Review: Lovehoney Gyr8tor

Review: Lovehoney Gyr8tor

The Lovehoney Gyr8tor is an interesting toy and…. interestingly named. Despite it being called a “Gyr8tor,” I was willing to give it a go. I like weird toys, and I review as many as I can for y’all, so the Gyr8tor seemed like a good toy to use and then blab about.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. Often I have an inkling of what to expect, but this time, given how unique it is, I wasn’t sure. So, as soon as it arrived, I set it up to charge on my desk, in front of my computer. I couldn’t wait to give it a try so the moment.

How the Gyr8tor was developed

I don’t usually read reviews before I write mine, but I saw Princess Preview’s review and couldn’t help but read their thoughts; I’m glad I did! It turns out Grace knew something I did: the Gyr8tor was the winner of a “Design a Sex Toy” contest run by Lovehoney. This contest was designed to create new sex toys and get involved with the general public. Plus, having a prize of $5,000 in the winner’s currency of residence isn’t a half-bad idea. In fact, this sex toy reviewer is very seriously considering entering the contest herself.

Using the Lovehoney Gyr8tor

There are three buttons to control two functions and twelve speeds of vibration. Lovehoney Gyr8tor

After pressing the Gyr8tor on, the strangest thing happened – the sex toy powered up audibly. It had a machine-like hum as it warmed up and didn’t get any quieter when the gyrations begin. It hit an all-powerful “Shut the fuck up, I’m trying to sleep here!” kind of noise when I activated both the gyrating and vibration modes.

There are three buttons on the Gyr8tor. “On”, “up”, and “down”. You turn the Gy8tor on by holding the power button, and you cycle through the speeds and 12 functions that the Gyr8tor offers through vibrations. When you want to turn on the gyrations, hold the power button again, and that shit reves up like an engine (Loud. It’s loud.).

Rechargeable toys are the shit, and Lovehoney does not disappoint with the Gyr8tor. There is a hole in the back of the toy base where you put a charger in. However, it’s a charging point that is not magnetic (so many are, now!), it self-seals and allows the toy to be used in the water.

Rechargeable toys often cost more but they last so much longer and you don’t have to keep buying batteries, then getting rid of them, in order to make your toy work.

My Experience

Lovehoney Gyr8tor is a purple that is widely overused in Lovehoney sex toys

Lovehoney suggests using the Gyr8tor with a clit vibe which is just what I did. I plopped a dollop of lube on the toy and took it to town. The first thing that I noticed was that the gyrations were somewhat unpredictable. Honeslty, the Gyr8tor flopped around like a fish out of water. It wasn’t a great look. I was glad that the Gy8tor also vibrations separately from the gyrations. I found the vibrations to be… adequate. It’s like in the middle ages in Europe when people used buckets as toilets. Like, it works, buckets do the job, but then you go and throw it in the street to get rid of it. I’m not suggesting that this toy belongs in the toilet. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s just meh.

Lube definitely helped me use this toy. It’s not the easiest toy to use without lube. The fact that it’s basically jumping around in my vagina screamed to me, “USE LUBE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.” So, I did. In fact, I love this lube (Sliquid is amazing!) so much that I have bottles and bottles of it around the house.

I love that this vibrator is waterproof. Since the star selling point of this toy is that gyrates, I didn’t get to experience that underwater. All I had with me was water-based lube, and that doesn’t cut it for internal, watery play. However, I was able to use the vibrating function externally. I was pleased that I could make a part of that toy work. That alone is a plus. There are so many toys that could be so much better if they were waterproof; this function only made the Gyr8tor better.

Summary of Thoughts

So, my final thoughts on this weird and wacky toy: It’s fun to try if you’re made of money and don’t have thin walls or you live alone. Really, it’s a cool design, and it is unique, but if I had to pay for this toy, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t pay for this toy because there are better moving toys out there, and the vibrations were just…. okay. That being said, for those of you into sex toy tech, this is something you may want to explore.

You can buy the Lovehoney Gyr8tor over on Lovehoney’s site here in the US! You can also get it at Lovehoney CA and Lovehoney DE.

Lovehoney Gyr8tor is a purple sex toy that looks.... weird. I wasn't too fond of this toy but it could work for.... some.

Lovehoney Gyr8tor




10 thoughts on “Review: Lovehoney Gyr8tor

  1. It’s a bummer that this toy turned out to be so lackluster, because the concept is cool.
    I’m so curious about what other kinds of designs people submitted for Lovehoney’s contest!

  2. it’s kinda awesome that it was designed and submitted in a contest. really interesting to hear how creative some people are

  3. Definitely an interesting concept for a toy, but I’m not surprised it didn’t work in real life. Also, that name is real bad. You should enter the toy design contest, I’m sure you could come up with some great ideas!

  4. I guess the Sqweel might have been the first winner years ago, but I don’t know if an entry has caught on since…

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