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graciously sent me a Ignite Me Massage Candle to review. The theory behind the massage candle is that when the wick burns and melts the candle (all the way to the edges on the first burn, please!) it turns into massage oil.

IMG_1943I was excited! Time to mix it up a bit. I’m pretty familiar with sex toys but not massage oils. As a ASMR massage enthusiast on Youtube I was ready to give someone the rub of their life. That is, until I tried to pour the massage oil out. I was going to give myself a foot massage in the meantime while I waited for a friend to become available. I tilted the tin sideways to get the oil out and it spilled. On my carpet. Fortunately I was able to wipe it up and on my cream/brownish/SomeColorInBetween carpet there was no damage. I made the mistake of setting down the wet tin on my bedside table after that but again was able to wipe up the mess.

I didn’t get the full effect of the massage oil with my own body, so when I tried it on my friend I was surprised to have it feel totally different. Before I could start the massage, however, I had to try to pick part of the burned wick out of the wax. It had fallen off when I pinched the wick to put out the flame the first time I burned it. I ended up having to fish it out when the wax melted a bit. I gave her a hand massage because she’s not stupid and anticipated the pain of having to wash the massage oil off of a larger part of her body.

IMG_1945Again, I turned the tin on its side and made a mess, spilling the oil onto my pants. Fortunately they were black so it wasn’t terrible but when the massage oil started to solidify again it showed up on my pants, looking like a cumstain on my thigh. In an effort to minimize the mess I stuck my fingers into the melted candle and ended up with a few slippery fingers and a very unattractive candle. However, I was pleased to find that the oil wasn’t too hot when it first made contact. The The hand massage started out on rocky grounds. I rubbed it between my hands and immediately felt like I was wearing thick gloves; in a way it felt like my hands couldn’t breathe.

The oil worked well as a massage oil, albeit a bit thick, until it started to cool down. As I rubbed I watched the oil turn get IMG_1944thick, looking like I was rubbing soap on our hands. My friend suggested that I wipe some of it off. Perhaps I had too much on our bodies and it did help, at first. One thing I did notice that was pleasing was that when she gave me a hand massage with the oil it felt warm the more she rubbed. She didn’t need to add anymore than what was already on her hands from me massaging her. My hands felt like they could “breathe” when she was rubbing me but they couldn’t when I was rubbing her. I’m not quite sure what to make out of that.

The one positive was the scent. Oh my bob, did that smell good! It comes in several scents, mine was French Vanilla and I couldn’t stop sniffing it. As a candle, it worked beautifully. You know when you’re a kid and you stick your finger in the melted wax to make a little finger condom? It doesn’t work like that with this candle, but it doesn’t make your finger feel like it’s going to burn off. This candle is great at being a candle. The scents are pleasing and it truly does turn into massage oil but it’s just too messy to be sexy.

TL;DR? -Good candle, wonderful scent

-Messy –

Solidifies during massage

You can buy the Ignite Me Massage Candle at Good Vibes.  GV has a host of other massage accessories including lickable massage oil, massage lotionmassage oil, and massage bars. Go on, try a few! With their selection you’re sure to find one that is right for you.


  1. It seems to me if the mix of lipids and waxes in the candle is so that it soon stops performing as a massage oil, it’s a pretty bad candle. It’s not just supposed to smell nice, it’s meant to have the massage-oil ‘function’. Will you perhaps test other candles in the future? Perhaps by Lelo/Picobong, Jimmyjane, Bijoux Indiscrets, or Lovehoney?

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