A year of easy access (to sex toys). That's right, for a fucking year.

Yes, you heard that right! I’ve teamed up with several manufacturers and sex toy relaters to put together a YEAR of sex toy giveaways for all you fuckers.

Why I’m doing this

This last year sucked. I mean, in all honesty, the last four/five years have sucked. I want to do something nice for y’all. I know if I wasn’t a reviewer I’d just be so thrilled with the opportunity to enter to win a sex toy every month. I put myself in my old shoes to make sure this is something I’d like to do.

I cannot wait to share the sex toys in this giveaway with you. Since there are ALWAYS toys coming out, I cannot tell you now what will be offered every month because I want to keep that open. That’s a good thing, I promise. That means you’ll be able to get newer toys.

How do you enter?

Every month at the start of the giveaway I’ll add a new post to my blog with the widget that’ll let you enter. There will be multiple ways to enter a bunch of times like retweeting the giveaway, commenting on a blog post (that’s a daily entry, just comment on different blog posts each time!), and following me on Instagram. I’ve created as many ways as I can so many of us can enter even if we don’t have all the social media.

Just be sure to check my Instagram and Twitter so you’re on top of each giveaway as they’re announced! I’ll also post the widget to enter here on this page, but you’ll find more information on the post dedicated to each contest.

Winners will have 36 hours to respond to my email/DM in order to claim their prizes.


You can enter April’s contest at this link or at the banner below.

Viotech Tethys Vibrator


Lovehoney is providing this gift box with the Tango X and the Touch X for this giveaway. I love love LOVE these toys SO much!

March gets TWO giveaways, I’m so excited that I can do that for you. Lovehoney is offering the gift box set that includes the Tango X and the Touch X. Along with those two amazing toys will come a bunch of swag like a We-Vibe travel mug and a pair of socks. I reviewed these two toys here.

The Liberty by Lily Allen Womanizer will be the first prize this giveaway year!
The Liberty by Lily Allen from Womanizer. This is our second-first giveaway!

The first second will be live in March and it’ll be a giveaway for the Lily Allen Liberty Womanizer! A review will follow this post soon so that you have my thoughts on the toy. I’ve loved everything by Womanizer and I cannot wait to share with you the chance to get one yourself. This giveaway will be open to those in the US and Canada.

Sneak preview of April

In April you’ll be in the running for the Viotec Tethys from The Vibed! Check back for my review in March!

Photo Credit: http://thevibed.com

Here are a few places I’ve partnered with:

Blush Novelties


Fun Factory

The Vibed




Tentickle (a new indie brand that’s starting up)

Betty’s Toy Box


  1. Oh how exciting! It is so cool of you to do this! Congrats on getting all the sponsors!
    The second one looks really intriguing with the rolling bead in it. It’s similar to one I’ve looked at before.

  2. Thank you for organizing this! I can’t afford many toys, so giveaways are so helpful for me–this is so exciting!

    1. You’re so welcome! I know it’s hard to afford toys, especially now, so I hope this works out for you. You’ve got a total of 12 toys to win this year so I hope you get one!

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