Le Wand Review – Tiny, Creative, and All Powerful

Le Wand Review – Tiny, Creative, and All Powerful

Le wand review. Le wand feel my power review

We Fucked Up – But Quickly Recovered with the Le Wand Review

My gosh, yellow, I have no need to buy sex toys, but I did, and I’m so happy that the Le Wand All That Glimmers Petite wand vibrator was in our scope because we love the Le Wand Feel My Power. We traveled to Portland and visited She Bop because we traveled WITHOUT SEX TOYS—the horror. Luckily for us, She Bop was right down the street!

**Note: Throughout the review, I move between “Le Wand All That Glitters” and “Le Wand Petite” because not all affiliates sell the rainbow version, but they all sell the basic petite and classic Le Wand.

Why Le Wand is So Special to Us

Le Wand Feel My Power review. Le Wand rests on a rock next to a waterfall. It's bright blue with figures like hearts, leaves, flowers, and rainbows on it

There’s a reason why this Le Wand review is so important to me. When I first started dating my wife, we passed a Good Vibrations in California and popped in briefly. Well, it was supposed to be brief. We had a second Le Wand Feel My Power special edition and some B-Vibe butt plugs when we came out.

Though I love the [hitachi] Original Magic Wand, I was eager to try the Le Wand petite vibrator. After a few hours of charge, my wife (then girlfriend) and I went at it. Since then, I’ve acquired four more Le Wands and the rainbow Le Wand most recently. Is it better than the Original Magic Wand? It’s just different, and the toy I turn to now when I want to get off quickly and easily.


The Le Wand Petite vibrator is small, lightweight, and beautiful. It’s one of the gayest sex toys I’ve seen.

At 10 inches long, the Le Wand Petite vibrator packs a punch, but not as strong as I’d like. The All that Glimmers Wand Vibrator comes with some extra goodies, which was a fun surprise. All the special editions I’ve owned have come with fun extras. However, this isn’t the reason to get the Le Wand Petite or the Le Wand Regular – it’s cute, light, and easy to use when traveling.

Set includes: 

  • Rainbow Glimmer
  • Nail Polish
  • Special Edition Glimmer Wand
  • Glimmer Charging Cord
  • Rainbow Glimmer Body Gel
  • Metallic Sparkly Travel Case
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Enamel Pin
  • User Guide
  • Guide to Wand Use

The Le Wand Petite vibrator is small. It’s roughly the same size as the Doxy X Lovehoney but significantly cuter and more festive. And by that, I mean LOOK AT IT, IT’S SPARKLY. 

The Le Wand Petite vibrator is significantly lighter, which is a welcome change. The Feel My Power editions were all bulky and heavy. With time, the wands got harder and harder to hold, especially with one hand. That was an issue for my wife. Her carpal tunnel made her tap out quickly. However, the Le Wand Petite’s weight allows her to last much longer. 

The le Wand Feel My Power vibration (pictured in the edition from a few years ago) has a new design every year. But so far, after owning four, I’ve found that the only difference between the petite and the total size is that – the size. 

The handle of both the Le Wand Petite & the Le Wand vibrators is ABS plastic, a body-safe material. The head of the wands is silicone, also a body-safe material, which makes this a safe toy to use and share, provided you wash it before and after each use. While it’s not safe to use silicone lube with silicone toys, you can certainly use a plethora of lube that’s offered by all sex toy places. I like the Sliquid Sassy, Lovehoney cum lube, or, if you want to get super body-conscious, you can try the new Sliquid Organic line of lube.

Is This Right for My Body?

My wife has carpal tunnel and had difficulty using the Le Wand Feel My Power. However, the Le Wand Petite was easier on her wrists. My body is more significant, so I preferred to hold the Le Wand Feel My Power, although it did cause my hands to cramp. This toy has many uses because it isn’t an internal toy but can be transformed into an internal one.

Both Le Wand Petite and Le Wand in Use

The Le Wand vibrator wands are simple to use. Three buttons control the ten vibration setting and six vibration patterns (petite) and the ten speeds and TWENTY vibe patterns of the Le Wand. I always appreciate it when I don’t need to take the toy away from my body to change the setting, and that’s true of all the Le Wand toys I’ve tried. There’s nothing worse (the toy dying mid-use is pretty bad) than taking the toy off my body to LOOK at the buttons. No, I want the wand to work with my body, not against it.

Both the Le Wand All that Glitters and the Le Wand Feel My Power have a port at the end of the wand for charging. The charger that comes with the toy can be plugged into any port for a USB. Plug the toy into the charger, stick the plug into the wall on a power cord with a USB port or your computer, and you’re ready!

Experience with the Le Wand Vibrators

Le Wand Petite Review

Besides the intensity of vibrations, the Le Wand Petite isn’t so different than the Le Wand. There is a shitton of patterns and TEN intensities which is a godsend, but that’s only half of what the Le Wand has. However, it’s just slightly less potent than the full-size Le Wand.

The buttons are easy to press, which is delightful! Because of how easy this toy is to use, I can only compare the power of the two wands. It’s also unlikely to turn on in the middle of travel. I have a slightly larger purse, and I could throw the Le Wand Petite into my wallet, and no one was the wiser.

Le Wand Review

Not only are there add-on heads for the Le Wand (including an attachment that turns the Le Wand into a penis stroker), but you can also pair any dildo you’d like with it. I like feeling “full” when I come, so I always stick a little something in me like the DILDOS Avant or the Helio. I can stand behind both of those dildos. Anything by Tantus is lovely, too (they even have dual-density toys!).

With a dildo in my vag and the Le Wand against my clit, I tried all the speeds and vibration settings. I dislike patterns, but if I’m having a good “come” day, I’ll try the patterns after the first or second orgasm.

The le Wand is perfect for my body. While I prefer the Feel My Power full-sized one, the petite one does the trick, though it needs to be on the stronger vibrations and pressed close against my clit.

What if this isn’t Right for Me?

Don’t worry; there are a lot of ways to get off. If you want more power than the Le Wand Petite can provide, go with the Doxy X Die Cast 3R. The entire line of Le Wands is excellent, and if you want to mix up what you have, get a set of attachments.

Buy the Le Wand

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Buy the Le Wand Petite

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B-Vibe Weighted Butt Plugs

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Doxy Wand

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Le Wand Petite


Vibration of the Le Wand Petite


Strength of vibrations Le Wand


Color Options



  • Lots of color options
  • The rainbow colors are amazing
  • Lots of vibration patterns
  • Different vibration strengths
  • Petite is easier to hold than the classic Le Wand


  • The Le Wand Petite is less powerful than the classic Le Wand

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