Discontinued Agent Provocateur Jitterbug & Rumba Vibrator

Discontinued Agent Provocateur Jitterbug & Rumba Vibrator

The Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney Jitterbug and Rumba did not have the power I needed.


The Jitterbug Silicone Clitoral Vibrator


Since this review, both toys have been out of production. Instead of the Jitterbug wand vibrator, try one of the many I’ve used and loved, like any of the Le Wands. For a palm vibrator, the Pom is an excellent alternative.

The Agent Provocateur Jitterbug vibrator is a tiny little thing designed to sit in your hand comfortably. And that it does! Like the Agent Provocateur Wand Vibrator, it is entirely silicone, except for the body-safe buttons, ABS plastic. 

The placement of the Jitterbug vibrator buttons isn’t horrible, but why is it on the side you use?  I’d much prefer to have the buttons on the outside, but in all truthfulness, I don’t think that could happen. The Jitterbug vibe is a tiny vibrator that expertly sneaks in the buttons on the bottom of the toy. It isn’t a bad design because another placement isn’t an option. 

I can forgive the placement of the buttons because of how comfortably and perfectly this bullet fits in my hand. The silicone outer covering is soft, squishy, and delightful to press against my skin. 

All this being said, is this a toy I’d recommend? Stay tuned for my final thoughts.

Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney Rumba Silicone Wand Vibrator

Like the Agent Provocateur Jitterbug, the Provocateur Rumba Vibrator is comfortable. It’s covered in squishy, soft silicone that feels good to press against my body. The buttons are the exception to silicon – they are ABS plastic, a body-safe material. 

I’m pleased with the design of the Rumba wand. It’s a standard wand vibrator that I’ve already reviewed for Lovehoney, so it was reasonable for me to assume it would be a vibrator that works well with my hands and body. It’s so incredibly similar that I’d bet it’s the same design as the Tracey Cox Supersex Soft Feel Wand Vibrator.

Will this accommodate different bodies?

The accessibility of the bullet and wand differ. While the wand is short for a wand, it was still more accessible for my bigger body. I didn’t find it necessary to look at the buttons when using the Agent Provacetour Wand vibrator and bullet vibrator. Partly because I wasn’t interested in the weak patterns but also because two buttons were easy to keep track of. 

Now, the Jitterbug wasn’t as accessible. I had to push my FUPA out of the way a bit to get to my clit. It wasn’t impossible, nor was it too complicated. I just had to adjust my body a bit to accommodate the toy. Using the Jitterbug vibrator for a reasonable amount of time was a little hard on my back which hurts because my back is a dick. The wand was no issue. While I don’t usually use the toy for ten minutes, the Jitterbug Vibrator from Lovehoney was still hard on my back. (I’d forgotten my pain meds.) The wand, though, is not an issue. 

Toy in Use

The Agent provocateur rumba wand vibrator has a squishy head

With the Rumba Wand Lovehoney vibrator, the head is very pliable. The more pressure I used to press the toy against my body, the more the head twisted, and the vibrations felt a fair bit muted. I appreciate a comfortable wand, but for it to be effective, I need to be able to apply a good amount of pressure (like I could with the le Wand or the (Hitachi) Original Magic Wand. While the Original Magic Wand also bends, I worried about breaking the Rumba Lovehoney vibrator when I pressed so hard. 

To prepare the Jitterbug vibrator and the Rumba vibrator, you simply plug the USB cord into a device like your computer and allow the magnetic charger to connect with the toy. I love magnetic chargers because of the ease of use. They’ve become standard for many manufacturers, including Lovehoney brands like the Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney toys.

Let me tell you why I had to press so darn hard. 

I use lube for everything, even external toys, so I glopped it. Wrong move for the Jitterbug. I tested it with Lovehoney Lube, and I love it. These toys are silicone, and silicone lube can damage them, so it’s best to use water-based lube like these lubes that I love or a hybrid silicone water-based. I found luck with hybrid lubes in the past. 

Care and Keeping of the Agent Provocateur Rumba and Provacatour Jitterbug

I’ll keep this short and sweet: only use water-based or hybrid lube on these toys. If you choose to use a hybrid, test a bit of the lube on the toy first. As silicone and ABS plastic are body-safe, non-porous materials, all you have to do is wash these toys with water and soap. There aren’t a lot of ridges for vag goop to collect, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out your sex toy toothbrush (is it just me that has that??) and can simply wash the toys. 

Do not boil these toys as they have electrical components. You can, however, soak them in a 1:10 solution of bleach to water. However, because silicone is non-porous, this isn’t necessary. 

These toys are easy to charge, so just clean them before and after and plug them in for a bit so they are ready for the next spin. 

Experience with Agent Provocateur Rumba and Jitterbug

Both the Rumba and the Jitterbug are waterproof – yay! I love taking toys into the tub because I won’t be bothered. I get giddy when I have a waterproof toy. That was the best, least conspicuous place to masturbate for a while. Now, with my wife, I have to say, “I’m going jack off,” and I get my privacy. That’s not true of everyone, though. 

Both the Rumba Lovehoney Vibrator and the Jitterbug Lovehoney vibrator are quiet toys. You’re not going to hear them easily through the walls. That, I think, would appeal to a lot of us who live with family members. 

Although they’re both quiet, there’s a HUGE problem: the vibrations are weak. So weak I couldn’t come from the wand. Because the neck moved, I didn’t press the wand against my body with one hand. However, I could cup the Jitterbug vibrator with my hand and apply pressure. That’s the only reason I could come: I pressed the vibrator against my body hard. 

I’ve had much better wand vibrators from Lovehoney. Because the vibrations weren’t as strong as I needed, I compensated by pressing the wand harder against my clit, which muted the vibrations and frustrated me to no end because the neck bends.

You can use these toys all around your body, especially the jitterbug. Neither of these toys is anal-safe, so don’t stick them in your ass! The anus is the black hole of the body. Only put body-safe objects in your ass with a flared base (and use a lot of lube! Just not with this toy).

The Jitterbug was a perfect toy to stimulate my nipples. I had pierced nipples, so holding the Jitterbug in my hand like I did when I was jacking off with it, I had to turn it over. I just couldn’t tolerate the plastic bouncing against my nipple rings. 

You can use both toys against one’s perineum, shaft, or head. Because the Jitterbug is so tiny, you’ve got a lot of options. 


The Agent Provocateur toys are body-safe and well-made. They have easy, ergonomically-crafted buttons, but the vibrations didn’t work for me. These toys disappointed me, but I want them to work for them. I used not to handle a lot of vibrations. These would have allowed me to come. 

Who would like this toy?

While the wand is standard, the Jitterbug is something different. If you like having smaller places stimulated, like your perineum, nipples, or inside of your elbow, the Jitterbug is excellent for that. It’s so tiny it’s versatile. 

The vibrations are manageable, and I am confident that would be good for many people. For me, though, the vibrations weren’t strong enough for me to finish. It’s not the end of the world – I just pulled out my Doxy X Lovehoney wand to finish up. 

I recommend the Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast if you want a wand from Lovehoney. It’s powerful, overwhelmingly so, and it gets me off every time. I’d suggest the Tango by We-Vibe or the ROMP Beat, which is an economical option and one of my favorite bullet vibrators. 

You can buy the Agent Prevacatour Jitterbug and the Wand at Lovehoney’s site. 

These toys will not be restocked and may not exist by the time you see this review. Instead, try the following toys that are similar but better.

Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R

Tango X 

Touch X 

Lovehoney Enjoy Water-based Lube 

Sliquid Hybrid Lube


Original Magic Wand Extra Powerful

Do y’all like bullets more for pinpoint-ish stimulation, or do you prefer wands? Tell me in the comments below!

Agent Provocateur Lovehoney Vibrators








Ease of Use



  • The silicone and ABS plastic is body-safe
  • Easy to clean and doesn't need to be sanitized
  • Beautiful colors
  • body-safe


  • Fucking vibrations are too weak

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