Profoundly Powerful Ditto Butt Plug Review

Profoundly Powerful Ditto Butt Plug Review

We-Vibe has unique toys – the Ditto is one of them

Ditto by We-Vibe is a butt plug that resembles the Dusk previously sold by we-vibe.

I rarely find a toy from We-Vibe that I don’t like. Their toys are body-safe, app-controlled, and user-friendly and are designed well. The Ditto butt plug is no exception to the quality toys they produce.

I don’t like big things in my butt, I don’t often like things in my butt at all (with exceptions like these), but I accepted the Ditto because it’s one of the few toys We-Vibe that I haven’t reviewed yet.

When I accepted this butt plug, I planned to use it on my partner, who likes anal stimulation, and use it momentarily in my ass. Shockingly, the Ditto stayed in my ass for a fair amount of time, and I found myself using it in the bath and while writing. I haven’t used many butt plugs as much as I used the Ditto. I now turn to this toy if I want something in my butt.

It’s Remote and App-Controlled!

As with almost all of We-Vibe’s other toys, a remote partner can potentially control the Ditto over a wifi connection. It’s honestly so brilliant. I can have my wife hold it no matter how far apart we are. The App is something unique to discover. It has endless vibration options/patterns through the app, including the option to make your patterns.

The Ditto also comes with a remote, which we didn’t use much. The buttons are intuitive, and honestly, the app was MUCH more fun. The remote made things more manageable when we weren’t connected to Wifi.

Materials and Care of the Ditto by We-Vibe

Ditto butt plug by we-vibe is pictured. You can faintly see the magnetic charging points and the manual on/off button

The Ditto is a silicone butt plug that is completely waterproof even though it has electronic components. I covet toys that are waterproof and on top of that, this butt plug is rechargeable.

Silicone is a body-safe material. “Body-safe” means that it’s safe for skin and safe for your insides. Because the sex toy industry isn’t regulated, there are a lot of unsafe toys on the market. We-Vibe is a trusted manufacturer and I never have to second-guess the quality of their toys.

This material can be cleaned with simply water and soap. It doesn’t absorb any nasty-nothings. However, if you want it sanitized, you can soak it in a bleach: water solution.

It’s rechargeable!

The Ditto by We-Vibe is a rechargeable toy by a magnetic charger

To add even more icing on the cake, rechargeable toys are great for the planet and, in the long run, good for your wallet. Connect the magnetic charger to the bit of exposed metal on the Ditto and wait 90 minutes. It’ll take about 90 minutes to get you about 2 hours of playtime.

That’s fucking awesome. Just plug in the charger to anything with a USB port – including your laptop – and you’re ready! I have a collection of charging sex toys on my desk at all times to make my life easier.

The vibrations

There are over 10 patterns/intensities of the Ditto, which is fantastic. What’s even more impressive are the vibrations themselves. We-Vibe has a history of making the rumbliest of rumbly vibrators I’ve come across, and the Ditto doesn’t stray from the flock.

The rumbly vibrations feel amazing in my ass. Read on for more about that.

My Experience with the Ditto by We-Vibe

Ass play is excellent, especially when paired with something in my vagina. Ditto is a filler for my butt, and I like that feeling. When my vagina didn’t have anything in it, the Ditto gently pressed against my G-spot. Some people with vaginas can have g-spot orgasms through anal stimulation. While I’m not one of them, that’s \ something to aspire to!

I found getting the Ditto inside of me easy and comfortable. The first step is to slather it with lube. I do it out of habit now – and then gave my partner control. I breathed with the toy as my partner pressed it inside of me, and with several guiding breaths, I was able to get the Ditto inside of my body.

In the long run, my partner and I had a blast messing with the app-control options. We surprised each other with vibrations and attempted to figure out what pattern the other was pressing.

While my partner thought the butt plug was plenty comfortable, it was just a lot smaller than she’s used to. For her, the appeal was the vibrations and the fun we could have with the app. She said she had a hard time keeping the butt plug in when she walked around.

For me, however, the butt plug wasn’t too tiny. It was comfortable, and the base of the butt plug rested comfortably between my cheeks. However, when I stood up and walked around with the butt plug in, it did feel like the Ditto gets out of place.

I loved the vibrations of the Ditto. Usually, I don’t bother with internal vibrations because they don’t do much for me. However, the Ditto is small enough for me to almost forget about it while it’s inside of me. With vibrations, though, I cannot forget about the toy and it’s incredibly stimulating.

Who would like this?

If you’re a beginner at anal play, this would be a good vibrating butt plug for you. It goes in easily and fits between your cheeks comfortably. If you like the Pleasure Mates, the Ditto is a near equivalent to the Dusk offered in the Pleasure Mates kit.

Since posting this, the Ditto+ is the latest version. See below for links to purchase.

Where can you find the Ditto+ butt plug by We-Vibe?

We-Vibe | North America |

More of the Ditto butt plug anal plug by We-Vibe

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Overall for a vibrating butt plug



  • Small
  • "Neutral" color
  • Vibrations - deep and rumbly
  • App-controlled
  • Remote controlled
  • Partner toy (partner can control via their phone)

19 thoughts on “Profoundly Powerful Ditto Butt Plug Review

  1. I am definitely a beginner and I’ve been trying out some small plugs. It looks like the base of this wouldn’t be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on your review. Does it occlude vaginal entry whatsoever or could you use it with a vaginal dildo ?

    1. They can be really erotic. And the vibrating option is fun, even cooler that you can control it through the app AND it’s tiny, thank gosh. I don’t like large butt toys.

  2. How was the Ditto’s connectivity with the We-Vibe app? I’ve found most remote controlled toy apps to be pretty hit or miss.

    1. Oh, it’s great! I’ve never had an issue with it. We both downloaded the app as soon as it was in my wife and then went right into playing.

  3. May i ask, how do the vibrations compare with We-Vibe Tango X? I’m looking for a plug with somewhat same levels of power and rumbliness and if the Ditto is similar i guess i just must have it.

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