casanovaI’ve owned this toy for years and I only just decided to use it. After using the Sidekick I thought that this toy would be too small to be pleasurable. I was a teensy bit wrong and a teensy bit right.

Do not underestimate the power of my sphincter. I do Kegels and can squeeze my anus dick-crushingly tight but the Casanova insisted on slipping out at the last bead. I was squatting in the shower, my favorite position for anal play, but I couldn’t get it to stay put. Sure, it serves a different function than a butt plug– the pearls along the toys shaft add a little something extra to an orgasm as you pull them out– but I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel filled up. My concern was valid. I felt the Casanova but I didn’t feel full and that’s what I want in a butt toy.

The Casanova has four beads stacked on top of each other, each getting slightly larger than the last. When I say “slightly” I mean that. The progression is very, very miniscule. It comes in Fuchsia or blue. The colors are beautiful. It’s a great toy for a beginner. It’s 3 1/2″ long and 7/8″ at the widest point. The base is flared to make it anal-safe. It’s silicone but it’s not soft and smoother. Rather, it feels like rubber. However, it is safe to boil for three minutes to sterilize your toy, something that is especially important for anal toys. You can also wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water.

Although this toy is tiny, I smeared lube all over it because the anus is not self lubricating. It slipped right in. Each bead felt wonderful but at the last one I couldn’t get it to go in. Not because it was too big, but because that little fucker wouldn’t stay put. I had to keep one hand on the base of the toy as my fingers worked my clit. Thrusting wasn’t half bad. The beads felt wonderful as they slid in and out but it just wasn’t satisfying enough; I was left with the feeling of wanting more than what was offered. Paired with an orgasm, though, the feeling was intensified. It did the job it was designed to do. Pulling the beads out was one swift motion that flowed smoothly.

A little more girth, not length, would do it for me; it would make it the perfect anal toy. As I write this review I want to reiterate that this toy could have been better for me but for beginners this is just what you’d be looking for.


The Casanova is a great toy for beginners. It’s smooth design delivers the feeling of release as they are pulled out during orgasm.

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