Affordable Carl Caterpillar Thrusting Dildo, Necklace Vibrator, and G-Spot Vibrator Review

Affordable Carl Caterpillar Thrusting Dildo, Necklace Vibrator, and G-Spot Vibrator Review

There are always ways to get cheaper toys, though you may suffer quality for the price. Bestvibe sells “white-label toys,” at first glance, you’d wonder how good they can be. I am reviewing three toys for Bestvibe today, and I can tell you there was a hit, a good vibe, and a “but…why?” Carl Caterpillar won this review, hands down, while the necklace vibrator could be much better.

Bestvibe has what should be a best-seller.

Bestvibe started me out with a toy so cleverly named “Carl-Caterpillar 9-Inch Color-changing Intelligent Heating 3 Thrusting 5 Vibrating Dildo.” What a mouthful, so we’ll call this thrusting dildo the “Carl Caterpillar.” 

Next, I was given a bullet necklace that looked like a damn vibrator. There’s nothing subtle about this Lil thing, which is surprisingly heavy for a small bullet vibe. 

Finally, I got the “Dual 7 Powerful Variations Powerful Sucker G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator“, which suggests it has about three ways to use the vibrator. 

Carl-Caterpiller Thrusting Dildo – Inexpensive Sex Toy, Is it Worth It?

Carl Caterpillar Materials, Care and Keeping

Carl-Caterpiller is arguably appropriately named. This thrusting dildo has ridges along the toy shaft that resemble that of a caterpillar. While that’s not a sexy thing I want to be reminded of, the banks come in handy for extra vaginal or anal stimulation.

Silicone is unarguably one of the safest materials to use internally. Sex toys made of silicone are body-safe and easily cleaned. They don’t need to be sanitized because they don’t absorb any bodily fluids. Personally, silicone is this reviewer’s favorite material. Because of this, I was thrilled to find that the Carl Caterpillar thrusting dildo was utterly covered in silicone, from the head of the dildo to the singular control button.

I realized early on that

for the Carl Caterpillar thrusting dildo was essential. While I found the silicone didn’t eat up the lube (the best way I can describe that phenomenon), I still needed a good dollop.

The Carl Caterpillar Thrusting dildo has a strong suction cup that lets you stick the thruster to a surface. The suction cup doesn’t interfere with the ease of holding the toy.

Carl Caterpillar Thrusting Dildo in Action

The first step is to turn Carl Caterpillar on with the single button on the bottom of the toy. One press starts it, and a second press of the button starts the thrusting and controls the speed of the thrusts. Fortunately, the Carl Caterpillar comes with a remote, so you don’t have to dismount each time you want to change the speed of the thrust. Huge YES.

I’ve found two ways I prefer to experience a thrusting dildo. One requires more work than the other. You’ve seen me review Stronic pulsators before, which always involves a pillow. The Stronic line pulses with magnets, while the Carl Caterpillar thrusting dildo uses a metal bar that extends and contracts. Unlike other toys that move, the amount of silicone is consistent throughout the toy, even while it moves.

When the dildo is thrusting, it’s time to put something against the toy so that it can push off from a surface like a pillow, a sex chair, or a sex mat. For the Carl Caterpillar, I used a sex mat like Raya, an indie designer. While the pillow was adequate, suctioning the dildo to a surface was excellent.

I was able to straddle the toy, and when I did that, each thrust was fucking amazing. The power behind the thrust was *chef’s kiss*, and the suction gave me the full force of each thrust.

I barely felt the ridges of the Carl Caterpillar Thrusting Dildo because the thrusting was so distracting. I certainly didn’t feel the little balls on the shaft, either. However, for me, that’s a good thing. It makes anal penetration more accessible, and I’m more easily able to focus on the sensations even when I’matting over the toy.

Blown Away by the Unbelievable Performance

I can’t get over the thrill that was the first ride, to the third, to the tenth. This thrusting dildo is a favorite. While you cannot easily control it, it’s powerful, and the suction allows for a more leisurely ride.

Necklace 10 Speeds Bullet Vibrator Vagina Massager

The bullet vibrator necklace doesn't fool anyone. It's gold with a chain that's way too long, and looks like you're wearing a

Years ago, bullet vibrators became necklaces, but they were stupidly expensive. Because of the cost, I was so excited when I saw this bullet necklace vibrator. The necklace vibe functions well at less than $40, but aesthetically, it’s a bullet vibrator. I wore it out, and friends immediately saw the necklaces as sex toys on a cheap chain.

How about the necklace vibrator in action?

The stainless steel necklace bullet vibrator was a flop. The vibrations are buzzy, which is a shame, and the necklace hangs too low even if I want to continue to wear it. Charging the bullet is easy. Plug the USB charger into any port, and you’re ready. One button controls the speed and intensity, and it’s easily accessible. However, with my more considerable body, it was a little more work making the bullet necklace vibrator get to my clit. I had to move my stomach out of the damn way.

I did find something on their site that is a little… uhhh?

“In addition to being used as a necklace, this chain can also be used as a pull-out rope to prevent the bullet from entering the vagina completely.”

First of all, bullets are traditionally an external toy, but Bestvibe covers all bases by calling it a “vagina massager.” The fact that they said it has a “pull-out rope” so the bullet doesn’t get lost in the vagina is a little silly, but at least they didn’t use gendered language in this description.

Avoid the Dual 7 Powerful Variations Powerful Sucker G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator

We’ll be calling this sex toy the “Sucker G-Spot Vibe” in this review. This thing is ridiculous. It has two independent motors and insists that the rabbit ears “suck” the clit. I felt absolutely NOTHING from the sucker. It seemed functional, but it may as well not have been mentioned. It was garbage.

However, the g-spot part of the Sucker G-Spot Clitoral Vibe was excellent. Two motors cannot work while the other is on. I activated the motor for the g-spot end (we’ll call the other end the “brush vibrator) and inserted it while it vibrated. On the lowest setting, this was stellar. It immediately stimulated my g-spot, and I had the urge to pee, which indicates that the toy is doing the g-spot work it was made for.

The higher you climb with the vibrations, the buzzier they get, and the less likely I am to make it to the end without my vulva being numbed from the constant, high vibrations.

The Brush End

This purple g-spot toy comes apart and its motors for the brush head operates only if the motor for the g-spot is stopped.

The brush-like end of the base of the toy was the worst part of this not-that-great sex toy. The motors work independently, making me think it’d be powerful. I was wrong. The brush end of the Sucker G-Spot clitoral vibe was weak and disappointing. In fact, past the hair brush-like bristles, it was just a waste of time.

I understand how the texture is appealing, but the brush bristles, on top of not being effective, were just too small and short, resulting in the sensation of…. Nothing special.


I loved the Carl Caterpillar Thrusting dildo but didn’t care for the necklace bullet, and only one part of the three-part sex toy so cleverly called the “Dual 7 Powerful Variations Powerful Sucker G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator” worked efficiently. Honestly, the Sucker G-Spot Vibe would have been pretty fucking good if they didn’t try to make it a multi-use toy. 

The Carl Caterpillar was a huge hit. I’ll be using this toy frequently, which is saying something. Toys in the box near my bed cycle often, and Carl Caterpillar now has a spot itself. 

The necklace can take a hike. It’s not fooling anyone, and if you’re looking for a vibrator that is ridiculously complicated and works okay and then only some functions, then the sucker is the right one for you.

Buy Sex Toys at Best Vibes

Buy the Carl Caterpillar

Buy the Necklace 10 Speeds Bullet Vibrator Vagina Massager

Buy the Dual 7 Powerful Variations Powerful Sucker G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator

What do you think? Would you be seen in public wearing this bullet vibrator necklace? Would you be willing to settle for a low-cost vibrator that rocks on the lowest setting and sucks dick on the others? Leave me a comment and let me know!

This is a sponsored post; all of it is written in my own words and expresses my honest opinions.

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