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Review: Lovehoney Gyr8tor

The Lovehoney Gyr8tor is an interesting toy and…. interestingly named. Despite it being called a “Gyr8tor,” I was willing to give it a go. I like weird toys, and I review as many as I can for y’all, so the Gyr8tor seemed like a good toy to use and then blab about. I honestly wasn’t […]

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Neo Elite Glow in the Dark 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo Review

When I was a newer blogger, I started out working with some manufacturers. Blush Novelties was one of them, and that made them special. Now, after my hiatus, I’m back and working with Blush again. This time, Blush sent me the Neo Elite Glow in the Dark 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo, and I am SO […]

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Nexus Hux 7 Inch Silicone Dildo Review

Today, the review is for the Nexus Hux 7 Inch Silicone Dildo. I like texture in a dildo. It stimulates different parts of my body and it makes the review a little more interesting. However, there are times when I just want a smooth experience so I turn to a smooth dildo. I’m not gonna […]

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Unboxing from Womanizer and Godemiche

In case y’all don’t follow me on YouTube (why don’t you??) here are two unboxings I did this week. Excuse the lack-of-thumbnail. I wanted to mark everything as age-restricted. Buy the Womanizer Liberty here. Buy the Womanizer Duo here. And here’s the world’s prettiest dildo The Ambit in Confused Rainbow Glitter!

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Red Suction Octopus Foot Animal Dildo

Check out this monster Y’all, I like unusual sex toys and dildos. I’m a huge fan of Bad Dragon and jump at the opportunity to review strange dildos. So, when I saw that Red Suction Octopus Foot Animal Dildo I jumped on the chance to review it. Unfortunately, my eyes are significantly larger than my […]

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Profoundly Powerful Ditto Butt Plug Review

We-Vibe has unique toys – the Ditto is one of them I rarely find a toy from We-Vibe that I don’t like. Their toys are body-safe, app-controlled, and user-friendly and are designed well. The Ditto butt plug is no exception to the quality toys they produce. I don’t like big things in my butt, I […]

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Review: Tantus Alan O2 Vibrating Dildo & They/Them

Intro to Alan Dual-Density vibrating dildo and suction cup dildo & They/Them super soft dildo I am so happy to be working with Tantus again. They’re one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers/retailers. All of their dildos are silicone and many have holes for a bullet vibrator like the Alan dual-density vibrating dildo. Alan O2 […]

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Review: Blush Avant D15 Vision of Love Colored Silicone Dildo

I love reviewing dildos. While I feel there’s usually more content for toys that are mechanical, I prefer non-vibrating, internal stimulation, though I cannot come from it. I was given the Avant D15 for review along with this vibrator, a tongue toy, and a g-spot stroker. I chose the Avant D15 because it’s on the […]

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REVIEW: Kelvin the Ice Dragon

Nox the Night Drake You’ve seen me review Crackers and Scorn the Wyvern. After I posted these reviews Bad Dragon wanted to continue working with me. So the next toy they sent me was Nox. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That thing was huge. Like, too big for me to even get the whole tip of the […]

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