Review: Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R

Review: Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R

Can you believe I’ve been blogging for eight years now, and I still hadn’t tried a Doxy X Lovehoney Die-Cast until this one? Well, I’m sorry I waited but oh so glad that I finally got one.


The Doxy X Lovehoney is a standard wand vibrator with more power than I’ve ever held against my body. Its handle is smaller than other toys, and, by design, the head is smaller. Still, the charge is broad enough to get sensation from most angles as I would with any other wand vibrator.

The head of the Doxy X Lovehoney is silicone, and the toy’s body is ABS plastic. Both materials are body-safe. Because of the silicone head, it’s best not to use silicone lube because it can destroy toys. Since I best use this toy over clothing, I don’t use lube, but if you choose to use lube, try a water-based one like Sliquid or my favorite cum-style Lovehoney lube.

Like the other Doxy editions, You can unscrew the Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R’s head for easy cleaning. Seeing as though this toy isn’t waterproof, this is quite convenient. It’s also compatible with all the other Doxy Die Cast 3R attachments like this rabbit one.


The Doxy X Lovehoney wand vibrator is quite heavy for its size, which doesn’t pose a problem to me, personally. However, it is too heavy for my wife to hold for too long, let alone long enough in the various positions I like. I found that the Doxy X Lovehoney wand vibrator was a breeze to use. It’s no long wand like the Wand by We-Vibe, but it is long enough to reach my vulva around my stomach.

Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R is an excellent toy for my trans-wife. The broadhead works on her genitals (every single bit of her, too), and that’s incredibly gender-affirming.

However, the vibrations made her wrists go numb, though I could easily manage the Doxy Die Cast myself.

Toy In Use

I appreciate it when toys have easy-to-press buttons, to which the Doxy X Lovehoney excels. Three HUGE buttons are way too easy to depress. One wrong move, and the wand turns on and starts raging. While it’s a great feature in certain situations, this wouldn’t work in a family setting. I set it down on the table with it on, and it was deafening, thudding against the furniture. Imagine that happening in the middle of the night when you reach over for a glass of water, and it turns on.

The toy’s head is firm. My Magic Wand and my le wand have flexible heads, but this want is stiff and unmoving. I prefer it this way. While it means it wand be overstimulating if I get carried away, I appreciate being able to control the pressure.

Rose’s Experience

I was blown away by the Doxy X Lovehoney wand vibrator. My [Hitachi] Magic Wand was a staple in my bedroom and had a permanent place by my bed until the le wand. Now, the Doxy X sits on my nightstand. It takes a lot to put a toy by my bed.

My wife was in the bath while I was watching TV. While I had the privacy, I decided it was a good time to try something new, so I grabbed the Doxy X Lovehoney wand vibrator. The lowest level blew me away. The highest level was too much for me to take. Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R is absolutely a toy that will be used over pants. It’s just too intense to use against my bare body. The lowest level is so extreme; the highest level is insane.

I was only able to experiment with all settings once. Beyond that, it was just too intense. The lowest level gets me there, and that’s all I need. In all honesty, I look forward to bedtime because of the Doxy X Lovehoney.

Rechargeable toys are good for the environment and good for your wallet, though the one-time price is often overwhelming. I have so many toys that I got USB hubs to plug all the toys in that I need to charge for that day. The Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R has a USB cord that fits perfectly with my charging station.

My wife loves wand vibrators. She uses them against the head of her penis and her testicles. Wands are perfect for her because they aren’t shaped for a vulva that doesn’t work for her body. She can use this toy anywhere on her body, and she’s found that very gender-affirming.


Overall, the Doxy X Lovehoney is stellar. It’s a powerful wand vibrator that works so good I don’t have to pass level 1. I love that it’s tinier than a lot of wands. However, the one downside I’ve found is that it is loud. If the sound isn’t a bother to you, I’d suggest you get this wand if it sounds along the lines of what your body likes.

You don’t have to have a vulva to enjoy this toy. You can use it all over your body and against all genitals. Wands aren’t for just AFAB people. Everyone deserves pleasure, and this can bring it.

Buy the Doxy X Lovehoney at Lovehoney or at Lovehoney Canada.

Doxy X Lovehoney




Ease of use







  • Powerful even on the lowest setting
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Body-safe and easy to clean


  • Loud

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