Awesome Anterior Fornix Stimulation: Powerful Ways To Fuck the A-Spot With Sex Toys

Awesome Anterior Fornix Stimulation: Powerful Ways To Fuck the A-Spot With Sex Toys

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As a young reviewer, I knew my body well, but there was always room for learning. I discovered that I craved a certain feeling — a deep, hard thrust behind my cervix, so I did some research. At the time, little was known about the Anterior Fornix, so I did my best to find answers and stumbled across the a-spot. Thanks to the internet and a book or two, I discovered that there isn’t just a g-spot — no, there was much more than that. The complex, deep thrust against the back of my vagina was my anterior fornix being stimulated.

What is the A-Spot? 

The Anterior Fornix, or a-spot, is a spot deep within the vagina, nestled behind the cervix. It’s a spot that isn’t known to everyone, particularly those of us with a sensitive cervix, because we tend to avoid that area of the vagina. However, I quickly learned with some enthusiastic fucking that it was a very enjoyable place to have touched. Hard. And fast. (More, please!)

There are a few ways to stimulate the anterior fornix. Because of its location deep within the vagina, it’s most easily reached with a large cock, or a giant sex toy. Fingers don’t always reach. Keep in mind, when aroused, the vagina “tents” (expanding several inches in length); however, that also means that the cervix lifts as well, which allows for a more comfortable fucking. 

Methods for Stimulation

photo credit: Betty’s Toy Box
  • Angle Matters: Experiment with different insertion angles to find the most comfortable and pleasurable angle for reaching the anterior fornix.
      • Slow Movements: Gradual, gentle movements work best for fornix stimulation. Slowly guide the toy deeper while paying attention to your body’s responses.
      • Combining Clitoral Stimulation: Simultaneously engaging in clitoral stimulation can intensify the pleasure and lead to more satisfying sensations.

      Exploring Techniques for Posterior Fornix Stimulation

      For posterior fornix stimulation, consider these techniques:

      • Deeper Penetration: Positions that allow for deeper penetration, such as rear entry or spooning, can provide access to the posterior fornix.
      • Experiment with Angles: Altering the angle of penetration can effectively stimulate the posterior fornix. Communication with your partner is key to finding the right angle.
      • Mindful Relaxation: Ensuring you’re in a relaxed state, both physically and mentally, can enhance the experience of posterior fornix stimulation.

      For A-Spot Stimulation:

      A-Spot Vibrators allow for dual-stimulation. Not only does the right toy press against the g-spot, on the way in, but the vibrations of this toy pulse deep inside the vagina, delivering the vibrations deep within the body. While I’m usually not interested in internal vibrations, a good ol’ buzz can’t hurt. 

      Curved dildos for the Anterior Fornix

      photo credit: Lovehoney

      With the right length, a dildo with a pronounced curve and bulbous head can stimulate the g-spot. As long as you can get the bulbous head behind your cervix comfortably, the sensation that the head delivers with short thrusts is *swoon*. I’ve found that the best way for me to use a bulbous-headed dildo is to position it against the a-spot and make short thrusts upward. For me, getting it past my cervix is the most crucial part. 

      G-spot Vibrators for the Anterior Fornix

      G-spot vibrators also make great a-spotting toys if lengthy enough. Quite frankly, there aren’t too many differences between a “curved vibrator” and a “g-spot vibrator,” save for the length of the toy. Toys like the Rave 2 have worked well for me in the past, though I’m having pain with girthier toys. 

      Butt toys for A-Spot Stimulation

      the ditto is a black butt plug with a lovely bulge on the shaft
      photo credit: Lovehoney

      While I’m not a fan of butt toys, I can appreciate the feeling they give in addition to a toy in my vagina. But butt toys aren’t just for people with prostates. A curved butt toy alone can stimulate the G-spot. 

      When using butt toys in conjunction with a vaginal vibrator or dildo, the effect can be magnificent. The pressure from the butt toy provides resistance against the toy that’s being thrust against the a-spot for a *chef’s kiss* experience.  

      Because I’m not usually a fan of butt stuff, I choose smaller butt plugs like the Ditto or the Tantus Flirt that make this method more comfortable but still enjoyable.

      A rule of thumb with butt toys: make sure the base is wider than the head of the toy. One’s anus is the black hole of the body — stuff going in will be sucked in and lost until an unfortunate surgeon has to pull it out of you. 

      Pair that Shit With a Clitoral Vibrator

      Like with the butt toys, who am I to declare that one sex toy is enough? Pair that shit up. Stick a butt toy up your ass, put the Tango against your clit, and penetrate yourself with an a-spotting dildo. Even better, use an air-suction device against your clitoris for an unrivaled feeling of pleasure (says this body). 

      Long and Large Dildos for A-Spot Stimulation

      The Real Doll Realcock2 dildo is the bomb. It's long, large, and realistic

      By and large my favorite way to stimulate my anterior fornix is using long, large toys. Now that I have a vulvar autoimmune disease (it’s interesting, and scary!), I’m unable to use toys that are girthy. However, I have a host of long toys that I’ve used in the past that I’m in love with.

      I’d argue that long dildos are the ultimate way to stimulate your a-spot. The only way you’d run into trouble is if you were to hit your cervix. I’ve found that if I press the toy to the bottom of my vagina I avoid that discomfort. However, cervical stimulation can be a pleasurable experience for some.

      Lube for Comfort

      Something I never play without when using internal toys is the proper lubricant. I always opt for a water-based lube or hybrid, but silicone is an option, too. For instance, Uberlube is a silicone lubricant that can be used with non-silicone toys like the nJoy Pure Plug without damaging the toy. 

      Silicone toys, however, are easily damaged by silicone lube. If you must use silicone lube, spot-test it with your toy. If you fear damaging your toy, a hybrid mix like Spunk Lube is a fabulous option. Want a little something interesting? Cum lube is a thing!

      Remember: All Bodies are Different! 

      Something that works for me may not work for you. Does that mean that your body isn’t working right? Not necessarily, and I encourage you to continue to explore what works for you and your vagina. 

      Some days, even, depending on your cycle, your cervix could be especially sensitive. If that’s the case, hold off that week on a-spot stimulation ‘till your body recovers and can tolerate a good ol’ thumping. 

      In addition, you may not like the force of the thumping that I like. You may want pressure on your a-spot; that’s fine, too. As my body changes with my cycle, sometimes I don’t want that thrust deep into myself. In that case, gentle pressure in my vagina while I use a vibrator or an air pulse toy may be the way to go. 

      Toy Suggestions

      Butt Toys

      Ditto | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Butt Plug | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland


      Magic Mini Wand | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Wand Vibrator | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Tango X | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Big Boss | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Love Hamma | Betty’s Toy Box | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Large Realistic Silicone Dildos

      Real Doll | Dirk | Rockwell | Jones | Bruce | James | Max

      Large Silicone Dildo | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Maverick | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Water-Based Lube

      Sliquid H2O | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Sliquid Sassy | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box | Peepshow Toys | Good Vibes | Babeland

      Cum Lube

      Cum Lube | Lovehoney | Betty’s Toy Box

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