-limits when I first started out with sex toys. Because I didn’t understand the pleasure ones’ ass can bring, I thought anal-play was for gay men and gay men only. Now, however, my girlfriend and I both enjoy it. Don’t Put a Vibrator in Your Ass I started out by […]

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REVIEW: Lube Shooter

~Or~ What what, in the butt Note: Since publication, Good Vibes has stopped carrying Sliquid H2O. Let me begin: August was anal month, a theme started by Good Vibrations that made me excited to stick things in my ass. I’ve never tried silicone lube before because most of my toys are silicone, so I jumped up […]

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~or~ I didn’t know I was ticklish there Let’s play a game! Name body parts that are ticklish. Armpits? Yep. Neck? Too true. Vulva! Wait, vulva? I had no clue that vulva stimulation (more specific inner labia) could make me giggle and squirm. But Princessa did it. The little feelers of this alien toy, when […]

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Bullseye by Pleasure Works may be the first toy that has really hit my g-spot in the perfect place. Usually, in order to feel it I need the g-spot toy to be dramatically curved or I need to use a scooping motion. Not with Bullseye. All I had to do was thrust and it hit the […]

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  Wow. So, turns out 1 7/8” is actually pretty girthy. I decided to go to Good Vibrations (the folks who sent me this beauty in exchange for an honest review) to touch the Captain to see what I was getting into. Oh boy. After not having had sex with a real penis for over […]

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I’ve owned this toy for years and I only just decided to use it. After using the Sidekick I thought that this toy would be too small to be pleasurable. I was a teensy bit wrong and a teensy bit right. Do not underestimate the power of my sphincter. I do Kegels and can squeeze my […]

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