Sex Dolls To Fulfill Fantasies

Sex Dolls To Fulfill Fantasies

Introduction to Sex Dolls

Best Real Doll creates sex dolls to fulfill fantasies
photo credit: Best Real Doll

Over a year ago, I had one of the most exciting experiences as a sex toy reviewer: I was contacted and offered a sex doll for review. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I couldn’t believe the opportunity they were giving me, a chance to use sex dolls to fulfill fantasies.

Today, I am going to introduce you to Best Real Doll, a company that sells silicone and TPE sex dolls. Now, as you all know, I have some sexual struggles, and that doll opened up a world of possibilities. Using sex dolls to fulfill fantasies was a world-opener for me. 

Sex dolls have a bad rap: from being accused of taking over genuine relationships to demeaning women, sex dolls are controversial, but they don’t have to be. 

As a young woman, I was disgusted by the idea of a sex doll – and then I became a reviewer. There are respectful ways to make sex dolls, and then there are incredibly offensive and shitty ways to make the dolls. That feeling changed as a reviewer and when I was able to use my sex dolls to fulfill fantasies.

Sex Dolls To Fulfill Fantasies

What I’ve realized now, as a reviewer, is that sex dolls can fulfill fantasies you’ve had but can’t act out. Think pregnant dolls, for instance. Pregnancy, to me, is beautiful, and fucking a pregnant woman is a desire of mine. However, I don’t want the resulting baby, so I can use sex dolls to fulfill that fantasy.

While I find younger – or “petite” – dolls disturbing, they are an option as well. It’s not for me to judge what you do with the sex doll of your choice. Usually marketed as “18 years old,” petite sex dolls fulfill a specific fantasy that I don’t want to hear about. Do what gets you off.

Sex dolls to fulfill fantasies have emerged as a discreet and versatile tool for individuals and couples alike to explore and fulfill their deepest fantasies. With their lifelike features and customizable options, these synthetic companions offer a safe space for indulging in desires that may otherwise remain unexplored. Whether it’s a specific role-play scenario, a fantasy involving multiple partners, or an exploration of kinks and fetishes, sex dolls provide a non-judgmental outlet for experimentation.

Their adaptable nature allows users to tailor their experiences according to their preferences, fostering a sense of freedom and empowerment in exploring the realms of fantasy and desire. From the realm of imagination to the realm of reality, sex dolls bridge the gap, offering a pathway to fulfilling the most intricate of fantasies with ease and discretion.

Best Real Sex Dolls to Fulfill Your Fantasies

Best Real Dolls has many sex dolls to fulfill your fantasies, including heavier women’s dolls, which are my favorite. The dolls representing women of color, like Black sex dolls and Asian sex dolls, are under the “features” of their site, suggesting that white sex dolls are the norm. It wasn’t a surprise, but I was pleased to find the dolls of color so that more women were represented. 

Best Real Doll offers “female,” “male,” and “shemale” sex dolls to fulfill fantasies (also referred to as “ladyboy dolls.” The terms “shemale” and “ladyboy” are incredibly outdated and offensive to many. It wasn’t enjoyable to see those descriptors. 

I’d be delighted to review a pregnant, or transwoman, sex doll *hint Best Real Doll*, but for this review, that wasn’t a possibility.

I Have a Vagina, Will Sex Dolls to Fulfill My Fantasies Work for Me?

The first thing I did with my sex doll was have it sit on my face. I was able to experiment in ways that I couldn’t with my partner, who had a penis. It was a thrill to have that experience again. Penetrating the doll with my fingers and tongue was a significant turn-on. While silicone cocks don’t get me off, there is something to be said for fucking that doll. Learn more

My partner wasn’t up for anal penetration at the time, so I was able to vigorously penetrate the doll as I wanted to with my partner. Having access to this sex doll as a reviewer tool was incredibly useful. Since then, however, I have moved out and lost my sex doll.

Additionally, the sex doll allowed me to review strapless strap-ons, regular strap-ons, and harnesses. With the ability to penetrate a replica vagina, with half the weight of the true woman, got me going.

Having a sex doll as a reviewer, and a queer woman who loves vulvas, it was a pleasure having access to that doll. Quite frankly, with a doll’s vulva, like a woman’s vulva, sitting on my face made me come even quicker than usual. 

TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

You may be concerned about fucking a TPE doll. You certainly need to take more care when fucking a material like this with your dick or silicone cocks, but for those with penises, TPE is an acceptable material. However, you must take great care cleaning the TPE sex doll. It’s the most common material used for sex sleeves. TPE offers flexibility, softness, and a realistic experience. 

HOWEVER, TPE is a delicate material that can tear and harbor bacteria. TPE dolls won’t last as long as silicone dolls and require more care. 

They must be thoroughly cleaned and dried, powdered with cornstarch to keep them from getting sticky. There are sex doll cleaning tools like a douche and a tampon-like insertable piece of cotton to soak up the water once the doll is dried.

Medical-grade or food-grade TPE can be sterilized and is often used in medical equipment. 

Sex Dolls 

Overall, sex dolls can add a world of fun to any solo – or partnered – play. Choosing a body-safe doll is essential but can be pricey. As AFAB, I was still able to use a sex doll with a partner. Have fun with it; pick a doll with perfect tits or a bouncy ass. It’s all up to you and your desires.

In conclusion, sex dolls have revolutionized the way individuals and couples approach fulfilling their fantasies. With their lifelike features, customizable options, and non-judgmental presence, these synthetic companions provide a safe and liberating space for exploring the depths of desire.

Whether it’s indulging in specific role-play scenarios, experimenting with kinks and fetishes, or simply seeking companionship, sex dolls offer a versatile and discreet solution. By embracing the possibilities that sex dolls present, individuals can unlock a world of endless exploration and satisfaction, ultimately enhancing their overall sense of intimacy and fulfillment. So, why not dare to venture into the realm of fantasy with a sex doll as your newest sex toy? After all, the only limit is your imagination.

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