I didn’t know I was ticklish there

Let’s play a game! Name body parts that are ticklish. Armpits? Yep. Neck? Too true. Vulva! Wait, vulva? I had no clue that vulva stimulation (more specific inner labia) could make me giggle and squirm. But Princessa did it. The little feelers of this alien toy, when held in just the right spot, tickled me and I loved it. Even when I was more aroused than when I first tickled myself I still couldn’t help moving the toy lower till the nub rested on the outer bit of my vagina and the feelers brushed up against my labia.

Princessa is one of The Girls, a collection of three unique vibrators, Bestie and Amie. By far, Princessa is the most unusual. When I was offered one of the girls I chose Princessa because she looks like an alien. I like aliens and I was not disappointed with her. She’s 3 1/4″ Tall and 1 5/8″ Wide (8.2 cm x 4.1 cm) and is good for external stimulation, anywhere you want to be tickled. There’s a single button that turn the toy on, off, and cycles through the various speeds and patterns. Princessa is made out of body-safe silicone and is splash proof which means you can wash it off but you can’t take it in the shower. IMG_1959

The vibrations she offered was strong, extremely vibrator-y (as opposed to rumbly). There were three speed settings. I found myself going up to the second but not beyond that. Because of the strength of the vibrations and the speed the more aroused I became, the less I could take. There are also three patterns. Good Vibes describes the middle of Princessa as offering “a solid tip for pinpoint pleasure” and they’re quite right. I was able to press the toy into my hot spots to narrow in on the vibrations. The feelers of Princessa vibrate much like the ears of a rabbit vibrator, though because of how flimsy they are, they do not deliver as intense stimulation, which explains why I felt like I was being tickled. It was a nice treat but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it the icing on the cake. 

I had way too much fun looking at Princessa. She’s a site to be had. Good Vibes describes her as a flower. I see the resemblance though it doesn’t look like a flower here in the States. 

PrincIMG_1961essa is not the quietest toy, but it’s not an issue. She’ll be making you much louder than she is. My only concern is that the two indentations at the top of the toy and between the feelers may be hard to keep clean. So far, no problems, I just had to dig my thumbnail into the crevice to make sure all the lube was gone. Princessa’s perfect partner was the Bullseye, a favorite of mine. And damn, did they look good together. 


Princessa delivers strong vibrations and the feelers of this flower-alien toy tickle the skin exposed to it, though they don’t do much beyond that. However, the vibrations were strong enough (the third was a bit too strong) to make it my pleasure to review for Good Vibrations.

16 thoughts on “REVIEW: PRINCESSA

  1. Oh my god, I think you’re the only person I’ve seen to give this thing a good review. Good point about the difficulty of sterilizing the lil fronds, tho, I’d never have thought about that part.

    1. Quite honestly, this was one of the first reviews I ever wrote. I’m planning on “revamping” my old reviews. You should keep checking back to see if my opinion changes. In the meantime, you should check out Epiphora’s review of it, it’s super funny!

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