Jumping ‘round the house

With my luna beads in me

Vagina work-out

LovehoneyIMG_2279 sent me the Lelo Luna Balls free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

After I inserted Lelo Luna Balls for the first time I spent most of my time with them bouncing around the house. I couldn’t get over the vibrating sensation I felt with every bounce created by the weighted inner balls hitting the outer casing.

One of the many fun thing about the Luna balls are that they are interchangeable. The silicone holder allows for two of the four balls at any time. You can double up on the pink or the blue, do pink and blue, or just one ball at a time. The two pink balls are each 28g while the two blue balls are 37g each. You truly can personalize these balls for your own body. I started out with the pink balls. Because I’m new to Kegel balls they felt like they were falling out. In fact, the blue balls did fall out when I tried those.  I kept having to push them back behind my pubic bone to keep them in place. However, that’s perfectly normal for someone who doesn’t regularly do Kegel practices. Basically, the Luna balls are a workout for your vagina, which is pretty darn cool. They are also recommended by OBGYNs for women who have had (or are going to have) children delivered vaginally. Really, there are endless benefits to using the Lelo Luna balls.

IMG_2278After using the pink balls for a short while I felt confident that I could graduate to a higher weight. Well, I couldn’t. Not yet,
anyway. I changed out one of the pink balls for a blue ball and in the short walk from my room to the living room, in front of my sisters boyfriend, they fell out. I had to penguin-walk my way back to my bedroom as quickly as possible.

The packaging that the balls came in was very classy. Inside a white sleeve depicting the luna balls was a white box with indentations for the four balls to rest. Also included was an informational packet and a black pouch for keeping the balls together. Actually, the white box is a nice way to store them, too.

However, the Luna beads are comfortable with the proper weights (for me that’s two pink balls) and I do recommend them for your daily vaginal workout. Word on the street is that using these babies for 30 minutes a day will strengthen her PC muscles resulting in more intense orgasms and the possibility of squirting, and give her a tighter grip on her lovers penis (if that lover has a penis). I have on good authority that men like that sort of thing. In that sense this is also a couples toy. Some people find them erotic. I don’t. That could be because I wore them around my family members or the fact that I kept worrying that they were going to fall out. Either way, the Luna balls are simply a workout for my vagina. Watch out, fingers! Woman-with-super-vagina-strength is coming!


TheIMG_2275 blue and pink balls can be used interchangeably, ensuring that there is a combination (or single) for you. Don’t be discouraged if the balls pop out of your vagina. This is normal for someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of PC strength.

You can purchase the Lelo Luna balls here from Lovehoney’s site. Thank you, Lovehoney, it was my pleasure.

18 thoughts on “REVIEW: LELO LUNA BALLS

  1. I think this is *the* one product by Lelo that is liked by everyone who tries it, haha 😀 AFAIK, if even the lightest kegel ball keeps falling out, it’s not sitting far up enough in the vagina — so perhaps that was the problem all along. It can’t be a gaping tunnel for the balls to roll back and forth, after all 😉

  2. Hey, I have these! They’re cool, but I barely use them anymore. I think I graduated out of the weight range because I never felt like I had to work to keep them in. That’s cool, though….

  3. These are the most common Kegel balls I see around, it’s nice to see a complete review of them.

  4. I have absolutely no idea if my kegel muscles are strong or not or which muscle is supposed to be squeezed- how do you go about testing this? I’m not sure if I’d need Luna Beads, or want them if I got them.

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