I Have an Onlyfans – And You Should Follow It

I Have an Onlyfans – And You Should Follow It

What is Onlyfans and why am I on it?

Onlyfans is a baller site that people are flocking to this COVID pandemic. I started out making porn on it but my site has evolved.

Recently, I decided to focus more on lewd photos and more on my sex toy reviewing life. There aren’t full-frontal nudes anymore but there’s a shitton of sex toys and lingerie. You’ll get a little glimpse into my life and uncensored sex toy reviews. If I get enough attention on my Onlyfans, I may go live.

There will be photos and updates, silly faces and video unboxings as well as little recorded reviews. Smiles abound, review updates and personal stories with the sex toy. It’s up in the air now if I’ll be doing this but I may occasionally send out videos of me using the toys I’m talking about.

It’s been a dream of mine for the last 8 years to be a full-time sex blogger but COVID hit me in the feels. Now, I am on Onlyfans to help keep me going. I love dressing (down) for all of you and sharing my toys with you.

You should really join me!

I want to give you a little look inside my life. I’ll be posting often and will always have links to my reviews on there. While I’m still on social media, you’ll see more of me on my Onlyfans than you will otherwise.

Take a look at my Onlyfans here and consider following me. There will little extras in your inbox for subbing and I cannot wait to share myself with you.

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