Limba Flex, Stronic Petite, & Sundaze Review – Unique Toys

Limba Flex, Stronic Petite, & Sundaze Review – Unique Toys

First Impressions of Fun Factory’s No-Nonsense Innovation

I’m super excited to talk about the Stronic Petite and Stronic Sundaze. Both are newer toys (Petite is the most recent) and are designed similarly. There are a lot of Stronic toys in the Stronic line, like the  *PetiteSurfReal, *SundazeStronic G, and Bi-Fusion. The Fun Factory Lima Flex is a dildo with a firm inner core that you can adjust to suit your innards. The first thing I did was wiggle the Stronic in my cleavage and see how far down I could get the limba down my throat. That’s what all reviewers do first, right? Right? If it’s just me, let’s disregard what I said. Instead, I’ll say that the Limba struck me as crazy remarkable. The fact that it’s an “adjustable” dildo was thrilling. On top of that, the Limba Flex comes in small and medium sizes. And to have even more Stronics come out? Game. Time.

Materials, Care, and Keeping – Kickstart that Jacking Off

All three of these Fun Factory toys are silicone-coated and made of a body-safe material. While the Limba Flex is anal-safe, the Stronic’s aren’t and should be washed with the whole butt-to-vag scenario in mind. Silicone doesn’t need to be sanitized and can be washed carefully with soap and water. Toy cleaners exist for those times when you have just come and are too tired to get out of bed till the morning. I’m super happy Fun Factory carries this toy cleaner.

Lube is a must-have for me when I’m using internal toys. My vagina does self-lubricate with enough foreplay, but I don’t like waiting that long, and the silicone that Fun Factory uses has a drag. It’s not a sticky silicone, but it isn’t velvety. Trust me; you’ll need lube. Silicone lube can damage silicone toys, so water-based lube is the safest accessory for silicone toys. Some excellent, butt-specific, water-based lubes around, like the Sliquid Silk, a gel lubricant.

The Stronic Sundaze and the Stronic Petite have magnetic chargers standard for Fun Factory toys. They’re stupidly easy to use – connect the charger to a USB port and stick the magnetic charger on the toy. The Stronics and, of course, the Limba Flex are entirely waterproof, which is a major “Fuck. Yes.” in my book. If you can get a realistic thrusting vibrator personal massager that’s waterproof, then you’ve won the game.

Once you’ve slathered lube on or in your body, it’s time to charge this shit and get going with it.

Fun Factory Toys in Action – Think You’re as Lazy as Can Be? Prepare to Be Astonished

close up of the stronic petite's three control buttons
The Stronic Petite and Stronic Sundaze have three control buttons, including a travel-lock option.

I was astonished when I read more about the Stronic Sundaze:

Most vibrators only stimulate one kind of nerve ending. SUNDAZE stimulates three. Different nerve endings process different kinds of sensation—and SUNDAZE offers a lot of those. Plus, alternating between different types of sensation keeps you from becoming habituated to just one. Meet the nerve endings SUNDAZE reaches.

That is just the fucking bomb. Three buttons control the three types of stimulation, speed, and patterns. On top of that, the Stronic Sundaze is a pulsating toy. Fun Factory uses magnets (fucking magnets?) to make the toy pulsate. It’s ingenious and was one of the first hand-held sex machines that do the fucking for you.

Both pulsators have three easy-to-press buttons and a travel lock. The buttons are appropriately labeled, so you can increase the pulsating frequency, lock the toy, and cycle through the patterns.

Stronic Petite & Sundaze are Unbeatable

The Stronic Petite is a comfortable pulsator. The toy that got me interested in sex toy reviewing was the Stronic Eins, which is no longer in production. The Stronic Eins is the least comfortable among the three of these pulsators. It was just too girthy for me. Enter the Stronic Petite and Sundaze. They are perfect for my vag, and I don’t need a “warm up” toy for the Petite. It is a starter toy.

Limba – Orgasm (Nearly) Attained

The Limba Flex is simple as fuck. Bend it for your body and stick it in. The Limba by Fun Factory is body-safe and poseable. While I’ve reviewed poseable toys, the Limba is one of the best. However, it doesn’t hold extreme shapes, which is a shame. My vagina is just too powerful for this slim toy.

I didn’t come from this toy, and I wasn’t entirely blown away, but I’m over the moon with this dildo because of its potential. Posing a dildo to fit your body is an excellent option to have. Because the Limba Flex is rather long, it was more easily accessible past my stomach. If you can’t find a dildo that fits your body, the Limba Flex is the next one to try.

My Experiences with These (almost all) Sensational Toys

Sundaze and Petite

I know how to use the Stronics very well now. First, I turned the Sundaze on, put on some lube, and grabbed a pillow. While the Sundaze and Stronic Petite move well on their own, it’s almost too well, so I found that the best way to operate a Stronic is by putting it in my vagina (or ass) and holding a pillow between my legs. The buffer ensures that the Stronic Petite and Stronic Sundaze do not shoot out of my cunt. It’s a way to operate the Stronic without my hands, which is the point of a self-thrusting toy.

I also love using the Stronic Petite while I’m on my stomach. I turned the Petite around so that the ridges were oriented with the top of my vagina and let it do its thing.

Starting with the lower pulsing setting prepares my vagina for the thumping I’m about to take. And trust me. The thumping is what I’m after. Because my vaginal muscles are so tight that I had to pay a pelvic floor therapist to massage my vagina, it significantly hinders the force of the thrusting, so I must try to lay back and relax. The Stronic is not the strongest thumping I’ve taken before. However, it is the highest quality I’ve experienced. It’s the only one I’m aware of that uses magnets and was one of the first thrusters made.

Conquer my Vag – Experience with Limba

The Limba is one of the coolest dildos I own. It’s thin, a significant win in my book, and poseable. While poseable dildos aren’t new, the Limba is powerful. My healthy vagina can misplace any poseable dildo with ease, but the Limba is a bit more of a challenge. By the end of my masturbation session, my vagina had relocated the shape I put the Limba in. However, it’s significantly better than other poseable toys I’ve used.

I love that the Limba is deep green; it’s a welcome change from the ever-popular pink or purple that most toys are. Fun Factory constantly impresses me with different-colored toys.


Fun Factory never disappoints me. I’m thrilled with the quality of all their toys, even if some aren’t right for my body. While the Limba Flex is thin, that’s exactly what I need to have a comfortable jacking-off session. The ability to pose a dildo to fit your vagina or ass is paramount to a good session.

The Stronic Petite and Stronic Sundaze were excellent, as was expected. Their magnetic thrusting power is strong, and I’ve found a way to make it completely hands-free with a pillow. These two Stronic pulsators are not anal-safe, but several are like the Bi-Stronic or the no-longer-in-production Stronic Zwei. If you like the sound of a pulsator, Fun Factory carries a full line that includes the Stronic G, Stronic Surf, and Stronic Real.

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