Sex Blogger Roundup Week 1,450,012

Sex Blogger Roundup Week 1,450,012

Not really 1,450,012 but I haven’t been keeping track.

This week I wanted to share some awesome bloggers’ posts with you. I’m loving what I’m finding. Take a look at their blog posts so you get an idea of why I like them!

The last blogger, Dildoodler, is an up-and-comping review and I love their stuff. It’s so honest and finding similarities between their experiences, and mine, are validating.

I’m excited that Storm from Vanilla Free Sex has another Satisfyer toy review coming up soon. I certainly need someone to experiment with me with the app!
GAH Storm did it again. I love reading her reviews. The Curvy 2 is also app controlled and we both have two toys from Betty’s Toy Box that we are going to explore the app-control function together. Thank you, Storm!!
I so rarely see reviews for porn. Omg, though, I love Crashpad. My partner and I have a membership.
I love my Uberrime toys and I’m so glad Betty Butch has so many to choose from. What actually excited me the most was the display they set up of different g/p-spotting toys. I now have more options for myself and my partner.
Epiphora needs no introduction. This is an old post but I love it because… dun dun dunnnn… I have the Kip right now for review. I love seeing if her “discerning vagina” likes what mine likes.

My Theo is okay, the Joque is amazing, and the Spareparts Deuce is a miracle worker. It’s the only comfortable harness for my wife’s anatomy. I was excited to read the Dildoodler’s review of the Joque and their criticism of the Spareparts painfully-gendered marketing.

My Theo is okay, the Joque is amazing, and the Spareparts Deuce is a miracle worker. It’s the only comfortable harness for my wife’s anatomy.

I had this same concern a while ago when I bought the Deuce by Spareparts for my wife. In fact, it was something I complained to Dildoodler about. Thank you so much for exposing them. It’s never a good feeling when I buy my wife something marketed “For Men.”

Bullets are often hit-or-miss. I cannot wait to find out what they think of the Tango! | |

Pommy reviews toys that are affordable and that’s just one thing I love about their writing. As a sex toy reviewer, I tend to review toys that are higher in price because they’re made by companies I am familiar with. I will commit to reviewing toys that are more affordable as I continue reviewing. Pommy’s writing, from Queer Earthling is so fun to read. I love these reviews of the worlds’ most pink and sparkly toys.

Review: NS Novelties Stardust Glam Plug Review: NS Novelties Stardust Glam Plug

I love everything Miss Ruby does and I was so excited to see her review this dildo. It’s a hunk of a dildo and I know I’d like it.

The bullet and g-spot sleeve she reviewed is nearly identical to the We-Vibe Pleasure Mates g-spot sleeve. This Blush edition, however, is significantly cheaper. |

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  1. Hi, this is my first time on your site it’s good to see bloggers do round up posts and support each other. I had a blog but had to take some prolonged time off. I’m back now and looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

    1. I’m so glad this is helpful, Zara. I’ve been slacking a bit but I’ll try to keep up with the roundups 🙂

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