The Forceful Fun Factory Jewels Tiger – A Knockout Vibrator

The Forceful Fun Factory Jewels Tiger – A Knockout Vibrator

Fun Factory is a longtime favorite of mine. The toy that got me into blogging was the Stronic Eins (it was one of my first reviews!), which has long since been retired to give space for other Stronic items like the Petite, Surf, Real, Sundaze, Stronic G, and Bi-Fusion. I can proudly say I’ve used them all. One thing I haven’t used, however, was the Tiger. To top this review off, I got the Jewels Tiger, a beautiful, deep green silicone for a longtime favorite design.

The jewels Tiger by fun factory has a magnetic charger at the base of the toy.
The Jewels Tiger by Fun Factory has a magnetic charger at the toy’s base.

First Impressions of the Remarkable Sex Toy

The Jewels Tiger has the grabby silicone that the other dildos and vibrators have. It’s essential to use water-based lube with it. Different than most sex toys out there, the Jewels Tiger is a beautiful emerald green. I cannot get over how beautiful this thing is. Fun Factory outdid itself when it created this new edition of the Tiger, which is already an award-winning design.

The box of the emerald green vibrator is stuffed with information like they consider this toy to be anal-safe.
The box of the emerald green vibrator is stuffed with information like they consider this toy to be anal-safe.

I couldn’t wait to take the Jewels Tiger for a spin as soon as I took classy photos. And elegant photos there were.

I immediately noticed that the Jewels Tiger is considered anal-safe, and it certainly has a ridge that would stop my ass from swallowing it, but this may not be good enough for everyone. I was intrigued by the ridges on the shaft of the Jewels Tiger. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t, but I enjoy them.

Design, Care, and Keeping of the Elegant Tiger

The fun factory jewels tiger has a g-spot tip!
The Fun Factory Jewels Tiger has a G-spot tip!

Emerald-green silicone encases most of the toy except for the handle. The silicone is thick but pliable. At the same time, it’s heavily textured with considerable ribbing along the shaft. Silicone is a body-safe material, as is ABS plastic, which makes up the handle and control panel of the Jewels Tiger.

Fun Factory silicone is draggy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, I go through more lube when I use these toys. It’s essential to use not just any lube, but water-based or hybrid (use with caution!) is most appropriate. While vaginas self-lubricate, the anus does not, and this toy is technically anal-safe. While it wasn’t suitable for my ass, it could work for yours.

To clean the silicone, wash it with soap and water. Medical-grade silicone is body-safe if you’d like to do a bleach-to-water solution. You don’t need to sanitize it, but many people are more comfortable doing so. I wash toys before and after each use, and if I’m too tired after coming home at night, I wipe my toys down with a cleaner.

The handle of the Jewels Tiger is easy to hold, and there’s a grip at the bottom where you can put your fingers through. It’s beneficial to keep a good grip on the Jewels Tiger.

Effective Use of the Jewels Tiger

The Fun Factory Jewels tiger is in emerald green. It has three buttons to control everything.
The Fun Factory Jewels Tiger is in emerald green. It has three buttons to control everything.

To charge the Jewels Tiger, plug the USB side into your computer or a wall and attach the magnetic charger to the toy’s base. It’s super easy to charge; however, the connection for the Jewels Tiger wasn’t as strong as I’d like it to be.

There are three buttons on the front of the ABS plastic base. They control the “travel lock,” the Jewels Tiger’s speed, intensities, and patterns. They’re easy to push but just as easy to lock during travel or downtime. Easy-to-press buttons are MUCH appreciated so that I don’t have to take the toy away from my body.

Experience with the Jewels Tiger

The Fun Factory Jewels vibrator is ribbed to create unique sensations.
The Fun Factory Jewels vibrator is ribbed to create unique sensations.

Oh gosh, did I have fun or what? I started with a shitton of lube, and my body pre-warmed up. The Jewels Tiger is hooded and is reminiscent of an uncircumcised dick. Jewels Tiger’s head is small enough to start to get in me, but it did take some time to get all of it in me. (I’m so envious of size queens.) I used the Jewels Tiger internally and externally. While the vibrations were excellent against my body, the real treat was when it was in my vagina.

I could feel every ridge of the Jewels Tiger, and I fucking love it. I could get the Jewels Tiger inside me far enough to hit the peak against my clit. I’m not usually fond of ridges; at least, I go through phases of liking them. With the dragging of the silicone mixed with the pronounced ridges, the Jewels Tiger hit every part of me.

The vibrations are FIRE on the Jewels Tiger vibrator. They’re rumbly and robust, powerful. Though I enjoyed it internally, using the vibrations of the Jewels Tiger vibrator elsewhere against my body, especially my clitoris, was very agreeable. The emerald body of the Jewels Tiger is flexible; there isn’t a frame as some vibrators have. Instead, this sex toy has a motor that runs up the silicone shaft, and the rest is flexible. The vibrations indeed travel far with this toy.

Most Fun Factory toys are rumbly, so I hold them in high esteem. There are other rumbly vibrators, but the Jewels Tiger has many different ways to use the vibrations.

Looking at the toy for the first time, I wasn’t sure if it was anal-safe. Fun Factory’s materials say it is anal-safe, and I get why. There’s a sort of “rabbit ears” near the base. Is that enough to stop it from being eaten by a hungry ass? Probably not, but this won’t be eaten for someone like me, who usually doesn’t take things up the butt. Go with your best judgment when using this anally; you know your body and limitations better than I do, so I ask you to be safe.

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