ROMP Cello, Riot, & Amp Review – Sensational, Inexpensive Toys

ROMP Cello, Riot, & Amp Review – Sensational, Inexpensive Toys

The ROMP Cello, ROMP Riot, ROMP Amp are pictured on rainbow fabric and they are in boxes.

If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you’d know by now that I am OBSESSED with the ROMP line of toys. So far, I’ve reviewed almost all of the lines. I’m thrilled to check the ROMP Cello, Riot, and Amp for you.

Romp toys are good, and they are affordable. Frankly, they are something special. While the designs aren’t necessarily innovative, they are worth their price tag. Even more, honestly. When I first used the Hype and Beat and the Jazz, I was blown away by how good they were. I still use the Beat and Hype, which is saying something. It’s a surefire way to come for me.

First Impressions of the Cello, Amp, and Riot

The ROMP Riot, Amp, and Cello are three toys in the ROMP line that came out most recently. Vibrating egg is on the left, the middle is the Riot, a bullet, and Amp is the purple anal beads

Cello – The Greatest Vag-Stuffer

The Cello came as a surprise to me. I wasn’t considering it at first because I have a very tight pelvic floor, and it makes inserting toys into my vagina painful and difficult. However, I wanted to give you all the options, so I chose them.

I like the light blue color of the ROMP Cello, a vibrating egg. Too many toys are pink and purple; having something different’s always a pleasure.

Besides the color, the shape of the Cello is fabulous. Clearly, this could be a toy that works for my body. Read on to find out why it was my favorite of the three!

Amp – The Butt Stuff I Crave

I have a lot of experience with small butt plugs. I prefer small because no matter the butt plug, I feel like I have to take a shit, so I aim low urgently. The ROMP Amp is a little collection of four anal beads. Typically, anal beads are used for stimulation during masturbation; they are pulled out at the point of orgasm, intensifying the effect.

The Amp is nice and small. I wasn’t worried that I wouldn’t be able to get this toy. Although the Amp has 5″ of insertable length, it’s not overwhelming. On top of that, the ROMP Amp is only $15.99, which is a fantastic price for this chunk of silicone.

Riot – The Bargain Bullet

I had high hopes for the ROMP Riot. When I was first starting as a sex toy user, I bought a few bullets. When I became a reviewer and was given toys like the Tango, Touch, and their latest versions, I thought that was what I needed. However, I’ve found that with my more considerable body, bullets aren’t the best.

I requested the Riot even though bullets aren’t my thing (I prefer wand vibrators), so I could pass on the good – or bad – review for you. It’s fucking less than $25, which, for a bullet, is pretty standard but on the low side. I’ve reviewed other bullets that were just “okay” and not too expensive. Is the ROMP Riot better than those, though?

Design, Care, and Keeping of the ROMP Cello, Amp, and Riot

Silicone is my favorite body-safe material. It’s versatile and comes in countless colors, mixes, and consistencies. It even comes in clear, super-soft, and dual-density. Thus, it’s unsurprising that I was happy with the Amp and thrilled that the Cello was silicone. The Riot is also made of body-safe ABS plastic. Although the bullet isn’t meant to be inserted vaginally (AND DEF NOT ANALLY), it’s made of materials that are okay for your body to touch and use vigorously.

It’s super easy to clean these toys. Please wash each before and after use with soap and water. If you want to sanitize them, you can use a bleach-to-water solution. Although that’s unnecessary, you can boil the Amp because, if washed well, it won’t harbor any bacteria that can give you a yeast infection or UTI (or worse!).

If you’re feeling lazy or just too relaxed after pulling the Amp out of your butt and taking the Riot off your body, there are sex toy cleaners out there that will do the trick. That being said, wash before use anyway.

Lube is an accessory I cannot do without. Since butts do not self-lubricate when aroused like vaginas do, it’s important to use lube with your butt. Water-based lube is the safest for silicone toys. While silicone lube can damage toys, I’ve had good results with silicone/water hybrid lube. Typically, silicone lube is ideal for butt stuff, but there are water-based lubes designed to lube the ass. Just test a small part of the toy before you jump into the hybrid lube (or until it jumps in you).

My Experience with the Cello, Amp, and Riot

ROMP Cello – Boost Your G-Spot Play

I was thrilled when I put the Cello in my vagina. The first step was to wash it, and the next move was to lube it up. I used the Le Wand to warm myself up b/c I know that’s a sex toy that works every time. I needed to make sure my vagina could take the Cello in. And it did with no issues.

I was pleased that the top bead (of sorts) on the ROMP Cello is smaller than the second ball. It made insertion much more accessible. While my vagina had some issues with insertion, it was undoubtedly one of the most comfortable internal toys I used during this session.

After grabbing the remote for the ROMP Cello, I turned it on by pressing the button on the cord. As it vibrated, I put it inside of my vagina. As I lay there for a moment to feel the vibrations, I realized I needed something on my clit. As soon as I sat up, I had to pee. Now, keep in mind I go every time beforehand, so I feel comfortable, and I knew it was my g-spot the minute I felt that pressure and urge.

I sat there for a few moments with the Cello vibrating directly against my G-spot, and I was floored by the sensations I got. I’ve had this reaction with a few toys like the Mona, Pure Wand, or EXAMPLE, BUT this was different. All I was doing was sitting on my ass. I wiggled around a bit and found that if I leaned forward while sitting, I could feel the vibrations and the urge to pee even stronger.

Not to be dramatic, but the ROMP Cello is game-changing. I can stimulate my G-spot without doing an iota of work. Writing here now makes me wish I had the energy to get up and get lube so I can use it, but… I don’t want that overwhelming, pleasurable sensation to distract me from this writing.

ROMP Amp – Bona Fide Tease

The ROMP Amp is such a fun toy. While I’ve only ever had a few anal beads like this one by Blush Novelties, they’ve been overwhelming. They’re so damn long. The Amp, however, is only 5″ insertable length A few years ago, though, I discovered the Amp’s structure is firm silicone, and the “threads” connecting the anal beads are a little more sizeable than the Blush anal beads.

However, the Amp is nearly perfect. The fact that it’s firmer keeps it in place a little more for me. However, though the beads weren’t tiny, they still slipped out of my ass as I masturbated. It was annoying because I was trying to wait for orgasm, and *slip* there it goes, out of my ass.

When I reached orgasm, I was more concerned about keeping the beads in till the right moment, so I didn’t get to experience the pull-out as much as I wanted to. I’ve used it several times, and I have this issue each time.

ROMP Riot – Smash or Pass?

The ROMP Riot is a cute little vibrator. A peach-colored body runs 2/3 of the toy, and at the bottom is a small, silicone-covered yellow area where you charge the toy and a single button that controls the six speeds and four patterns. While I can admire a good pattern, there was a huge problem – my vulva.

I’ve gained about 50 lbs more than I’m usually used to, and with that weight gain has come more extensive nether regions. Holding the ROMP Riot is no issue except for when I try to touch it to my clit – my FUPA area is too meaty. My outer labia has changed so much that my inner labia can no longer peek out. This did pose a problem. When I put the bullet into my body, I made it to the fluffy part but couldn’t reach my clit. I never thought I’d have this issue.

However, I was able to use the Riot on other parts of my body for this review. The vibrations were much too buzzy, which was a surprise because the Hype and Beat weren’t this buzzy. While the ROMP Cello has buzzy vibrations as well, that worked for my vagina. However, the Riot just didn’t cut it vibe-wise b/c I couldn’t reach my clit AND also because the Buzzy didn’t do it for my breasts, either. Having the Cello in me, the vibrations were perfect.

Final Thoughts on the ROMP Cello, Amp, and Riot

I loved two of these toys: the Cello and the Amp. The ROMP Cello was a fantastic surprise – a hella-strong g-spotter without curves. I could sit with the ROMP Cello in me and enjoy the ride. The Cello price is reasonable and excellent. The RIOT Amp was one of the more comfortable anal beads I’ve used. However, my ass let it slip out every time I used it. Worth the price, though? At less than $16, the Amp is a steal, and it still feels fantastic.

The ROMP Riot didn’t work with my body and was a bit of a disappointment compared to what I remember the Hype and Beat feel like.

The ROMP Riot is no Tango X and is too buzzy, but at $25, it is an acceptable price for a buzzy toy like this. I can come from all sorts of stimulation, but this numbed my clit, so I ended up just finishing myself off with my Le Wand.

Buy the ROMP Toys!

Cello | ROMP Toys | Betty’s Toy Box (use code ONHERBACK for 10% off) | Lovehoney (Use code HONEYX10 for 10% off)

Amp | ROMP Toys | Betty’s Toy Box (use code ONHERBACK for 10% off) | Lovehoney (Use code HONEYX10 for 10% off)

Riot | ROMP Toys | Betty’s Toy Box (use code ONHERBACK for 10% off)| Lovehoney (Use code HONEYX10 for 10% off)

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