Shameless Slim Review – An Easy Sex Machine

Shameless Slim Review – An Easy Sex Machine

Thrusting machines have always been something I want to give a try. I saw them on X Hampster for the first time years ago and knew I needed on, but the damn things are SO expensive. However, in the last few years, thrusting toys have been coming out that are just fucking fabulous. Indigo Honey sent me the Shameless Slim Hand-Held Sex Machine, and I was so excited. 

First Impressions of the Easy-to-Use Shameless Slim

The shameless slim is a 9" handheld sex-machine. It's royal blue and matches the flowers in the photo perfectly.
The Shameless Slim is a 9″ handheld sex machine with a 6″ insertable. It’s royal blue, a welcome non-pink-or-purple sex toy.

The Shameless Slim immediately struck me as “comfortable.” While that doesn’t sound sexy, with my vagina, it is. I love girthy toys when turned on, usually with a partner. However, for the past year and a half, I’ve been struggling to use substantial toys, let alone as girthy as a real cock. To give you a sense of what worked these last few years, the Mustang was the most comfortable while the Cadet pushed me. Hence, that is why the Shameless Slim excited me so much. 

Design, Care, and Keeping of the Shameless Slim

There are two buttons on the Shameless Slim that control 4 speeds that can deliver up to 850 thrusts per minute
There are two buttons on the Shameless Slim that control 4 speeds that can deliver up to 850 thrusts per minute.

The Shameless Slim, while slim, is 9”, including the 3” handle. At first, it may look unsafe, but only the top part of the shaft thrusts can go as shallow as you need to get the thrusting effect still. 

Covered in silicone, the Shameless Slim is body-safe and easy to handle. The handle is long and curved comfortably in the palm of my hand. That extra 3” gives me a good grip on the handle. It’s reminiscent of the Tantus Handle and makes it easier for my arm to handle it over my stomach.

I’m a huge proponent of lube, and there are countless lubes. You can’t go wrong with a water-based lube like this one. Water-based is the safest lube you can use because it won’t damage the silicone of the toy-like silicone lube will. I often use a hybrid lube (silicone & water-based) or a simple water-based lube. However, hybrids are a true gamble with each toy. 

Because this toy is silicone, therefore, it is body-safe; you only need to clean it with soap and water. If you’re feeling lazy like I often do after a strenuous jack-off session, you can clean it by the bed with an organic toy cleaner. Just be sure to wash it with water before your subsequent use.

Shameless Slim’s silicone does not collect lint, for which I am eternally grateful. It’s smooth silicone without any grab, which isn’t the case with too many silicone toys. This fact alone helped me take quality photos without compromising the toy’s look with cat hair. 

The thrusting section of the Shameless Slim is a thin metal rod. The folded-up accordion-style silicone covered the thin metal rod without additional padding. I thought this would be an issue, but it wasn’t. 

Shameless Slim in Action

I’m a fan of making masturbation as easy and carefree as possible. Two buttons turn the toy on and control the speed. Four functions of vigorous up-and-down motion in the shaft make this toy the bomb.

There can be as many as 850 thrusts a minute. There’s even a way to make this toy travel-safe so it doesn’t go off in your luggage. While this is a funny experience, most don’t want it going off in public. 

The Shameless Slim charges by a USB cord that you physically push into the toy (as opposed to the recently popular magnetic charging). Even though the charging port is open, the Shameless Slim is 100% waterproof, which is a significant plus in my book. Although my wife is happy to give me space to masturbate, I was sometimes uncomfortable having her sit in the living room while I masturbated in the bedroom as she worked. My solution was to jack off in the bath, so every waterproof toy is my fucking god. 

My Experience

The Shameless Slim's handle is curved to fit in your palm.
The Shameless Slim’s handle is curved to fit in your palm.

The first step to trying a new toy is to coat that fucker in lube. While you may not need all the lube, it gives me a more comfortable insertion. It turns out that using a lot of lube was just what I needed to enjoy the Shameless Slim. 

At first, I was concerned that I would feel the accordion section allowing the Shameless Slim to thrust, but the head mattered. Not only did I not feel cheated out of some of the pleasure the Shameless Slim would offer, but because the metal rod was so small, and the head was more significant, it blew me out of the water. I didn’t miss extra padding over the rod because I didn’t feel it. I found that the key to the Shameless Slim is the power of the head of the toy.

Shameless Slim’s thrusting is solid and robust. It’s nearly overwhelming but in a very, very good way. Kegels could hardly hamper thrusting a tad bit; there was no detriment to the quality of the experience. Since my pelvic muscles are so strong, I always give the toy a bit of a squeeze. The Shameless Slim just kept fucking going, which was a fantastic feeling. 

I’ve reviewed other thrusting toys, but this one took the cake. It’s solid and robust, and the motor does NOT stop. Kegels don’t take the cake to the Shameless Slim.


The Shameless Slim is expensive; I won’t lie. However, I stand behind this toy if you have extra pocket money. I haven’t found any other toy like the Shameless Slim that’s as not-girthy and so damn strong. I feel like it’s worth every penny of the whopping $207 price tag.

Buy the Shameless Slim from Indigo Honey over on their website, and use code “OHB10” for 10% off your purchase.

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