Review: Tantaly Britney Sex Doll

Review: Tantaly Britney Sex Doll

Oh shit, I’ve hit the sex blogger goal of mine: Tantaly contacted me to review one of their sex dolls, Britney. I don’t have a dick, but I sure af have fingers and a few million strap-ons, so when I got the doll, I knew what to do. 

Now, when I first got Britney, I was smitten. Britney is one of the most incredible sex toys I’ve ever had (and one of the most expensive). However, as time progressed, I found it had a HUGE problem that I could not look past. 

Design of the Tantly Britney Sex Doll

Holy bob, this Tantly sex doll is heavy, weighing 26.8 lbs – a mix of TPE and silicone. That’s insane. I could hardly hold two bags of groceries; I could not have this ride me. The Britney sex doll is called, oh-so-eloquently, “Britney: 28.6LB Big Boobs Sex Doll Male Masturbator,” which certainly describes it. However, the manufacturers failed to consider the rest of the adult population as diverse as fuck. Regardless, I had a fun fucking time. 

I mentioned that there was a problem. Well, the situation has grown…. By shrinking significantly. When I unboxed the Britney sex doll, there was a bit of an indent in the breast. I figured it was a simple manufacturing error that would be inconvenient. There’s no point in lugging it to the mail to get one whose breasts are perfect. However, between you and me, if you’re going to get a sex doll for nearly $400, you deserve to have one with breasts in perfect condition.

The breasts of the sex doll are scary-realistic, as is the butt. One of the first things I did was smack the sex doll’s ass, and you bet your ass it was a regular part of our fucking.

 The Nataly Britney sex doll is fantastic. The Nataly sex doll has an inner metal skeleton to hold its weight. For that reason, it’s advised to store the Britney on its back to relieve pressure off the TPE skin. 

Britney can be penetrated in both the ass and the vagina. Both orifices are different, having unique ridges, ripples, and bumps to give one a wide variety of sensations.

Measurements of Britney

  • Weight: 29.67 pounds
  • Bust: 31.10 inches
  • Waist: 18.1 inches
  • Butt and thighs: 38.58 inches
  • Height: 16.92 inches
  • Vaginal tunnel depth: 7 inches
  • Anal tunnel depth: 6.22 inches

Care & Keeping of the Britney Sex Doll

Taking care of the Brittany Sex Doll is a massive pain. For the price of the doll, I’m surprised that they don’t do this with every purchase, but you can buy a cleaning kit. Because this is PCR, it absorbs bodily fluids. While that isn’t an issue, I found I needed to use lube when penetrating the doll. 

For an ADDITIONAL $35, you can buy a cleaning kit with two tampon-like sticks to absorb liquid, a douche, a lube shooter, and a cloth bag. If you don’t want the whole doo-dads, Tantalus sells three absorbent sticks for $17. In all honesty, you need the absorbent kit and a douche. As for the lube shooter, that’s certainly a nice touch but unnecessary. Apply a shitton of lube to your dick/dildo and have at it. 

Additionally, to prolong the Britney Tantly sex doll’s use, Tantaly sells renewing powder to sprinkle on the toy for $22. Alternatively, a lot of people use cornstarch to protect their TPE toys. 

Tantly Britney Sex Doll in Use & Experience

There’s a damn pussy warmer for the dolls they sell. Needed? Not at all, but it certainly is an excellent extra touch! Pussy/ass more generous aside, the Britney sex doll is ready for action as soon as you get it. Because this Tantly sex doll is so heavy, I was unable to have it ride my silicone dick as I wanted. However, if I was willing to exert some energy (and for this doll, I was!) I could do anything and everything I could think of with the sex doll reclined. 

However, my favorite part of this toy was smacking the tits and ass. I loved feeling the TPE jiggle, just like natural body parts. My wife and I slapped Britney’s tits even a while later when we passed by it. 

When I saw the Tantly sex doll, I stuck my fingers in her vaginal hole and anus. If I had a dick that could feel all those bumps and valleys, I do not doubt that I’d waste no time penetrating Britney. In all fairness, that’s what I did, even without a physical penis. 

Without lube, I stuck one finger, two, three fingers inside, and then a fist after a fist, a forearm. Fisting is something I’ve always been curious about, but I don’t think I’d want it done to me. Nor would we risk my wife’s (soon-to-be) vagina by shoving our hands and forearms into it. 


After I had fun playing with, slapping, and jiggling the Britney, it was time to penetrate. I whipped out my Joque harness, strapped on my Neo Elite dildo, and took the Britney sex doll for a ride. I felt like I was penetrating a real woman amidst the slapping and thrusting. Lube is the queen, so I applied lube liberally with the lube shooter I was given. Lube shooter is not necessary, but it certainly did the job quicker.

Since then, the Britney has been a staple for dildos that I review. I strapped myself and put my dick in her, strapped her and rode her silicone dick, and I just had a good time with myself and my sex doll. 

I could have the doll sit on my face for a short while. And by “a short while,” I mean that I lifted it, put it on my face, and was suffocated. Miming cunnilingus with the Britney sex doll was incredibly arousing, and I loved going down on a vagina.

The One, BIG Issues With the Tantly Sex Doll

I had a blast with this doll, and I’ve had it for almost a year. It’s been a plaything, a fuckingthing, and a toothbrush holder. The Tantly sex doll is versatile. However, that dimple on her breast grew, and now nearly half her breast is inverted. I fear inverted nipples; the thought makes me uncomfortable, and I’m always worried it’ll happen, so having a sex doll with inverted breasts was a little unnerving.

And then there’s a minor issue that could have been avoided if I had taken care of it better: the TPE gets dirty. It started with a smudge from my finger that had just pinched out a candle and snowballed from there. Any small amount of something that could discolor TPE… did discolor the TPE. This is an issue if you aren’t careful like I am. I’m willing to be that; for $400, people won’t be all that careless. Just keep in mind that this doll will show all the dirt.

Accessibility of the 30 lbs Britney Sex Doll

Because Brittany is nearly 30 lbs of TPE, accessibility for some positions is restricted. Unless you have an incredible force of strength, it’s hard to use this doll in a cowgirl position. Frankly, that position was what I looked forward to the most until I tried to unbox the Brittany sex doll.

If you’re mobile, hoisting the Britney sex doll onto the bed and going at it either on top or thrusting from a standing position, the Britney sex doll does the trick. However, because this doll is so incredibly heavy, those with mobility issues, troublesome joints, or those who aren’t fucking strong will struggle with this doll. 

EDS often gives me hip and back joint pain, so thrusting with a strap-on wasn’t always an option. In that instance, picking the doll up would have given me another way to enjoy the toy. My joint issues prevented me from exploring the Tantly Britney sex doll as I would have liked. 

In that sense, almost entirely b/c of the weight, this isn’t a sex toy for people who may be disabled. 

Who may like this

People who enjoy penetration will likely love this toy. It has two holes, and each is textured uniquely. I’ve found that most people with penises are usually stronger than me, so the weight may not be an issue. 

The visual aspect of fucking the Tantly Britney sex doll was also highly erotic, so those who like watching everything happen will likely enjoy the Britney doll. 

If Britney isn’t right, Tantly has many more options, though some of the marketing is questionable.


I do sing praises for this doll. While the inverted breast is unexcusable (no toy this expensive had better have this issue), I hope I’m an exception. That being said, I still have fun with this doll because the breasts are not always my focus. I don’t know how many can relate, but this is a sex toy I now use for reviews with dildos. 

For $400, there shouldn’t be any design flaw like mine, but other reviews have not mentioned having that issue. While the customer has 14 days since the toy arrived, it’s not easy to lug around a 30 lb sex doll and repackage it to send it back because it had a manufacturing error. I opted not to try and enjoy what I had. For instance, Storm at Vanilla Free Sex didn’t have any of the breast issues I had, nor did other reviewers I come across. 

The Tantly Britney sex doll is beautiful, realistic, and fun. Though it was too heavy to lift, I had a lot of fun with it with strap-ons and mimicked cunnilingus. I also really enjoyed experiencing fisting. Clean-up is a bitch, and the cleaning sex should be included, but it’s worth it. 

You can get the Tantaly Britney Sex Doll over at Tantly’s site. 

Tell me: are you a tits or ass kind of person? Leave a comment below

Tantaly Britney Sex Doll


Realistic feeling







  • TPE flesh wiggles like real flesh
  • Easy to fuck, lots of positions


  • You can easily destroy this toy if you're like me and touch a lot of things
  • TPE is delicate
  • The Britney sex doll came with an indent in the breast that got more pronounced with time

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