Unboxing from Womanizer and Godemiche

Unboxing from Womanizer and Godemiche

In case y’all don’t follow me on YouTube (why don’t you??) here are two unboxings I did this week. Excuse the lack-of-thumbnail. I wanted to mark everything as age-restricted.

Buy the Womanizer Liberty here.

Buy the Womanizer Duo here.

Womanizer Liberty and Womanizer Duo

And here’s the world’s prettiest dildo

The Ambit in Confused Rainbow Glitter!

Ambit dildo

15 thoughts on “Unboxing from Womanizer and Godemiche

    1. I love Womanizer toys they’re the best. And I love that you do unboxing videos I am going to start but without showing my face if I can get a tripod to fit my phone. I think videos are a great way to make reviews more user friendly and interesting.

  1. My wife had one of these and just loved it 😍
    I has Recently died so we are looking for a replacement. This one here has brought her hours of happiness. Womanizer

  2. I love how much the videos help get a sense of scale, and it’s always nice to see reviewers trying out youtube!

  3. Oh, that Godemiche dildo is just so pretty! They use the sparkliest silicone I have ever seen.

    1. I’m so glad! The Womanizer Liberty is pretty consistent with the other Womanizer toys, though.

  4. From what i have experienced the womanizer brand stuff is made very well with a lot of forethought.

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