IMG_2338“Bullshit,” she said. “I’ve never had any toy give me a g-spot orgasm. You’ll excuse me if I don’t have faith in your curve.”

“Take me,” he said. “Make me yours. I will show you exquisite pleasure. Let me please you, caress you, make you quiver and shake as you come all over me. I will give you the g-spot orgasm you deserve. What all women deserve.” She smiled, her cunt already wet. As she lubed him up with pussy juice, a quiet moan escaped her. “Come on now,” he said. “You can do better than that.” As she slipped him inside her she felt filled up. She held the Comet to her clitoris and thrust the Cadet in and out of her, reveling in the g-spot stimulation his curved body offered her. It wasn’t long before she felt her breath catch in her throat, her pussy and her asshole start to contract and a warm blanket of pleasure traveled from her head to her toes. This time she wasn’t reserved. She cried out, bucking her hips and moaning as the Cadet made her come. When she calmed down, and the waves were gone, she pulled him out of her. Her juices dripped off of him and onto the bed. She didn’t mind one bit.

EDIT: Since publication the Cadet original is no longer sold at Good Vibrations. However, the Cadet dual-density is and y’all know I love dual-density toys.

Good Vibrations sent me the Cadet by Pleasure Works in exchange for an honest review. My last partner awakened my g-spot but, (not quite so) sadly, that person is out of my life now but they fueled the fire that burned in my g-spot. I am addicted to the urgency I feel when fingers or a toy hit the right spot. That’s why I chose the Cadet; that, and he’s compatible with a harness. The pleasure I felt with him, and there was a pleasure, was not thanks to the bullet that was included in the package.


The bullet felt and sounded like my electric toothbrush and that was rather offputting. Not to mention not at all pleasurable.

It was high-pitched and buzzy and quickly made me too sensitive. But that’s just me. If you like that kind of vibration, the Cadet delivers. The vibrations carry through the whole toy, up to the head, and can be used as a vibrator. But that’s only part of the Cadet and, fortunately, an optional part. I’d already stuck the bullet into the hollow space on his underside and, honestly, it’s a bitch to try to get out. But it didn’t bother me to use it simply as a dildo with the bullet off; I wasn’t aware of its presence.  

The cadet is 6 1/2″ x 1 5/8″ in diameter, about the size of an average penis. Unlike the Captain, girth is not a formidable factor with this dildo. But just because he’s average doesn’t mean he didn’t feel good. One of the things I appreciated about this dildo was that I could thrust with it. With the Captain, I couldn’t thrust comfortably so I used him only to give me the “full” feeling I crave during an orgasm. However, the Cadet left me feeling full while being a toy I could actively fuck. The dildo is a soft(ish) silicone that is draggy but lube will make sure that isn’t an issue. With the bullet out of the pouch (I have yet to get mine out–but that doesn’t affect the quality of the jack-off session) you can boil it. I should mention that the bullet is also waterproof but, please, don’t boil that. I would imagine boiling a piece of electronics is not a good idea. 

The Cadet is a realistic dildo, not something I’m a huge fan of but it certainly didn’t detract from the effectiveness of the toy. The head of the toy was the most interesting part. It had a texture like a real penis, something one may be attracted to if they are after something as close as possible to “the real thing.”  The Cadet rubbed pleasantly against my g-spot but did not provide enough pressure to fully bring out the g-spot feeling I get from having it stimulated harshly. But the most pleasure I got was from thrusting as hard and as deep as possible. The Cadet was long enough to hit my c-spot, another favorite of mine, and I could feel it in my uterus. If only I could have thrust with the Captain…IMG_2337 tl;dr? The Cadet is a good toy for thrusting but didn’t give me the pressure I needed to have a g-spot orgasm. Silicone, body-safe, and the size of the average penis. If you’re not a size queen but still want to feel full, Cadet provides that girth.  Good Vibes, it was my pleasure. You can get the Cadet here from Good Vibes.

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    1. “Too small” as in girthy or length? I thought the Captain was too much but the Cadet was a bit small. Not too small, though. But it could have had a little more girth.

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