Why I Review Sex Toys

Why I Review Sex Toys

I’ve been a dedicated sex toy reviewer since 2013. In an interview on Miss Ruby’s Sex Blogger Q&A: On Her Back, I explain why I got into sex toy reviewing. Short answer: for free sex toys. However, things have changed. As I write this, I’ve been reviewing for seven years, and the drive that keeps me going is no longer for free products. 

It’s a Passion

Sex toys are now a passion of mine. I share with everyone I can my full-time job (sex toy reviewer), but there are limitations on whom I can share what I do for a living. I love talking about sex and sex toys, and the most consistent place is this blog.

I wanted to be a fantasy writer from a young age. Now, however, I write non-fiction primarily, and I love that. I don’t know what shifted, but I find more pleasure in writing reviews and personal articles than I do fiction. 

I love helping family and friends, and strangers on the internet find sex toys. Being a small part of strengthening someone’s sex life.

I’m Not Going to Lie, a Lot of This is About Me

My drive for reviewing the last seven years, and coming back after a trauma, is mainly for my mental health. One of the most influential parts of my life has been my blog, and taking it down was incredibly painful. But getting it back up is empowering and FUN.

During my hiatus, a toy company asked me if I was coming back and what my blog meant to me. I got this email while I was on my break to avoid being slut-shamed in court. Although they had no way of knowing that’s the reason I stopped, but they honestly thought my blog was dead. It hurt to have my dedication questioned, that’s for another essay. 

Sex Toy Reviewing is My Life

For me, this is a lifelong thing. It has been and is a massive part of my life. I mourned over the loss of my blog those two years, but it was during those two years that I realized that this isn’t a temporary phase in my life. 

I’m in this for the long haul. I write about sex and sex toys because it’s part of who I am. I’ve built an identity through it, and I review it for myself as well as for my readers.

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